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RC Concepcion
New post from @tonyroslund: RocknRoller MultiCart: The Most Useful Tool In A Location Photographer's Kit
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Attention all @kelbyone @ScottKelby Worldwide Photo Walk photographers. The official hashtag for the group is #WWPW2014 - pass it on!!
2 days away! Over 19 THOUSAND people walking in @ScottKelby @kelbyone Worldwide Photo Walk. Join us! #WWPW2014
Bummed to see #WWPW site down this AM. But this made me grin. I'm guessing @aboutrc had a hand in it? @kelbyone
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3 days until @ScottKelby #WWPW2014 I will be exploring #YborCity in a group led by @aboutrc you can still signup at
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Inside the Hot air Balloon Sundagger at the #BalloonFiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico
@aboutrc We offer an array of fostering services at & I'd like to know if you’d Retweet or partner with us?
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Just told @jboncon about @redbull class action options. She's like "you chose the Red Bull, right?" - its like she knows me..
I'd love to summon the @redbullTPA to just drop off a can or two here at the office.. argh...
I, for one, have never believed @redbull @redbullTPA would do anything that give me a caffeine boost. Like the one I need. Right. Now.
Saw that @redbull @redbull TPA has a class action lawsuit on false advertising. I signed up based on consumption. My option? More Red Bull!
@kelbyone @JoeMcNallyPhoto @Monroegallery @aboutrc Was an honor to meet both Joe & RC. Great exhibit by Monroe. Thanks to all involved.
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Thanks @ScottKelby, @aboutrc & @bmoorevisuals! Great stuff! Real World Field Report on the Canon 7D Mark II
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Today on @ScottKelby blog - I join him & @bmoorevisuals : Real World Field Report on the @CanonUSAimaging #7DMKII
"Guys I can do this, its easy!" @MarthaStewart teaching us how to fly after a few minutes. #DJI #DJIMoment #Magichour
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Intel Inside ... everything? Here's the glue that holds the #IoT together via @DigitalTrends #IntelIoT #Mashery #API
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GPP MovieNight - Free screening of Everybody Street, Nov 23, 7:30pm at @A4Space! Register here…
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Walking around #BalloonFiesta - thought it was neat to see @intel here. Wonder if @IntelGaming is here too
Yeah. This doesn't happen all that often.
A quick stop at the @Monroegallery before the event at 4. @JoeMcNallyPhoto pictures look great here!!
Sitting in my room in Santa Fe - the @HotelsSantaFe - Loove the wood fireplace in the room. Total bliss.
Learn from the leading photography center in the region! Sign up for one of our many workshops here:
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argh.. the only place to get a balloon ride at the @VisitABQ Balloon festival is from @RainbowRyders and theyre sold out on Sat. :(
Going to look around to see if I can find another ride at the #BalloonFiesta for Saturday. Know its last min.. figure i'll try..
argh.. the only place to get a balloon ride at the Albaquerque Balloon festival is from @RainbowRyders and theyre sold out on Sat. :(
Another shot of @joncospito macking it at the @ShopOverland shop in Santa Fe. We want this hat! Photo shoot 4 hat
Please welcome to Twitter, @JoeMcNallyPhoto wonder assistant @joncospito - killer photog. Baller.
Making the drive to Santa Fe. Excited to be here!
@aboutrc @DianaPerkovic That's because it's Diana that you like, not her fashion tips. :) I understand completely. :)
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OK.. I sooo want the new @GoPro Hero4. Pair that with a @DJIGlobal Phantom 2. Bliss. Info on Hero4:
New Blog Post: Controlling a GoPro Camera Remotely - In this tutorial, see how to control a GoPro HERO camera remo...
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@aboutrc Hi, we've posted our Capture One 8 Review -… It will be great to hear your comment :)
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We like your new profile picture @CaptureOneBlog .. To all: Try the software behind the logo:
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