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Abdur Chowdhury
Really excited for @smartthings and their team for their next chapter.… Cc @andrewcbrooks
I was not aware the @rsarver was Captain Kirk!!! The things iPhoto knows.
Reviewing TOS documents backwards to make them more interesting.
Anyone else finding iMessage flaky, thinking about just moving to sms only. 😧
If you live in SF you should read every article from @kimmaicutler they are amazing.…
My Uber got pulled over by the Denver police — and then things got really weird:…
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OH "I ate a whole chicken at 1am last night and now my whole body does not know what to do..." @iano
Fascinating look at gentrification on the city and costal level based on education.…
If SF the NIMBY groups cause less housing to be built & make higher prices for existing houses: #whoToBlame…
Did you know: "SF’s planning department reviews 4x as many projects a year as NYC despite a population 1/10 the size"…
Pretty cool - @mesosphere 's participation in the Kubernetes community (@flo its getting real now).…
Does AT&T bandwidth limit video hangouts. My speed tests are fine. But Hangouts and other video services are not. #NetNeutrality
@abdur increasing # of reviews by one standard deviation is associated with an 8% increase in land price
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I need a cylon hangout decoder today. AT&T is the worse internet connection in Tahoe ever.
I just backed Electric Objects: A Computer Made for Art on @kickstarter
Mute is pure genius both on gmail and twitter.
My official 5005th tweet. Carry on!
So fun for members of @altavistaschool community to be a happy & colorful addition to the Pride Parade!
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Love this: "Students should focus on thinking, not getting the right answer" - Ed from @altavistaschool
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Our @altavistaschool weather ballon project as a video. Thanks to @yangyo
I am very excited by the future @ahawkinson and @smartthings are bringing to the world. Great @TIME coverage…
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Google is pushing out some impressive data cloud services.…
Mysterious and huge sea creature caught on camera under Gulf oil rig confirmed as rare jellyfish -
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4th graders on their "Rite of Passage" leadership activity - learning & workday at Heron's Head Ecopark Hunter's Pt
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I helped launch a marshmallow into space today. Unfortunately it didn't expand into a giant moon of marshmellow.
AVS weather ballon was just launched. Marshmallow will go to 90,000 ft.
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OH "I want to write code in space so I can use star dates for time rather than this time zone madness!" @bcherry
dadaviz: Extraordinary dataviz feed for/by data nerds & art lovers. via @IdeasFisherman on @ProductHunt
Morning email "Horst is on the case!" 🙀😸🎺
Shocked when I read that 255M people is not mainstream. I wonder when the Super Bowl will be mainstream at only 110m viewers.
'Learning to program teaches you how to think. Computer science is a liberal art.' -- Steve Jobs
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The AVS spring concert has been amazing. Great performance from our students! Thank you! Also a big thanks to Dayna!
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AVS students testing their weather ballon experiment camera over the school today.
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I haven't seen rate my driver in the @Uber app for a few weeks. What happened?
In Prop. B, SF voters "voted to recognize individual incumbent needs over the collective interest”… via @kristoncapps
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@rpnorton: Considering changes to student assignment” Great to see people looking at data & refining their approach.