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Abdur Chowdhury
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Fun tales from the big top @altavistaschool today! Thanks to our awesome drama teacher, Dayna!
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Lady who cuts my hair went off in how people in tech are ruining SF for 30min. I gave a 20$ tip but don't think I should go back. Thoughts?
Thank you amazing @altavistaschool community for an awesome FUNraiser last night!
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"Our wisdom comes from our experience, and our experience comes from our foolishness." –Sacha Guitry Good quote, be foolish sometimes.
Note to self: The product of probabilities is not your friend.
Huge thanks to all @cayley has done for @twitter - also one of my all time favorite people to work with!!!
This depicts every meeting I had at AOL with their business people. thanks @LaughingSquid
Today's problem, how am I going to get @biz to sign his book if I bought it in kindle format?…
FYI: the chain fountain phenomenon, its the table that makes it work not the change in direction:… @altavistaschool
It's been so many years figuring out how to work without MS office now that's its available for my iPad I don't think I need it. #tolate
My emoji week needs more🍣: 🏒,β˜•,🏒,🏑,πŸ’ͺ,🏑,🍴,🏒,🍝,πŸ’°,🏒,β˜•,🏒,🏑,🏒,🍷,🏒,🍴,🏒,🏑,🏒,🍣,🏒,β˜•,🏒,β˜•,🏒,🏑,🏒,🍴,🏒,β˜•,🏒,🏑,πŸ’ͺ,🏑,🏒,πŸ”,🏒,β˜•,🏑,🍣,🏑,🏒,🍴,🏒,β˜•,🏒,🏑,🍝,🏒,🏑,🏒
Average begets average, FYI...
Dear @firefox after years of loyal usage I am switching to @googlechrome - good luck I am sure in version 33 you will nail it.
After a couple of times using @Square cash, I never want to write another personal check again. I also don't know where my checks are. @jack
Reed nailed it, great to see consumer first from companies & why net neutrality matters…
My informal test of @jelly vs @twitter for answering a question. Jelly, takes it. It's not science but I got my answer.
What's the best app for signing pdf's on an iPad? I have SoftSign, DocuSign, SignNow, HelloSign. None are great.
Two amazing meals in ten minutes to my house. @EatSprig is pretty amazing so far.
Here's a bird's eye view of damage from last week's Mission Bay fire, as seen by a @3DRobotics Iris.…
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Published a piece on @TheNextWeb questioning traditional Silicon Valley thinking:… Mentioned @aileenlee @abdur @semil
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Secret - I used Darth Vader's bust picture for United Airlines in my address book.
FYI, @jessedana produced the video and @vl built the site for (Thanks guys, you're fantastic!)
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