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London spurning: RT ad campaign redacted for 'political motivation'
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Nothing like a little Puccini while strolling Covent Garden.... #carmenthoughts
I'm sad to learn that we lost Jan Hooks, a remarkably sweet and talented actress...…
You have to see it to believe it. #JoinReeve to see how $36 can transform the lives of people living with #SCI
None more elegant than Marian Seldes...…
@ABFalecbaldwin "Marian Seldes, Regal Presence of Broadway, Dies at 88"
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I hope California passes a major tax incentives bill for films/TV. LA is a great place to shoot. Perhaps the best. @JerryBrownGov
I got m'pillows. I got m'fluffy bed. I got m'room service. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh....... #carmenthoughts
Les animaux ont des droits - le droit d'être protégés par l'homme, le droit à la vie .... Luther Standing Bear
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My mom is my favorite sofa. #carmenthoughts
BOSS BABY. With this guy.
2- "to understand more about the marketplace as a criticism of your firm necessarily." It's on tape.
1- a colleague of Segarra had his own language for how the Fed should regulate Goldman: "Don't mistake our inquisitiveness and our desire
A watchdog that "licks the face of the intruder; plays catch with the intruder.…
Carmen was told to "change what the definition of a good job is."…
How much have things changed since this?…
2- relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.…
1-The world's most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity,
To all of my friends in Spain, TORRENTE CINCO opens this weekend...
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@ABFalecbaldwin "Scientists draw perhaps the most definitive link yet between a weather event and global warming"
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War is misfortune for most but -- literally-- a fortune for some.
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My wife wants to punch people when this is her place setting.
What will West Virginians choose in November?… @eosnos
"...lobbyists can secure the cooperation of lawmakers by any means necessary..."…
"...politicians regard polemics as scholarship..."…
This whole jet lag thing.'s rough. #carmenthoughts
NYC! Go see Paul Reiser at Merkin Hall on Oct. 2! Tickets:…#paulreiser #nyc #merkinhall
@ABFalecbaldwin looking as great as ever..isn't there Irish in yer blood sure?! :-)
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In NY, 1 wants to avoid the paparazzi. In Rome, we stop and pose w them. Here, the legendary Rino Barilarri...
Visiting Rome again with @hilariabaldwin . Too lovely for words...