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Abdur Chowdhury
Piezoelectricity of single-atomic-layer for energy conversion paper (amazingly cool) -…
#UMDleads in the top 10 "smartest" public colleges in the country! We always knew that- now you do!… via @eau_chez
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Wash DC council just passed a model ridesharing framework. The new standard for background checks and insurance.
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Great to see the @FCC defending bad practices from companies like @ATT…
2nd graders showing off their QR codes and custom videos - standard stuff for 7 year olds?? yes at @altavistaschool!
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Always confused when doubling revenue, meeting or beating all other metrics causes an unenthused market?
@joshelman we're prototyping an app and give neg pts using this image for a "pain score". Part of overall ux score.
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Happy birthday @mrtall and thanks for an amazing party last night @miss_splendid
First rule of twitter sms, DONT DM!!!!
SF housing wars cont today: BOS votes against making Airbnb pay $25M in back taxes. Judge throws out higher payments to Ellis Act evictees.
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Abdur Chowdhury (@abdur), ex-@twitter chief scientist, discusses narrative in #socialmedia 11/13 #AbdurSays #SFSU
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That feeling you have when you realize that @VirginAmerica does not fly where you need and @united is your only option. 😿
Oh my, I have a profile on @ProductHunt now, woot:
Another good piece from one of the best writers on the SF market @kimmaicutler…
Excited to announce Twitter Alum @leland Rechis as our 1st Designer-In-Residence. Welcome to @cornell_tech! #ux #IxD
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OH: "ILLDGAFRN … (I Like Literally Don't Give A Fuck Right Now) NEW MESSAGES" @mzsanford
Not shocking that @mzsanford knows the contents of
After less than a month with my iPhone 6 I have switched back to my iPhone 5. So much better.
Shape the future of learning 12/5-6! Be inspired by Futurists @dmrussell @abdur @Idit @unickf & then compete! #FIAumd
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The paparazzi outside my hotel this morning where extremely disappointed to see me. Sorry 😞
Great explanation on why your photos of propellers look like they are melting:…
I had no idea about these apnea approaches to holding your breath. 22min world record breath hold OMG.…
Mapping the ocean with gravity - An undersea Mt can drop the water level by as much as 10cm. Wow…
Former Chief Scientist of Twitter and current Pushd CEO @abdur said I could pick his DJ name. Please welcome to the stage DJ Bayes' Drop.
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In general I like spinning things.
Apparently @iano can predict my next move. Time to become more random.
Bloomberg is looking for a @ApacheMesos engineer in NYC… great team to work with… cc/ @allthingshadoop
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I'm going to live off of these apps Only for the next 6 months! Let's see how it goes
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Things like this are so awesome! Keep up the amazing work @DeepFlightOcean…
.@astound why does my internet connection die every night around this time?
Ok, no phone calls for me thanks to ios 8.0.1 Also, what was my pass code?
I am a mac fanboy. But I really dont like this new iPhone. Its too big! :(
This iPhone is to big for my hand. 😕
I love emoji but this is a bit much even for me.
"@Medium we care about stories. The best way to explore them? Kick them around with big thinkers." #MediumForeward
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An email from @AmericanExpress -I'm showing the fax went out this morning can you check you spam mail. I did however set it up to be refaxed
Steven is now available in Canada 🍁, United Kingdom 🇬🇧, New Zealand and Australia…bca7
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Should we send @iano here to get us mics? He claims it is a level of hell!…