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Jangan pernah kita rosakkan hubungan sesama etnik seluruh Sarawak yg datuk nenek kita dh kukuhkan dr dolok marek. . #52TahunSarawakMerdeka
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Soalan utama time beraya di rumah kawan. Bila kawen?
Happy Independence Day, Kingdom of Sarawak! ❤️ #DumSpiroSpero
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Maigad! Terjumpa iklan pasal kentut vagina! Funneh!! I know it is called queef but in BM? It is too darn funny! 😂😂😂
I love Sarawak
If i hit a jackpot, first i will send my parents for holiday. Then my sisters and their family. Then investment
I want go back to Japan again. But i must stay home. Gotta stay true to my own promises this holiday
It's been a year since the crash for MH17 and the missing MH370. RIP
Girls of instagram on Hari Raya be like
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Tip: the best way to retain your memory (knowledge) is by teaching & sharing it with others. Jangan kedekut ilmu
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Go miri sekadar membawa diri sakit perut. Shit la. Patutnya aku gi tgk wyg bah nektok. Bukan kdk mok luput di bilik
Selamat ri rayaa sumeeee 😇�k8
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Apakah raya tanpa kek lapis ngan air gas? #onlyinsarawak
Malaysia dan perayaan dan mercun berpisah tiada
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Happy birthday pida pido @fidabcdefgh
Teasing your friends father's name was the ultimate comeback when it comes to a fight #GrowingUpAsian
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お金、あなたはどこですか。。。( i _ i )
#GrowingUpAsian When there was nothing to eat You ate Rice with soy sauce
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/runs and suddenly falls down/ parents' reaction: expectation: "omg honey are you ok?" reality: "ha run la run some more" #GrowingUpAsian
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#GrowingUpAsian i take my shoes off at every house i go into
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did something stupid. shit la
Tutup IG, buka twitter, tutup twitter, buka Fb, tutup Fb, buka IG, tutup IG, buka twitter. Sampai lah bateri phone habis. Emmm.
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If you’re feeling stressed, try drawing on paper… We find it really therapeutic! #drawing #relax #betterwithpaper
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Apa kelebihan whatsapp group bila birthday? Sorang wish Lagi 50 member copy paste.
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"Ini adalah barisan lagenda kami. Tak pakai tempered glass, tak pakai power bank. Berani bro!! Tak bawak geng" 😏😏😏I3VOk
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