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Abhishek Ghosh
Heartbleed Was a Stranger Before Public Announcement #cloudcomputing #computerandinternet
Deliver Feeds to #FeedBurner From SSL Enabled Website via #Cloud Files #cloudcomputing
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WordPress, Joomla, Magento : Which Performs Better on #Cloud? #cloudcomputing
An Intern is Awaiting Limb Amputation, Some Donation?…
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Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to How USA is better than INDIA?
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HTTP Strict Transport Security HSTS Preload List: via @YouTube
What is HTTP Strict Transport Security (#HSTS) Preload List? #cloudcomputing
#Internet Traffic is Increasing in an Unpredictable Manner #computerandinternet
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to My mother in her 50's experiencing pain in her hip, lower back and legs. What might be ca…
Shivendra,a Medical Student from BMCH,met a serious accident @ Burdwan NH2.They need monetary Support.Ph.8017269886 Plz RT @realpreityzinta
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Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to Is cancer just another process similar to pregnancy?
Create a Chart on WordPress From MySQL #uncategorized
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to What does a firm, non mobile, single palpable left sided posterior cervical lymph node su…
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DSLR Portrait Photography I'll publish the paperback on my birthday (8th November). ~ 3700 peoples preordered, as...
Google Rank and HTTPS : #Cloud Security or Provider’s Benefit ? #cloudcomputing
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URLs of Commonly Used Mac Apps for wget or cURL #apple #computerandinternet
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XCache and W3 Total Cache WordPress on High End Setup #cloudcomputing #computerandinternet
Install Piwik on nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 on Rackspace #Cloud #cloudcomputing
#SSL Grade Optimization Tweak For Rackspace #Cloud Server #cloudcomputing
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to What does dark red-brown phlegm signify?
Answer by @AbhishekCTRL to I am in college. Due to my dislike towards the mess food, I don't eat more than one meal …
#SSL Grade Optimization Tweak For Rackspace #Cloud Server #cloudcomputing