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Andy Buzzeo
Two things that define who you are. Your patience when you have nothing. Your attitude when you have everything. #Quote #Philosophy
I'm still shocked that you only breath through one nostril at a time. #funfact
So on celebrity lookalike I scored Ross Gellar - I'm not so sure how much I agree #friends #rossgellar #celebrity
Got to get myself to #boyhood at @tynesidecinema 12 years in the making! Certainly a new milestone in cinema. #film
How can I write an application with this little monster screaming behind me? #uncle #rhetorical
#Tinthepark #arcticmonkeys I can now die a happy man having finally seen my favourite band
We're all victims of slavery - and it seems only the arts may liberate us #Government
#Rainman - what a brilliant and hilarious film!
I'm not afraid of any danger when walking home at 2am. Why? Because I am the danger! #breakingbad #heisenberg
Looking forward to being a part of the @northernstage young company #theatre
Finished #BreakingBad what a finale! Now to start game of thrones #GoT
I hear Hawkins' book on anti gravity is impossible to put down #science
My heart still decides to race before auditions you would think i'd be used to it by now #theatre #actor #audition
Well I think I just about understand Quantum Mechanics so I'm definitely not even close to understanding Quantum Mechanics #Physics #Science
I'm overcome by strong pangs of incredulity whenever I contemplate Quantum Theory - will it ever make sense? #Physics #science #Entanglement
People who fail to interpret irony #Firstworldproblems
Just finished season 2 of #Breakingbad and I think I'm addicted! Phenomenal acting from @BryanCranston #Inspiring
If we put the same energy in to the earth and people as we do in to mythology and Jesus Christ we wouldn't have hunger or homelessness
It would actually be worth voting #UKIP just to have a revolution
#LAMDA final recall knockback has only added fuel to the flame
Well it looks like I'll be having another gap year, and I've never felt more motivated, time to train
A species of antelope can jump higher than the average house due to their powerful hind legs and the fact houses havent been known to jump
If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it - Mark Twain #Politics
I find voting for any political overseer to take the reins of the same age-old inadequate chariot to be a fruitless endeavour #novote