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Richard Nwaneri
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#taken 2 #Friday's ago at #TerraKulture while #hanging out with @omocharles @iamjadesola and @datalienartiste #Today is @terrakulture 's 10 #anniversary, let's #toast to 100 more to #come
Human wants are insatiable.. The more u earn the more ur taste increases.... @gtbank #TweetBack
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There is a definite shift in relationship dynamics today, even... More for Sagittarius
Lmaooo! “@Abdellsalam WhatsApp added a blue double tick so you can be sure you're being ignored.
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Anne Robinson's wink is really hot ;)
Complete with 'unlooking' RT @NotGoodluck: Throwback Thursday. When I gave up my career as an actor to lead you ppl
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Call it magic, when I'm with you
#ThrowBackThursday 2009, #Nicon #Luxury #Hotel, #Abuja ~ #instagram #l4l #live #love #laugh
#Quad #bike riding with @ibmus999 at #Lekki #Leisure #Beach, #Lagos ~ #Ekonibaje #travel #tourism #instagram #live #love #laugh
The hectic pace of your day can wear you out with many demands... More for Sagittarius
You have a wealth of powerful images at your disposal today, i... More for Sagittarius
Hundreds of years of misogyny and shame. Some people are just trapped in culture and don't understand that life can be better
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Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil.
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Its harmattan wen loversrock play in d car, Mollie countin down days 2 xmas, nd a rihanna album in Nov...Mollie is gone dis year tho :(
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Following someone else's directions is out of the question tod... More for Sagittarius
Lmaooo!!! RT @sholong: Hahahahahaha "@FunnyPicsDepot: Judge Mathis keeps it real...."
LMAO. Now I feel like eating catfish 😂😂😂 @slimonchnch: "Because cat fit swim no mean say e be catfish..."
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So you see ehn. I'm not asking for a Lambo, but izuorom Range, I ga anwu? Mtchewwwww
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Even at 1k for dangote cement housing isn't affordable to many.
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Keeping your desires to yourself seems like a wise choice toda... More for Sagittarius
😂 @DantePasusuu: Manutd is a relevant club, rival fans keep talking about the club even in mediocrity..Great"
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Not the result we wanted, but we'll keep the red flag flying high. Forever and ever. #mufc
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Can you just imagine that? Game ruined!
You might be hooked by a strong emotion that just won't go awa... More for Sagittarius
#Lekki #Leisure #Beach #me #selfie ~ #Ekonibaje #SelfieOfLife
When you are at a party and they serve someone twice but you haven't eaten anything yet
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Your good intentions may not be enough to keep you on the stra... More for Sagittarius
Mi o mo oh, Lol RT @miskoom: Guy, Wetin be this?! "@iamejike: What tha.... RT @FascinatingVids: Hell yeahh
The whole if VI is one massive car park, people just came out to park on the road @Gidi_Traffic
This sun plus VI traffic is wickedness from hell! This is just insane
It's up to you to ascribe meaning to the variety of images tha... More for Sagittarius
Lol!!! RT "@Jaaaaay_B: Lmao RT @charlee_buns: I remember when I gave my ex the silent treatment. He went and took a nap. I was heated lol"
Reflective Surfaces; helping dudes check out chics since 1881
C'mon guys. 😩 @O2Boomm: Toh @mrtolzz: Oh shit RT@theonlyfbkk: Tim Cook said he is proud to be gay. Now we all know why iphone 6 bends.""
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Nsogbu Di @Mhagayr Baby is your name Shekau? Because Chineke mee... Shekaut this booty. Just shekitaut. Chineke mee
Although you could be more serious in your overall approach to... More for Sagittarius
Oh wow. "@187london: “@BLACK0_0RABBiT: Faaam what happened to kelis �” - her milkshake expired"
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When I need to get home, you're my guiding light, you're my guiding light
Lmaooo!!! RT @KwesiAwesome: “@FascinatingVids: Goalkeeper performs miracle.… ” lol
Coloccini has been COLOSSAL in defence for @NUFC today
Abeg, make it 3-0 so I can sleep with a smile on my face
Newcastle fans having fun LMAOOO!!!