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Andy went from owning toys to owning bitches. And why is a coca-cola teaching the classroom?
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Should i cut my hair? I am in dilemma.
my phone is filled with useless pictures that I can't seem to delete
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Nasib bc leftover. Haha
@abenbenji omg. Dont! Hahah.. Just please dont tweet/instagram/update wat u makan now. Just dont! 😂😂😂😂
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I am so hungry right now. No wonder I'm getting fat
Unimas result keluar sdh. Tahniah
Geli hati meda gambar diri empu ba twitter babahaha
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Warga Unimas, best of lucks for your result esok! 😁
Warga UTeM, congrats for your result or dont be too sad if it is not to your expectation.
Speaking in Japanese with Siri is fun
Lepak with Jeremy until 6.20am. 😆😆😱
Last rt is for K-pop fans
“Get on someone’s nerves” = to irritate, to annoy. It *gets on G-Dragon’s nerves* when Jo calls him Seungri. #idiom
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Woke up with a shock that it is noon
Okay. Nak mkan mee sapi
[朝御飯] あさごはん asagohan - breakfast #JLPT N5
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People will know if you are mature even if you seem childish. Through your actions during a situation