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Aaron Aye
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It’s official. I move to LA on November 29th. Friends come spend these last 3 weeks with me cause I don’t know when I’ll be able to visit.
All I want to do is work hard, get a house for me and my friends, and then go help people in need.
To the friends that are with you through the thick and thin...
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Hope Cali's good to me
I don't know who you are but thanks doc for saving my life. Good looks. Happy to be here.
That kinda stuff makes me appreciate my life and all the people in it way more. Love you guys.
Damn... After 18 years of life I just found out I was almost my mother's second miscarriage...So grateful I'm here...
Rihanna has a huge effect on me. I swear. 😍
I always finish last because they'd rather be hurt. I know I'm not perfect but I know what I'm worth.
Feel like I lost myself for a sec there...alright back to being me.
If you only knew what's about to happen 😏�
I'm here to make you smile. That's it.
I keep a small circle and a low profile these days. Sometimes less is more.
It has definitely been a fun weekend:) thanks @ktonbaseball2 for coming through!
Oh just me being stupid last night! Lol
Last night a great friend told me to make my new goal to just be happy...That's probably the best advice I've ever been given. Thank you:)
Happy Halloween lol 😜 🎃
Just messing around, working on the next free album #Hope. This is usually how the writing process…
Hey world! Please FOLLOW @aaronaye! He`s a very talented,young musician. Check out his music #AirBears
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My squad #TeamLipQuiver was inspired by none other than the homie Denzel.
#TeamLipQuiver is the new squad...if u don't know about us yet...consider yourself warned.
After a while friends become family :)
Don't have a lot to worry about cause I don't let much worry me.
Gone Girl is a crazy movie. Really good film but it definitely ruined my life.
Smile and be yourself because when it's all said and done, the people who truly matter will be there in the end. ❤️
I hope everyone has a good day!
But Cali should be cool. 😎
Damn just got word ya boy can be out of here any minute now...scary feeling having to move away. Lived in Minnesota all my life. Strange...
'Twas a good night.
Things are about to change and I'm so excited.