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I reckon I'm going to have an obsession with shoes soon/later in my life
Might have to go shop and buy myself a massive tub of icecream
The fucking bus driver shut the door on me and hit me when I was stood on the bus, YEAH good effort mate
I really hope they take me out of double maths
You may be considering taking a personal holiday sometime very... More for Cancer
Mmmmmm milkshakkkkeee
Omg mort is a grape sno cone :O
Hehehehe Jake left a McDonalds milk shake at my door
Someone buy me a Mcdonalds Milkshake
A secret needs to come out into the open today, so you can int... More for Cancer
Mmmmm haven't eaten, only coffee and rum for 24 hours, this soup is mmf
I really want to eat crumpets
Ew my tongue is all horrible, can't wait to wash it :L
You might have your heart set on doing something so special to... More for Cancer
I could lose everything I own and still be perfectly content with just you.
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I want pizza, burgers, grapes, doritos, curly fries, onion rings, cherries, macaroni cheese, Japanese meatballs, pie fucking chicken pie!
Never fucking good enough
Your feelings are changing, yet you still might want to hold o... More for Cancer
I can't stay mad at people...I always end up forgiving them, even when they don't deserve my forgiveness.
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@lwmaggs hahaha you gimp!! HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!! :D xxx
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