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Abdur Chowdhury
First rule of twitter sms, DONT DM!!!!
SF housing wars cont today: BOS votes against making Airbnb pay $25M in back taxes. Judge throws out higher payments to Ellis Act evictees.
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Abdur Chowdhury (@abdur), ex-@twitter chief scientist, discusses narrative in #socialmedia 11/13 #AbdurSays #SFSU
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That feeling you have when you realize that @VirginAmerica does not fly where you need and @united is your only option. 😿
Oh my, I have a profile on @ProductHunt now, woot:
Another good piece from one of the best writers on the SF market @kimmaicutler…
Excited to announce Twitter Alum @leland Rechis as our 1st Designer-In-Residence. Welcome to @cornell_tech! #ux #IxD
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OH: "ILLDGAFRN … (I Like Literally Don't Give A Fuck Right Now) NEW MESSAGES" @mzsanford
Not shocking that @mzsanford knows the contents of
After less than a month with my iPhone 6 I have switched back to my iPhone 5. So much better.
Shape the future of learning 12/5-6! Be inspired by Futurists @dmrussell @abdur @Idit @unickf & then compete! #FIAumd
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The paparazzi outside my hotel this morning where extremely disappointed to see me. Sorry 😞
Great explanation on why your photos of propellers look like they are melting:…
I had no idea about these apnea approaches to holding your breath. 22min world record breath hold OMG.…
Mapping the ocean with gravity - An undersea Mt can drop the water level by as much as 10cm. Wow…
Former Chief Scientist of Twitter and current Pushd CEO @abdur said I could pick his DJ name. Please welcome to the stage DJ Bayes' Drop.
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In general I like spinning things.
Apparently @iano can predict my next move. Time to become more random.
Bloomberg is looking for a @ApacheMesos engineer in NYC… great team to work with… cc/ @allthingshadoop
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I'm going to live off of these apps Only for the next 6 months! Let's see how it goes
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Things like this are so awesome! Keep up the amazing work @DeepFlightOcean…
.@astound why does my internet connection die every night around this time?
Ok, no phone calls for me thanks to ios 8.0.1 Also, what was my pass code?
I am a mac fanboy. But I really dont like this new iPhone. Its too big! :(
This iPhone is to big for my hand. 😕
I love emoji but this is a bit much even for me.
"@Medium we care about stories. The best way to explore them? Kick them around with big thinkers." #MediumForeward
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An email from @AmericanExpress -I'm showing the fax went out this morning can you check you spam mail. I did however set it up to be refaxed
Steven is now available in Canada 🍁, United Kingdom 🇬🇧, New Zealand and Australia…bca7
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Should we send @iano here to get us mics? He claims it is a level of hell!…
Oh - I am deleting your app until my demands have been meet.
Visiting scientist at @altavistaschool today exploring color thru chemistry & effect of acid on rose petal color
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Nice words about @StevenTheApp even though they are skeptical about pictograms in general.…
Scientists say the ozone layer is recovering. Amazing what we can do when we work together.
Hey Congress how's your morning going? Phones ringing off the hook? We're just getting started
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I so hope all the new cool Apple gadgets are available via buy now buttons on Twitter.
OH: I'm just not capable of talking to plumbers
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Love emoji-only messaging? Try logging activities with the tiny pictures
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