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I am so so so so proud of my @FCHSTigerTroupe 😍😭 I say that every time, & I mean it every time! The fine arts festival went so well!💖
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What the heck are all these tweets that have been posting on my acc for the past month I didn't do that :/
#AskAndSee #Contest I like wearing contacts because when I do backflips I can see where my feet should land (the ground)
#AskAndSee #Contest I'm an actress and when I'm on stage the spotlight reflects off my lenses and blinds everyone in the fifth row @ACUVUE
#AskAndSee #Contest I'm a cheerleader and when I tumble my glasses fly off at 45 mph I don't want another lawsuit
"Teenage Suicide (Don't Do It)" by Big Fun
Can someone bring me food then leave
I was like why does this sound so familiar 😴@Sedioooo…N
Congrats @FCHSTigerTroupe: 4th at Region One Act Play today! Isabella Minter and Omari Gray named to all star cast!
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There's a bloody pad in the middle of the hall and I'm very upset
Ok this is so cute @under_the_SIE happy birthday!
Ben Carson likened women seeking abortions to slave owners:
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RT & favorite to vote @halsey for #EMA Artist On The Rise! See who's in the lead:
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This overprotective dad made this hilarious warning to his daughter’s homecoming date
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I have a cute outfit today gonna be legendary
EVER SINCE I LEFT THE CITY YOU!.gained confidence and started socializing and realized you're a dope person and started taking multivitamins
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Y'all talking beer pong... we should be worried about the daughter of the leader of the free world using an iPhone 4
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I don't know what song to pick for the induction ceremony if I can't find one bet it will be John Cena
There was this really cute guy behind me in line for Halsey but he disappeared when the concert started 💔 so if that was you hmu
Sanders has done something unusual for a Democrat: He's getting more Google interest than Donald Trump.
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I just want someone to love me like I love Drake man
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I have a serious obsession with The Phantom of the Opera.... I was in tears in class while watching it. This is a problem..
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Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure,it's not your fault
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Bernie Sanders: Let's raise minimum wage. Hillary Clinton: *tries to kickflip & tumbles offstage* Lets raise that whip & nae nae! It fleek!
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I just watched these dumbass sophomores Christmas tree the entire PSAT. They thought it was the milestone.
25th Anniversary Phantom was removed from Netflix. Rude.
I don't understand how the movie version of Phantom of the Opera can be so bad
Im sooo excited to see Halsey oh my god
"Black people run this world, man! If you watch TV on every show you see AT LEAST one black person" Ignorance is bliss tbh
homework and chill because you cute but i still gotta get good grades
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I love reading on my own but something about assigned reading makes me want to set myself on fire
Im having a sleepover u should come @christinaperri
How do girls in speech/debate do the thing where they wear heels for 12+ hours aNd preform in them I would cry
I bet none of u knew that I've been in the back desk of every girl meets world episode so far
Break a leg cast and crew of "Sorry, Wrong Number"! Opening night on Friday! Don't miss this awesome show! @FCHSTigerTroupe #itsgotime
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Come see Sorry, Wrong Number! Friday and Saturday at 7:30, and Sunday at 3:00 at Sam's Auditorium.…
You're downloading games but when was the last time u downloaded Quran?…
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