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Abhishek Ghosh
My answer to How can I decrease my sleep requirement to three or four hours?
HP Helion Public #Cloud : Signup and Get Free WordPress Setup #cloudcomputing
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My answer to How many clinical MD/MS PG seats are there in India? How much is the reservation quota for that?
My answer to Is there a particular reason that all the models for BMW, Audi, and Mercedes are only numbers without a…
Google #Cloud Platform Implements PCI DSS Security Standard #cloudcomputing
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to What can I do to turn my life around?
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to Should I nudge my 2.5-year-old daughter to write with her right hand, even as she appears…
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to Can somebody give a case study of attractive advertisements?
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to How do I convince my parents that CGPA isn't everything in college?
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to What is it like to have a separated shoulder surgery years after a second degree AC joint…
How To Restart, Shutdown Mac Faster From CLI #apple #computerandinternet
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to I want to buy a motor glider which is a very light air plane. But I don't know what regul…
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to Are people in poor countries like Bangladesh better off or worse off then before?
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to How can I organize a TED Talk in an engineering college in India?
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Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to Can Cubitus Valgus (excessive carrying angle of an arm) be corrected without surgery? If …
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Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to Is AB negative the rarest blood group ever?
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to What exactly is Bugzilla ?
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to What can I do to bring a positive change in India?
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Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to Is it authentic to teach yoga to 3- to 5-year-old children?
This daddy’s wasted girl’s OS X latest with pink iTunes icon is clearly not for the power users.Its for...
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to How was surgical training like in the 60's and 70's?
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to Are there any companies offering jobs in US corporate income tax apart from Deloitte in H…
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to What are the best MDS entrance exam coaching centers in Hyderabad?
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to Why do we close our eyes when exposed to bright light?
Ahoy! Here's our listings for maritime museums across the globe (except Antarctica)....
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We’ve moved to @hphelioncloud & @digitalocean Both are great. We’ll write guides and develop for HP Cloud from now. Old company is golden.