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Aaron Aziz
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Juz a friendly reminder, post raya event is on a first pay first serve basis. Mohon RT cc @AaronDwiAziz @diyanahalik
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#Repost from @kidzandcreme --- Re-stock #drivem7 @drivem7 drinks!!! Don't forget to ask for the drink!!
Good morning all! Some spaghetti turkey bacon for lunch? #kidzandcreme @kidzandcreme
#kuchkuchhotahai hahaha hmmm Macam Sama backdrop tu Dgn Baju saya yg smart ni.. :) #BollyOne #bollywood #aaronaziz Ada org tu excited giler.. Siapa ye???? :)
Goodnight dream of Meeee Kari @kidzandcreme #kidzandcreme k?! Hahaha
Today's date with my Son @danish_pokemon_love_aaron #qualitytime #father&soneternallove
Want a nice lunch/dinner While Kids are occupied With baking activities? Come to @kidzandcreme k? Tuesday to Thursday 12pm-9pm and Fri- Sun 12pm to 10pm! Thank u. #repost from @kidzandcreme --- Head down to #kidzandcreme for some baking fun! We're doing pizza making this weekend! So see u later! #k
Kalau mimpi Nutella cheese tart datang @kidzandcreme lagi k?! Thank u For The support. #repost from @me_saidatulniza --- Dessert yg meletop n termimpi2 hihi...nutella tart yg sgt yummeh #kidzandcreme. tahniah abg #aaronaziz n kak #diyanahalik...terbaik
Thank u For coming and trying our dishes! See u around insyaAllah. #Repost from @weeda_z --- This mee rebus is soooo delicious, enjoyed it sooo much sampai terlupa nak offer mr.hubby @aznirasydi 😊 You can only get this at @kidzandcreme plus a lot more good tasty food ..and the place is also kids fr
Celebrated d boys bday last saturday at @AaronDwiAziz .. delicious food, great ambience n most…
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#InstaArtis: Bila Aaron Aziz buat parody 'awak kat mana' Taufik Batisah ..Hiks
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#Repost from @aaronatorsfc --- by @aaronatorsfc "Salam semua.. Disebabkan kekangan waktu, date yg terdekat CM dpt utk beraya bersama @aarondwiaziz ialah 31hb Ogos, 2014. Since dah abis syawal masa tu, kita jadikan event ni Post Raya party. Event terbuka hanya utk registered members sahaja. Mohon h
Day out the two of us Only #fatheranddaughtereternallove @dwiloveaaron
Dinner at @AaronDwiAziz ! OMG ! The nutella cheese tart is so freakin delicious ! The new menu, Mee…
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#salamsemua LETS HELP DONATE. Imagine if All MY followers DONATE just RM1 each? Mungkin InsyaAllah we Will be able to save a life? @aaronatorsfc #Repost from @fidzoania with @repostapp --- Salam to all, here's my little boi #arshadimanshah .. He struggled with #biliaryatresia since day 3 of life w
This Is for you Bro @taufikbatisah
#Attitude hari ini :Ceria. Open house @ubermenmy here i come tapi.... "Awak kat mana?" Cc: @taufikbatisah
Look at How cheeky MY little #darlingdahlia is! "Daddy is ALL mine!!" #dahliaarissa said. sharing with everyone #Father&DaughterEternalLove