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Abigail Taouil
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she asks me why my drawers silk i told that bitch "versace"
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I'll never understand people who brush their teeth in the shower.
I'll listen to Tom Ford everyday of my life.
Well that lasted very long ... #not
Dying at dimis text right now*
I had the weirdest dream ever. #WTF
kicking my brother out of the house and telling him to go play outside because his xbox is taking over his life. #greatsister
All I want to do right now is blast old music in my house as I dance while I clean bc I'm home alone and that's what I do #teamnofriends
If you have a good girl keep her cause there are a lot of guys who need her
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Seeing "back to school" commercials on tv makes me want to just cry.
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A "Boyfriend" locks his phone, A REAL Boyfriend would say "Babe answer that or check that text for me"
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Situ calls my house I miss the call, calls cell 2 times I miss the call. Calls the house again, I answer. "Did you eat?" #lebaneseproblems
Ugly I'm coming over today @DLiovas
Dear Acne... Leave Me Alone I Hate You Die Get Off My Face Go Away and Never Return
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So hungry right now... I'm the ultimate night time eater.
I just can't wait to go for my next orthodontist appointment so I can give them hell about screwing up my teeth. #dicks
Boys make you feel happy for less than a month, then fuck you over. It's weird actually.
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5 tweets in a row about how much people love their boyfriend/girlfriend and I'm all like ... My dogs pretty nice.