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Richard Nwaneri
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By @korrede "Yup, still got it. @lookslikelagos" via @PhotoRepost_app
Shege Kath! Your Mohawk is on fire RT @silkykathiee: 💃💃�”
When Angel Michael shows you your sexual tweets on judgement day
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Your fantasies become irresistible as they grow more complex a... More for Sagittarius
I can't help but feel bad for Roberto Di Matteo, he thought for one second her could stop the Chelsea juggernaut this season.
😂 😂 😂 @Adahnahna: 😂@TheKev0rkiankian:"
LOL RT @Adahna: RT @LipstickYoda: So I still can't get over this. I love it so much I want one to hang in my room
RT @SeeMeSeeNigeria: A mother taking a stroll with her son on October 1st,1960
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(VIDEO) Stumbled on the preview of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Ubercool! Especially the Lagos part
If you see some of those beautiful followers that you drool over without makeup, you'll plead "the Blood of Jesus" 100 times
Devalued from 155 to the $ to 168 to the $. Now who thinks Sanusi's tenure as CBN Governor was bad? We're in trouble in this country.
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RT @AO1379: Ladies and gentlemen, the Naira has been devalued.
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Everyday ranting about cadios and squats, the nyash sef we no see *Hian*
Some people workout every other day and they still look ordinary, I wonder what will happen when they stop *sips tea*
Lmaoo, very true "@OMGtrolls: Doctors be like "you'll be prescribed some cough medicine, Panadol and antibiotics.""
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In "additioNAL", loving you is not "optioNAL". Satisfaction toh "critiCAL". Baby gurl, I'm a "professioNAL"...
The way I see you "exceptioNAL". The way I'm feeling, I'm "affectioNAL". When your body's calling, I'm "functioNAL"...
You may be secretly struggling against the lessons that taskma... More for Sagittarius
"If your soup finishes before your eba, then you'll never be a good manager" ~ Lord Lugard
Lmaooooo 😂 RT@vivifazrennaa: 'Father Is Shocked When He Discovers This Horrifying Letter From His Son'"
Although you may want to share your dreams with friends, you a... More for Sagittarius
#Reflections at #dawn ~ #instagram #photography #nature #sky #sun #Sunrise #umbrella #fashion #travel #tourism #live #love #laugh
Lol! RT "@TraceDLace: Lmaooooooo. Good morning! "@9GAGTweets: This poor kid will never be the same... -""
Rolling with a few surprises today is a piece of cake. Luckily... More for Sagittarius
Wow! "@two_under_: Identical Twins Deliver Babies On Same Day , One Has Twins!"
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Madonna is 55 and her boyfriend is 22. Jennifer Lopez is 43 and her boyfriend is 26. Don't worry if you're not dating,they might not be born
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Man United have 99 problems, but beating Arsenal will never be one.
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Lol! RT "@No1chick: Thank you Master Jesus!!! #ManUtd"
Arsenal will always bow before #ManUtd, it'd not bragging, It's like gravity.
Hadn't lost a game at home for 15 months. United come into town and help themselves to a win without even trying so hard
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Smash n grab! Maybe van gaal needed that break. Hasn't had much luck lately
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Di Maria... WHY!!!
Arsenal shots on target: 8. Arsenal goals: 0. Man United shots on target: 1. Man United goals: 2.
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With a clean sheet 😂 RT@badexx: Can't believe we're gonna win this game"
1st shot on target, 2nd goal... LvG is a... 😂 😂 😂
Arsenal forever our bitch!!!
Lmaooooo 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 w
Daddy heal Falcao and Shae and Rojo. Make their healing permanent in the mighty name of Jesus!
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Jack Wilshere is other news water is wet!
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Shiiiid! Kafa na, me na chi ba'n ba ka ba? *takes off* RT @ThislsAmazing: Japan does pranks right"