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"I'm kind of rooting for DuPont." @RanaForoohar
@ABFalecbaldwin Was Your Police Department Trained by Blackwater and Other Mercenaries? |…
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The US deserves to know what #JasonRezaian is charged with.
Re #JasonRezaian, Iranian Foreign Minister sounds like he studied under Dick Cheney....
This is my baby, cruising the Village.
(•_•) <) )╯ Oh yeah / \ \ (•_•) ( (> I used to be a salesman / \ (•_•) <) )> It's a tough racket / \
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Why is your hair like a pineapple, daddy? #carmenthoughts
Ron's Memoir, Easy Street hits shelves September 30th! Pre-order your copy now: RT
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"The Kingdom of the Kid": long-lost #Hamptons memoir w/ nothing about @ABFalecbaldwin, but written w/ him as ideal reader;
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The party is over, but one lady lingers on.....
I would like to reiterate that U of A cancelled my appearance. I did not "pull out."…
Watching @ABFalecbaldwin & Robert Osborne host #PreCodeClassics on @tcm tonite. First up: RED DUST
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One thing I'm not looking forward to about coming home: the press gets it wrong as a rule these days.…
Farewell @selmanmarrakech
They crow here right at the cusp of dawn...
Ladies and gentlemen... It's official.... Carmen can walk!!!! (Now I'm really in trouble 😳)
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Remembering the light of the souls we lost 13 years ago. We will never forget you...we will never forget #hilariaypd
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@ABFalecbaldwin @UofA Hah! The only speech I would pay to hear from you, you obamabot twit, would be your last words before they hung you!
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Harvard? Yale? Or UC Santa Cruz? #carmenthoughts
A DANGEROUS GAME probes shocking eco cost of #golf. Brit theaters from12th Sep & 4 stars in @guardian : @ADGmovie
Everyone needs a little break from the heat here....
My appearance at @UofA this Fall has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales. Sorry I won't be seeing you.
Money is the toxin in American political life:…
15 movies everyone will be talking about at the Toronto Film Festival:
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@ABFalecbaldwin Trying to launch an important book that will teach children about climate change in Alaska. Help at
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My next door neighbor. #marrakech
I never thought my child would become Maxwell Smart...
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rest in peace to one of the great, old school TV newsmen, Bruce Morton....…
The sound of a camel braying in the distance. Morocco.....
rest in peace Joseph Persico, who wrote NUREMBERG: INFAMY ON TRIAL.…
How fascinating to wake up in this one's back yard....
Anyone w/ eyes can see the terror in these horses' eyes. Animals are NOT OURS 2 USE 4 ENTERTAIMENT! #LiveAtRingling
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The Supreme Court said corporations are ppl. But don't ppl have to live here to vote?…
The world is a big place.... #morocco
Very sad to learn about Joan Rivers, a pioneer for women in comedy.