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Big Daddy Rob↑
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I know the real you stop flexing, it aint in you kid
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Bitches tryna make V12s sound good😂😂😂 just cus he cum fast don't man yo pussy the shit, bitch he tryna get in and out!#DriveThruuuuuuuuuuuu
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That 40 cal always spit it think it no how to rap.
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Be the first to preview the #GalaxyNote4. Head to @ATT at 600 North Michigan Avenue from 11AM-7PM.
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I gotta get it cuz I'm tryna get full rich and I refuse to let my mama lose me to some bullshit
God take the wheel
Females Act Like They On They Period Every Fucking Day
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All I want is money fuck the fame I'm a simple man
I Wish I Knew How 2 V12. Mah Life Ah Be Completely Different lmao nbs
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Long As The Fam Straight Who Gives Ah Fuck About My Health
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WWYD 4 Some Paper!?
I den had so much money and I den been dead broke what they teach you?
Interview at Walmart at 3 I need in!
Bitches be confused
I Don't Understand Females Y'all Ass Got Problems #OnMe 💯💯💯
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Embrace your struggle cuz no matter what it could've been worse
My Lil mama hustle Harder than a lot if you niggas
I see all this money to make
You ant talkin money don't talk to me!
I'm so tired of talkin!
You can't tell me I'm not focused but I am open to receiving the blessing the Lord has for me
I just wanna Grind I don't even wanna party I wanna work enjoy my family and play basketball!
If you taking pictures with somebody else money kill yoself!
People be so ungrateful man its crazy
I'm just thankful I woke up to see another day!
Why yall delete yall tweets like yall don't be on twitter everyday?
Can't trust niggas that got these Emoji's in their Instagram bio "😈👿🔫💣🚬🔪💊💉💰💴💵💷💶💳💸🔧🔩🔨⛽️🅰〽️"
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I wanna hoop with my niggas in Harvey n buss they ass
Better shot selection better defense better driving to the cup I always strong and with heart so I'll just bust anybody talking crazy
If I played a one on one with my old self I would buss my ass that's how I know I got better
Talking that big money shit Goin get yo ass stained sweet lick!
Impossible ant impossible at all
Got a interview at Walmart I'm just tryna get this money
Try 2 run get ya back popped
Once you got something that can benefit somebody else they gone become yo bestfriend 💯💯 mf jus gone use you
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My momma ant raise no hoe!
Man start acting like you broke or going thru something and see how many people stick with you!
A lot people been telling me do not try to have 2 jobs work & go 2 school but imma just Grind & Pray!
Wow!! “@MixxedQueen_: 😪 Females Are Just Taking L's after L's After L's after L's �”
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Ladies you can't keep pushing a good man away and then wonder why he left!
"@iSellJays: @A1RGP I ain't got them that's all I got in yo size left" When you getting some more and how much them going 4
Blessings may not come when you want them but they will eventually come 😄
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