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Abdur Chowdhury
This iPhone is to big for my hand. 😕
I love emoji but this is a bit much even for me.
"@Medium we care about stories. The best way to explore them? Kick them around with big thinkers." #MediumForeward
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An email from @AmericanExpress -I'm showing the fax went out this morning can you check you spam mail. I did however set it up to be refaxed
Steven is now available in Canada 🍁, United Kingdom 🇬🇧, New Zealand and Australia…bca7
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Should we send @iano here to get us mics? He claims it is a level of hell!…
Oh - I am deleting your app until my demands have been meet.
Visiting scientist at @altavistaschool today exploring color thru chemistry & effect of acid on rose petal color
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Nice words about @StevenTheApp even though they are skeptical about pictograms in general.…
Scientists say the ozone layer is recovering. Amazing what we can do when we work together.
Hey Congress how's your morning going? Phones ringing off the hook? We're just getting started
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I so hope all the new cool Apple gadgets are available via buy now buttons on Twitter.
OH: I'm just not capable of talking to plumbers
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Love emoji-only messaging? Try logging activities with the tiny pictures
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My friend and former Chief Scientist at Twitter, Abdur, has launched his latest creation. It's an app called Steven.
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I've been testing @StevenTheApp, a social emoji network. Kind of fun & now less lonely now that it's public…
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Today I learned about @goldman 's BredKittens usage.
Been playing w/ Steven, a fun emoji life app, for several months. Excited for @abdur, @tylr, @bcherry, & team. 😺
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The "Mt Everest Rail Slide" a #TBT to 2011 after skiing the Lhotse Face with fellow guide Neal…
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I'm excited to share what I've been working on for the past two years with the world today! Meet Steven.
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Former Twitter Chief Scientist Launches Steven, An Emoji-Based Social App by @sarahintampa
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I'm speaking at CMX Summit in November: 15% off with this super secret code: "producthunt15" 😉 Thanks,@DavidSpinkss
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I guess it's time for @Apple to pay @ATT for access. So much for net neutrality. #netneutrality
.@Gogo not sure what emailing will help. Reading and sending emails is slow. Web pages mostly timeout.
I wish there was completion for airline wifi service. @Gogo really is the worse. I remember reading email faster with my 2400 baud modem.
What Hello Kitty is not a cat? OMG:… Thanks @LaughingSquid We will need another cat to replace this void.
Man, no one is listening to me: "Your Tweets earned 0 impressions over the last 28 days" :(
This dude looks like a super reliable source on the new iPhone 6:… Thanks for the tip @tylr
Beautiful Aki Salmon with extra treat inside!
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Great story from the @WSJ on the work from @MattKoll & @davetroy with @mailstromapp Reclaim your inbox:…
My friend @EllisAmdur just joined Twitter. Amazing writer of the esoteric. Follow him undoubtedly it will be worth it.
If you want to experience the fears of caving in a 1.5 min video watch this.…
Checkout these historical pictures of schoolhouses in SF, a lot of history here.…
Have you heard 'Lights in the Sky'? Available on iTunes now.…
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