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I love Nicki Minaj so much..
The barbz are mad that ATLANTA got all dem goodies in the set list tonight. Yall petty. I see yall. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ATLANTA I FKN LOVE UUUUUUU
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*causaully does death drop in church*
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don’t be opinionated until you’re informed
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nickIMANIj see what I did there ??
Well I guess #Degrassi is coming to end, let's not all forget who the best cast was...
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You got 2 hours. @ frank ocean
drag me down is weak on an unrelated note my childhood is over
What are The Wanted fans doing with their fan accounts now ??
I like when it rains because MAYBE IT WON'T BE 100° IN THE GYM TODAY 😊
Can you put bubbles in an ice bath :-(
This presale code AINT WORKIN the price better not change by Friday
Being with a guy you're smarter than is the most frustrating thing ever. Especially if he doesn't know he's dumb. Don't do it.
When Boys Don't Cry drop I better get hella iTunes links in my mentions
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Retweet this if we're following each other. Like if we are not following you back.
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I hate the song Cheerleader. Cheerleaders are never there when you need them. They're always like, "Sorry, I got practice."
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I don't wanna hurt these 12 year olds' feelings but honestly
I wish you could mute people on Instagram :(
Girl next to me at this salon looks like she watches bad anime
advice to all upcoming 3rd graders: the people you walk IN wit, aren't the same ones you'll walk OUT wit👌🏾😏 Sincerely, upcoming 4th grader🙊
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#WhatHappenedToSandraBland We need answers!!!! This is NOT ok! This is all shady! They need to own up to this & tell the truth!
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5 friends and a boyfriend. Miss none.…
When I was 12 I would wear blue and white striped shirts and red pants in case I ran into a 1D Stan in public so they would KNOW
Checking all my old posts so y'all have no receipts from 2011 when I'm famous
Everyone needs to take some time out and read this whole thread so everyone can understand how bomb Nicki Minaj is 💖…i
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u ever read 2+ year old text convos and want to die
Taylor swift is alwaysssss the victim it gets old
I know Lorenzo is gonna die because every other black character was killed off, so RIP in advance. #PLLChat
I hope everyone who sings that damn Cheerleader song drops the spirit stick and is cursed for all eternity.
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mute me for like the next week (except u @Radio947) #HalseyRadio947
I've been following her since she was a 1D Stan omg @Radio947 #HalseyRadio947
#growingupwithstrictparents when in trouble, turning off your notifications bc u kno the second your phone lights up, its not yours anymore
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"I dunno...this room feels kinda box-y" I know right I hate square rooms #househunters
Why do I still remember the dance from my cheer routine in 8th grade 😅

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