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Aaron Shust
Hung out with John & Kathy and Kenny Woods at WORD FM today in Pittsburgh! Listen in at 4:15pm!
Back in the 🇺🇸 in time for Nicky's #soccer practice. #Ethiopia jersey is in the wash, had to go with a family heritage jersey. #Mexican #Ukrainian #Welsh #German #meltingpot #nicholasmichaelshust
Sintayehu lives with his mother, baby brother and step sister in a small one room mud house on the border of the city's garbage heap. A massive putrid smelling garbage heap. He loves mathematics and taking care of his brother. Because of @compassion they've been exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Hearing the inspiring stories of Hana and Solomon, two @compassion children rescued from poverty and now with degrees in Accounting and Sociology!
Yet another heart warming rose-greeting by the @compassion children in Ethiopia.
Typical Ethiopian painting, full of vibrant color. Our last day here. Glad to be with my family soon, but will miss this country and it's people.
Mesfin, his friends and his new soccer ball...which I told him to share. ;)
We were leaving & since I missed the home visits today, I gave my soccer ball to the first boy I saw, Mesfin, who just about cried! I got two hugs and two kisses! :))
Once I woke up from my 5th nap...I felt a little better and the pastor asked me what area my ministry was: I told him music. He lit up and took me to where these two were practicing! They taught me some pentatonic Amharic tunes. :)
Stomach virus day!!! Had to pull over the van this morning on our long drive to the countryside so I could leave some of myself in Ethiopia, I missed every activity :( but between rest, pepto, cipro, anti-dehydration lemon salt water (?!) and Tulua (pictured) praying healing over me, thank The Lord
I walked the 3-4 blocks back to the church holding hands with these two princesses, lifting our hands high over little saplings and pretending we could jump over tall trees so we wouldn't have to let go of each other. Laughter is a common language. I already miss them.
Press play: This is the beautiful mother of four who all live in the space under the stairs (in the previous pic.) She'd just finished saying she lacks for nothing and God is her Father and her Dad. We had to have this talk in the alley outside her home since we couldn't fit. Peace that surpasses co
2nd home visit today: I wish I could communicate the shock. We squeezed single file down alleyways to get to a literal hole in the wall called a home: a pitch black space under a stairwell (top) and 2 sq feet of "kitchen". (bottom) The mother lives with her FOUR children in this house...that leaks.
This is Kia. He is 10 and lives in a tiny mud & plastic shelter with his mother & baby sister, who are both HIV+. Kia had to drop out of school when his dad lost work, but b/c of @compassion, this soccer-loving talented artist can go to school again. When asked what he likes to do, he whispered, "to
Dear world, Press play. Africa just said, "Hey!"
Another incredibly powerful day with @compassion visiting kids, homes and staff. Extreme poverty coupled with immense joy.
Dance off. I lost. Thx to @thegregly for the fine footage. #burningcalories
Brian Seay giving us the 411 on how to eat a traditional Ethiopian meal. Fantastic.
Dinner entertainment. #Ethiopia
Did I mention this was birthplace of coffee? Repost by @roquinn
Traditional coffee area. Buna. We are in the birthplace of coffee. So you know it's good. This ain't no Starbucks, people.
During the weekly prayer for the children on Sunday morning, this little girl and her shoes stole my attention. :)
There she is!!! shaungroves's photo
My boys gave me some of their Favorite matchbox cars to bring as gifts...not their clunkers! Little "E" loved this van more than my boys ever possibly could.
This angel lost his mother was he was 5 months old. He & 3 other siblings have been raised by their oldest sister (then 16) in their 8 sq ft home. Two of them have since died. Being sponsored through compassion has brought health, hope and love to the home through Jesus that they didn't have before.
These faces. These regal, beautiful faces. Such dignity and joy. #Ethiopia @compassion
Bombarded with love all morning by about a hundred of these kids. The girls in the bottom were beyond precious. Girl on my right never left my side: held my hand, her head pressed into my waist.
Pick up game of...bounce the ball in the street. We lost. @compassion #Ethiopia
Gamsala, her Mother & Grandmother LIVE under a 5' x 5' tarp. The G'ma wore a cross & a witch doctor talisman around her neck. She said she wanted her daughter & granddaughter to know Jesus but she'd made too many promises to the witch doctors & spirits. We shared the freedom, hope & love found only
We were all handed roses by toddlers like Gamsala upon our arrival at this @compassion Child Survival Program today. #Ethiopia
12 hour 45 minute flight to #Ethiopia with @compassion made for some serious #jetlag. Landed at 6:15am and started our day!
Target run: polo shirts & khakis. Coloring Books & a Soccerball #AfricaTrip @compassion #Ethiopia
#UntoUs Sneak Peek No 2! From "Overture (Star of Wonder)" Releasing 10/14/14. Sorry we missed the 25th…
#UntoUs2014 cameos 9 classic Christmas carols throughout original compositions. New yet familiar!
Dove award winning artist @aaronshust will release an all-original album of #Christmas music October 14.
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#UntoUs Sneak Peek No 2! From "Overture (Star of Wonder)" Releasing 10/14/14. Sorry we missed the 25th yesterday! Happy August Boxing Day!
Always living and learning.
Honored to celebrate with Angels in Disguise last night in Louisville, KY, meeting several beautiful, happy kids with #DS #trisomy21 and their beautiful, happy families!
Met up with fellow @compassion artist @joescastillo on the way to Atlanta! A sand artist!!!
10 years ago yesterday the 1st copies of my 1st album "Anything Worth Saying" were placed on a shelf: @perimeteratl Grateful!
Love this old story: Ruth Graham wouldn't allow the US President through to @BillyGraham on phone...because Billy was praying. #priorities
#NEWS: Aaron Shust to Release Christmas Project "Unto Us," Oct. 14
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Excited for this album! Thanks for the review @jfreakhideout
Aaron Shust Approaches His First Christmas Album "Unto Us" With Originality @aaronshust…
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When in Nashville, even of for a couple hours...#DeSano.
This place!?! Who knew? #centricworship14 Finishing up final vocals for a brand new batch of songs for the church!
Latergram: early morning walk this morning from breakfast to morning worship. #centricworship14