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Henry Calvert
Jamie T’s new track ‘ Don’t You Find' is @zanelowe’s Hottest Record on @BBCR1 tonight, tune in from 7pm to hear it
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@_angustaylor: Hiya 11 hour shift goodbye free libertines ticket” PRAY 4 ANGUS 😭 *kills kids and does voodoo shit*
@Jekyllband: @acidmeltlove brand new video from Blackpool, UK @Jekyllband Watch, like, share! Thanks :)…” #420 secs
The fact I couldn't get @jamietmusic tickets for Liverpool makes me want to cry. I've inly been waiting so fucking long for the comeback.
Found a picture of me in @sidewalkhorse this is fucking rad, was a sick day too 👌
The fact I go on holiday on Friday and only have 88p to my name is slightly saddening
and we played the first thing that came to our heads just so happened to be, the greatest song in the world
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#Libra's always say what they think because they don't believe in bottling things up.
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Do the next 12 days want to hurry up please.
Only just hit me how fucking great the @OfficialRandL line up is and I'm so happy to be going ☀️☀️☀️🎵👽
Also my boards snapped so I need even more £££ for that, who wants to buy stuff off me?
Got no money to buy money @PEACE4EVEREVER *sigh*
I'm liking all the stuff I get invited to, yeah.
Body's aching today, time to do my exam then go skate this off
Will sell body parts for £££
Had a real chill day, weekday skates mean no scooter kids most of the day, bliss ☀️☀️🎶👌
All I can think about during exams is about 1000 ways to commit mass homicide.
Throwback of Creature Fiend Al Partanen (@Parts) from a Hesh Law trip to Japan years ago. Pic: RHINO #creaturefiends
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I'm being honest when I promise that I'll never say a thing. You can tell me all your regrets.
Do I look like google maps or some shit because that maths exam just presumed I know how to convert km to miles???
When a male honey bee climaxes during sex, his testicles explode and he dies.
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Can't wait for summer, been learning so much new shit and surround myself with great people... Now I just need a job
My dog is a fucking stallion
What the fuck is he chatting about
Ordering my new skate shoes, about time
Dad getting hyped about having the same lamp as the dude in emmerdale
I can't believe leeds fest is only 72 days away, it's going to go so quick (hopefully)
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so i'm doing maths revision while some people are at field day festival ¿ that's not cool
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you could be my ice age sugar, you lay me down and make me shiver
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Seeing everyone's pictures from park life is getting me really hyped for Leeds now
Bit of Siouxsie and the banshees to wake me up- Happy House.
Glad I said that shit
Irritating when people only see me in one light
I always say I'm going to sleep and end up sitting on tumblr for at least another two hours.
If I'm gonna die it better be some cool as fuck way