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Aashima Grover
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Thank you @mirchichn983 for not being a sellout #relief
What is with the pm's fm takeover?? #shutup #givemefmback
#Gurgaon traffic police be like- oh perfect way to kill Friday morning: barricades on #nh8 #traffucked #liveindelhiworkingurgaon
Only the suavest actor can render his legend invisible to pull off a character so silly, vulnerable…
Something about Monday that makes you belive that maybe, just maybe if you try again, this week can…
Things I failed to understand this week: people who say #Istandbysalman ,why is #MetGala a costume party & why is nobody talking about #gst
BREAKING: Abhijeet’s driver claims responsibility for “Sleep like a dog, Die like a dog” tweet… (by @vaibrainmaker)
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Today marks 11 years since Friends ended. Retweet if you will forever love this show! #11YearsSinceTheFriendsFinale
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Q6 depends on the brand personality. Could be badass and reiterate, or be sensitive and delete and apologize #AdWeekChat @Adweek
A5 listen carefully- find out the events your audience cares about- and join their conversation instead of initiating your own @Adweek
A4: Be hilarious. Be thoughtful. Be inspiring. Be honest. Be yourself. If you nail even two of those in one tweet you’re good. #AdweekChat
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Super"@Adweek: Today's #AdweekChat: Why topical social content is so lame, and how to fix it."
@Adweek A4: Contribute something new and original to the conversation. And don't make it all about you. #AdweekChat
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A4 sticking to topical events that are of relevance to ur audience and staying true to the core essence of the brand @Adweek #AdWeekChat
A3 there are always a few who innovate & go down as case studies. Strategic and authentic content never goes unnoticed @Adweek #AdweekChat
Th number of ppl I say 'ha this weekend done' to and then forget about the plan is criminal #Alzheimer's #ageisnotjustanumber
BREAKING: Microsoft's replacement for Internet Explorer is now called Microsoft Edge
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Because it's totally possible to be happy on a Wednesday morning #justbecause #coffeedatemornings #drivedrivedrive
Eeeee "@FastCompany: If we lose bees, this is what a typical salad bar will look like:"
Wrote to TRAI in support of net neutrality? Congratulations: your email address is now public @htTweets
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Want want want "@mashsocialmedia: New desk chair will let employees hide from coworkers"
Here are live streams of nature since you probably can't leave your desk right now. #EarthDay
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The votes are in! “Ideate” is the worst startup jargon out there. #JargonMadness
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"That's what the world is , after all: an endless battle of contrasting memories" #HarukiMurakami #can'tsleep
If you need proof to believe that people will argue online on any damn 'controversy' read reactions to #hillarylogo #iwantmy2minsback
"@FastCompany: What Taylor Swift can teach your company about protecting its brand online"
Busy. Composing nows to create a forever. #okbye #midnightthoughts
Your Pinterest needs a soundtrack. How to add music to your page:
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.@Cannes_Lions says to bring your worst employees to the festival instead of firing them:
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Work so hard that you make it look easy.
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No matter where you are and what else has changed, that one song remains as it is. Just like that one moment #lost
Delhi Daredevils says it bought Yuvraj from the money it will save from free Wi-Fi, Water and cheaper Electricity…
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You know you are in the right job when all you care about at this time of the year are brand campaigns #ValentinesDay #brandstrategy
Have you ever just looked at someone while they're doing something small like driving or laughing and just smile bc u like them so much.
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Delhi rape victim sues Uber in US court for not verifying driver background
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The difficult thing is not to bury what has been. It is really hard to bury what will never be.
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11 reasons men shouldn’t be afraid of @Pinterest anymore
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The unsettling feeling when life gives context to your favorite song #mornings #nooooo
"You have to keep breaking your heart, until it opens" - Rumi #iblametheweather #delhiwinters #beginnings #freewill

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