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What starts as a whisper can turn into a crying shout if we continue to ignore the lessons that serve growth. #spiritchat
LOVE is the energy of the higher realms we wish to exist in & we get there by tuning into the same LOVE energy within. #WeAreOne
Look deeply into war, we see our own mind. To heal, we must be willing to open our heart & replace hate with love. #WeAreOne
We're all a part of the whole, energetically we're connected. What one does or doesn't do effects the whole vibration. #WeAreOne
Freedom is not a destination brought about by circumstances & things, it's an internal choice made right now. #SpiritChat
Your soul knows it's own strength! You are never given a lesson your soul isn't capable of handling. #SpiritChat
Eat a correct diet & you'll find that nature already put the medicine in the food! It's brilliant & ingenious! #SpiritChat
You were born to create so stop limiting yourself by saying you can't. Create a life you truly wish to exist in. #SpiritChat
It's never too late to begin again. Each moment is new & fresh, never before experienced. Create from this moment. #SpiritChat
Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. ~ J.K. Rowling #Quote
Shift towards compassion & root out all violence. We can change the world through the choices we make each moment. #YouMatter
Whatever you consume, you become. Consume things that offer you life, replenishment, health & higher vibration. #SpiritChat
If you wish to show the world what you know within your heart of hearts... become the living embodiment of your truth. #SpiritChat
Allow yourself to connect with light. You may feel your heart opening more, making it easier to trust in the universe. #SoulPath
The wound we carry is a gateway for profound healing and transformation. #HealingPath
Anxiety, the illness of our time, comes primarily from our inability to dwell in the present moment. ~ Thích Nhất Hạnh #Quote
The biggest illusion is that we're limited. There's no limit to what's possible except what you choose to believe. #SpiritChat
Love cannot be given & taken away by something 'outside' of you. Love is a state of being; your very essence is LOVE. #SoulPath
Trust means opening your heart & believing in yourself. It's knowing the universe is abundant & supports you always. #SpiritChat.
Let us remember that love & compassion begins with self & extends outwards as a reflection to all. #WeAreOne #SpiritChat
The truth isn't out there, it's within you. Be silent, & you'll connect to eternal truth that resides within. #SpiritChat
Be willing to release old, negative beliefs. They are only thoughts that stand in the way of joy & fulfillment. #SoulPath
Fresh new experiences are always ahead. Put your trust in the natural process of life! #SoulPath
We're all teachers & students. Keep an open mind, & learn new ideas. You have an ability to teach new ideas to others. #Leadership