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It's the thot's birthday
If you could blacklist on twitter I would blacklist Perez Hilton so fast
How come a lilo and stitch version of Pokémon never happened
I will bet all of my money @CommonBlackGirI is run by some white girl
Posting pictures of random injured cheerleaders doesn't prove that it's a sport, it just proves that cheerleading is dangerous..
"You can't be Jaden, you have green hair" #5SOSonElvis
I still can’t believe we’re starting high school. Like I feel like 6th Grade was yesterday..
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I'm probably going to watch XFactor just for @brookeazzopardi @ElishiaOfficial @taylagracee_ #BEATERZ ♥️
anyone else watched that vid of beatz from x factor australia a million times or is that just me
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The froyoYOLO song makes me want to kill myself more than usual
"I thought we ordered a real African"
Is it just me who thinks it's disrespectful to say Obama instead of president Obama or Barack Obama like every other president
early one tonight in atlanta. outside too! come hang #eltourblanco
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Who exactly was that girl in Ali's grave? Once this hits 1,000 RTs, we'll open the book for a big #PLLclue. #PLLaudi
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Don't text guys who send you selfies for no reason
Why does Kim possible have a pager and a cell phone
Miss Rosa is my spirit animal. #oitnb
Twitter made me lose respect for so many of my friends
Robin Thicke's new album has sold just 530 copies. It would seem, Mr Thicke, that we didn't want it after all.
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"Global warming'a not real!! It's cold!!" -90 year old man from the 700 club
Ya forreal hit me and my main @fbgMani up on google+
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killing time sold more copies than robin thickes new album
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If beyonce got cheated on I would cry, cuz there's no hope for anyone!
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me: my grandpa died white boy: and then what ;)
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Why can no one get their head round the meaning of the word "random"?
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Robin Thicke is still garbage
does your mother know you ask for nudes
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If I cut you off, chances are you handed me the scissors
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My dad just said that Robin Thicke is a "real singer" and Ed Sheeran is "all reverb". Those are fighting words he's very confused
accidentally watches rent 525,600 times
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remember when i made a kid cry at a debate tournament
the last CD i bought was the hannah montana season 2 soundtrack. (5 years ago). Gonna buy X today. @edsheeran
starbucks doesn have a secret menu u just fucking ADD SYRUP AND SHIT TO A RANDOM DRINK NOTHING SECRET ABOUT IT
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Bro she asked for my hoodie but I said no because then I would have been cold
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my furby came on out of nowhere and won't stop making snoring sounds
everyone who doesn't live in florida thinks it's the shit
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can someone send me pics of baby giraffes
Teen gets his finger ripped off during rave, keeps going because "bass was hard."
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even ugly people will cheat. no one is safe.
@fbgMani imani pls don't sell your brother its rude
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When your bestfriend & her boyfriend argue 😂
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it's henryboos birthday but i can't text him bc no phone