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#YADADA!!! (((BANG))
#YadadaBang! Is a finalist on season 7 of #Prayzefactor in ATLANTA September 17 @7pm. #Retweet! IF YOU SUPPORT ME!
A husband's Prayer: Lord, I appreciate you granting me another day. Another day to love, forgive and…
There are some things that only life can teach you. Life is a University.
Their ate some things that only life can teach you. Life is a University.
Prior to today I was so focused on not failing man/Humans that I NEVER thought if I was failing The Lord Jesus. I had to #Repent & cry out.
I think it's about time I take this down. I stapled the city long enough. What are y'all thoughts?…
Yo, I am nominated for the best independent Christian Hip Hop award. Help me get to Atlanta for the…
A lot of #CHH artists sound like secular rappers that couldn't make it so they switched up a name and a line or 2 too make it for Jesus. Smh
Too many #CHH rappers but not enough substance. #STOPIT! Shame on you for your blasphemy! Smh...
Sho nuf, not to toot my own horn but I am young, BLACK, married, Saved living it and successful and I…
Meet me at the alter for 8:00AM Prayer at New Day Life Ministries 1111 Wallace St 46803. #PrayerLife! #WayOfLife!
The Lord will keep you if you want to be kept. And Lord... I wanna be kept! #FightSquad! #InJesusName! #Bang!
I am not afraid to admit that I am currently and still learning how to glorify The Lord Jesus in ALL that I DO... #YesLord!
Her feet go down to death; her steps lead straight to the grave. She gives no thought to the way of…
It'll Cost me more to fail... So I HAVE TO succeed! #ALLGOD👆#YadadaBangg!
I have been nominated as the best independent CHH Artist now Help me get to Atlanta Georgia for the…
Sometimes you gotta slam that devil on his head! (((BANG)))
When mom and dad fight, it's the children that sufer.
There is encouragement in the midst of discouragement- #YADADA!!! Bang!
You're not POWERFUL until you can EMPOWER! -Prophetess Bynum
I failed The Lord so many times that sometimes I just feel like lying there and not getting back up... she #PrayerNeeded!
I believe a man can not lead his Life, family, children, marriage or business without a relentless…
Pray This With Me!!!! I appreciate you Lord for allowing me to be more mature today than I was…
Lord, I'm nothing without you.
When a man's ways please the Lord , he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him. Proverbs 16:7 KJV #TheBible #TheWord
Naw B... I'm just maturing.
School shopping for my son... I miss my Father. We never did this but if we did it would have been something to remeber. #AwkardThought
If it pulls me away from you Lord. .. I don't want it, no matter what it is. #Thatsall
Yo I made it to the final round of the Independent Christian Hip Hop Awards!!! #ALLGOD👆#iWorkk!…
At work freestylin too bored! Live for Jesus, Love family and Spend Money. #VoteYadadaBang
I believe that God is working! !!
Waiting on the Lord to bring to pass what he have told us gives the devil time to mess with our head which in turn brings doubt. #FaithWorks
Truth is, I'm so fed up with injustice, there's no law it's just us.... #LetMEvent!
Dead homies! I can't shake the thoughts and flashbacks! I thank you Lord for deliverance because I…

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