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I hope everyone who sings that damn Cheerleader song drops the spirit stick and is cursed for all eternity.
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mute me for like the next week (except u @Radio947) #HalseyRadio947
I've been following her since she was a 1D Stan omg @Radio947 #HalseyRadio947
#growingupwithstrictparents when in trouble, turning off your notifications bc u kno the second your phone lights up, its not yours anymore
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"I dunno...this room feels kinda box-y" I know right I hate square rooms #househunters
Why do I still remember the dance from my cheer routine in 8th grade 😅
I wasn't planning on watching the teen choice awards (it's lame anyway) but I'm definitely not now because they left out cheerleaders :/
Do not vote for Donald Trump he is a Gemini
report and the owner of that account('re dedicating an entire account to triggering people
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I want to listen to honeymoon NOWW
When your barber could have been a surgeon but institutional racism limited his opportunity.
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@doomgogles: @GordonRamsay you have some sick competition ”is that a door Mat......
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"i'm a Nice Guy. i dont do that" ok but do you stand up against men who do? or sit there and watch while u think about how nice you are
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Why do little kids look at me like they want to fight..they don't want these hands..
my grandma said that im just jealous that her dog is a trap queen.
Can the don't judge challenge die it was never cute or funny
yes, I am a poc. A pancake of color. Welcome to denny's
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why would u buy tickets to see 1D...knowing Zayn won't be there...
Are baseball players the only athletes allowed to have gum...
I want to deactivate all my social media accounts except tumblr
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How to tell if ur mom doesn't love u
I hope that minion movie FLOPS
What movies look like when only people of color speak:
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Make sure to say thanks Obama at your gay weddings
something about guys doing the #dontjudgeme challenge makes it extra annoying like did u contour?? no u just wiped sharpie off ur face
I want minions to DIE
WHATE @JoshuaDtown is maried? ARE YOU KIDING ME Im way hotter then her 😭 Y do bad things always happen 2 good peoplea
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I'm probably gonna go to Waffle House after my wedding
If you own a confederate flag just get out of my life ok😊💁🏾
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We are deeply saddened by the loss of a legend, NCA’s Founder, Lawrence “Herkie” Herkimer. Our hearts are with his family at this time.
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You can use emojis in Microsoft Word...what a time to be alive...
I'm Not Okay by MCR is actually low key one of the greatest pop songs of the past decade.
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6 black churches have burned in last 7 days
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Remember when we were forced to learn the cotton eye joe dance in 6th grade

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