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Andy Buzzeo
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Look this child in the eyes and tell them they're being inculcated in to a religion of peace. #Childabuse
Name the differences between Utnapashtim and Noah. I'll help, you've heard of one. #creationists #religion
The question is not whether man's wisdom is greater than God's, but whether man's wisdom is greater with or without God-talk. @radioman60
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@FreakyAbandoned: Falcon in a Tree” Reminds me of my second year at Hogwarts!
I feel most of @raycomfort's followers prefer to laugh at his lunacy rather than agree with the things he says.
I'm glad @louiseabarron is beginning to share the same enthusiasm for #TheApprentice because we WILL be watching it @Lord_Sugar #YoureFired
Lucretius 'There is nothing so fundamentally at odds, than living life as though it were a gift from Gods' #roman #philosophy
@UberFacts: Kissing can increase your lifespan.” @louiseabarron ;)
BBC News - Arts Council England funding must shift from London, MPs say
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The Apprentice, TONIGHT, 9pm BBC1. Could it be the coach tour from hell?…
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Can't get the #NightcrawlerMovie soundtrack out of my head. Great film!
Having finished #Lucretius De Rerum Natura I'm amazed how much #science was understood 2000years ago. Sad to think the text was almost lost
A great #gorevidal quote on the misogyny of scripture
Okay it's about time someone explained how the genital mutilation of infants is still a legal practice? #circumcision #childabuse
To reveal art and conceal the artist is the actor's aim #actor
Everday, wake up a better man than you were yesterday.
Time to dust off 'The God Delusion' for some night time reading. @RichardDawkins
'Religious feminist', my favourite oxymoron. #Atheist
Finished Lucretius now its time for some Oscar Wilde , 'To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's…
Give a man a reputation of an early riser and that man can sleep till noon.
#TimothySpall was fantastic in #MrTurner I only wish I knew more behind the history of art and I may have enjoyed it a little more
The new #Nightcrawler film reminded me of #TaxiDriver for some reason - both very intriguing and suspenseful character studies. #Film
"The problem in this world is the stupid people are so sure about everything and the intelligent folks are so full of doubts." B Russell
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Movie marathon time at @tynesidecinema followed by tonights class at @Valley_Studios #MrTurner #Nightcrawler
#Lucretius is mind boggling, how can someone writing that long ago anticipate so much truth.
Finished @RichardDawkins magic of reality and it's even better the second time round!
Fine day sunday! In my opinion, best day of the week! And why is that Dudley? #sunday
The sooner you substitute 'feminism' with 'egalitarianism' the sooner you'll have my attention. #Feminists
40 years today since Ali knocked out Foreman - Still one of the greatest fighters to ever live. #Boxing
Had an amazing time doing a workshop yesterday with @YoungCompany_NS at @northernstage, great things are sure to come from all of you!
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Don't look her in the eyes NICK...HE DIDNT
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Was willing @Lord_Sugar to fire the triplet and he did. TKO! Brilliant. #TheApprentice
Tweets are poor receipts for what time hath stole away. A modern #johnclare #poetry
So potent was religion in persuading to do wrong - Lucretius 'De Rerum Natura' #Philosophy #Atheist
You can't control what you feel you can only control what you do - food for thought at @Valley_Studios #acting
'I see myself as a mix between Ghandi and the Wolf of Wallstreet' #TheApprentice
Was nice to christen valley studios this evening with some fun and games
Gone girl with @louiseabarron at @tynesidecinema was super duper!
#Antigone at @northernstage last night was utterly brilliant!
Please take time to like and follow the wonderful @Valley_Studios… a creative new residence opening in team valley
#Tbt Driving us away for a weekend at our beach in Scotland @louiseabarron