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wak kadok
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Dont like whenever I am quiet. My shitty inner thought will consume my mind with the darkest, malevolent thought.
Why is it so easy for me to say and be sorry for someone but it is hard to receive one?
@tiahwazeer: "@abenbenji: Hope for the best for tomorrow interview. Hope it is worth skipping class for a day" goodluck bro!:-)” arigatou!!
Hope for the best for tomorrow interview. Hope it is worth skipping class for a day
#twtupUTM diadakan utk warga #UTMAwesome. #UTMAwesome is UTMJB, UTMKL, UTMSpace! So pls noted that you ppl are most welcome to join us! Yay!
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Tak semestinya org merajuk. :) just i choose not to annoy others
"@LawakOrgSarawak: Kenak sidak nganok Sarawak?? Sebab kita semakin Hebat. Hidup Harmoni. Sik kira bangsa dpt hidup sama. Makan semeja."
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I am a chubby lil lump of sexy
Untung la org ada awek
Wish me luck for tomorrow interview!!
More people would rather go to Hogwarts than Harvard.
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study programming syok sendiri berani mati betul engko ni
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Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people. If they care, they'll notice. If they don't, you know where you stand.
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Ka kentut asai aku, wai. Huhu
@RelatableQuote: *owns tons of clothes* *wears same three things*” Typical problem
Yes. I do prefer public transport bila maok ke sigek tempat. Tp ya di kl tok la. Lain tmpt lain rupa nak? Hehe
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Ada org tgh main ketis2
note to self : JANGAN BUAT THESIS DLM BM..nak translate ayat BI ke BM tu payah sgt.and most journals are in English! mind that..
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