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Abhishek Mudgal
Just posted a photo @ Hauz Khas Village Fort
Its moving to see people giving back to society, we all must see #OnceUponATree to do our
Eye opener #OnceUponATree has moved me, see this people and wake up!
We need one team every 100km in india making their own stories like
It took a great deal of effort to spread happiness in #Amle village by @siemensindia. Watch
Future of #Amle village is on the greener mode now. Check out this video for more! #OnceUponATree
#OnceUponATree needs to be reapeated in all villages of India, Thank you @siemensindia for start
Selfless indeed @siemensindia, this is very inspiring… #OnceUponATree
#ClassPhoto is the best memory of school you can carry along with you for whole life! #BACKTOSCHOOL @Lays_India
#ClassPhoto was all about standing with your friends and a great pose! :) #BACKTOSCHOOL @Lays_India
A big thanks to @PepsiIndia for bringing our school memories back! #ClassPhoto #BACKTOSCHOOL
Asking a friend, Am I looking fine? Because its #ClassPhoto day! :) #BACKTOSCHOOL @PepsiIndia
The day when we had a Flashback of memories running in our mind ! #LastSchoolDay #BACKTOSCHOOL @Lays_India
We moved out of school but stayed on in each others lives. Life changed after #LastSchoolDay #BACKTOSCHOOL @PepsiIndia
Want to relive the memories which are spent on #LastSchoolDay ? Head to #BACKTOSCHOOL @PepsiIndia
The golden moments and friendships of school days didn't end with #LastSchoolDay they'll stay forever #BACKTOSCHOOL @Lays_India
The love & friendships have stood strong past the sea of tears of #LastSchoolDay What an emotional day it was! #BACKTOSCHOOL @PepsiIndia
The day when we had a Flashback of memories running in our mind #LastSchoolDay #BACKTOSCHOOL @Lays_India