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Aaron Aye
I can't resist apple with the way they make there videos!
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Let's stay off social media today to show respect and give a moment of silence to all the loved ones we lost on 9/11. We will never forget.
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Having a major music executive with huge credits tell me he believes in me today was probably one of the most surreal moments I've ever had.
Also! The most heart felt song I have ever heard even if it's a cover..shout out to my brother @aaronaye…
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If you havnt listen to this man sing have some problems beautiful beautiful work @aaronaye…
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If I ain’t the greatest then I’m headed for it.
Hip-Hop Therapy thank you everyone who helped me to get here…
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Everyone go download my boy @iambigluc's EP #HipHopTherapy tonight at midnight on soundcloud! #Support
Very impressed with all the new Apple devices coming out. I’m definitely getting that iPhone 6 Plus & Apple Watch when they drop.
Appreciate everyone in your life, think about the odds of meeting them in this huge world. :)
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Woke up today and thought to myself...I'm down for an iPhone 6..
Keep your ears hard and erect cuz new stufffffff coming soon from the one and only Aaron Aye (; @aaronaye
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Just posted a photo @ The Vatican
Rick Ross losing weight...I call em' "Thick Ross".
Everyone! Go like the FB page of the College of Saint Benedict Blazers. They’re a great team. ⚽️ #support
My free album #LOVE is now remastered and available here: #HOPE coming soon:)
My official website is now go check it out! I’ll be posting new music for my #Airbears on it soon 🐻#Ronnyy
Happy Birthday @Beyonce 🐝You’re definitely the greatest entertainer alive �
Might go to the bandshell and play my guitar
Why am I not surprised to find out that even in college my boy @ktonbaseball2 is still playing MLB: The Show nonstop. 😂
Another best friend of mine left for college today. I don't even know where to begin when it comes to…
Just became friends with two of the most talented young adults in mpls. Do yourselves a favor and listen to some @aaronaye @Cdeborhegyi
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So my friend @HighyaHarlemu showed me some of her artwork and it’s so incredible check her out
My boy @anthonyhawn said " I'ma bring my whole house to college" haha #TurnUp doesn't come out until 2015 but I swear it is going to change music forever if it gets the attention it deserves.
So it's 2:35 AM and @Cdeborhegyi just played me a preview of his new album...the best song I've ever heard in my life...
I’m Not the Only One | #SamSmith x 👌 Sorry for the ugly faces �
Don’t really like this whole rain thing going on up top.
Messing around to some @edsheeran | #ThinkingOutLoud x Love this song 👌
Up late playing my guitar
So my best friend left for college today. Growing up I have had a lot of friends come and go but if…
Had to say goodbye to my best friend tonight 😞