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Tahniah diucapkan kepada #KML, johan #KAKOM14 dengan 7 emas, 4 perak dan 6 gangsa.
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i cannot function until i've gotten rid of every notification bubble on my phone it must waste an hour every morning
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I am gonna be mute tomorrow due to excessive karaoke today. 6 hours of screaming like a baboon
I am so happy that i can scream like a lunatic now during karaoke! Hahahaha
Gila la! Dh pkl 11 lebih 😱😱😱😱ingtkn baru pkl 9 tadi
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At an airport and need wifi? Add "?.jpg" at the end of any URL to bypass the expensive wifi and access the Internet for free.
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Your past was never a mistake if you learned from it.
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Esok test jepun, hari ni smua tweet dlm japanese. Hahaha. がんばって‼︎
わたしは ひとりで にほんごを べんきよします。
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今晩、みなは日本語を勉強します。がんばってねみな、明日のテスト (≧∇≦) I hope this is grammatically correct. Hahaha
Yg dpt JPA, welcome to the life where you are afraid your result sucks and no more money after it. Hahaha 😘
Congrats to kwn yg dpt JPA
"Write" blh pula aku taip "read"
I wanna write a letter to my bestfriend about my passwords so that if I die, they can delete my twitter, facebook and instagram.
Lol! I salah type tweet td. Hahahag
makin nak melangkah masuk tahun 2015, makin byk kes pelik2. masanya hampir tiba.
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Come on people. Kurus tak semestinya tak cukup makan. Dh kalau makan banyak pun tak naik saiz badan, nak salahkan sapa? Tuhan? Bersyukorlahh
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