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- tijaah❤
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Are you big mad orrrr little mad , nigga buggin 🙌😂
😂😂😭 that nigga tried it 😌
S/O to the people that made me feel like nothing 💪🔥
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I'm Not Perfect , But I'm Worth It 🙌
Can I Just Find Someone Who Is All For Me 😓😏
I Really Liked Him Tho 😭
Idk Who To Believe At This Point 😓😔
Good morning mentions 👀👀�#FavFav for follow 😈#RT #RT for a mention 📣😪
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Sometimes the only person you can trust is yourself.
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I distance myself from people for a reason.
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The most difficult girls, are usually the keepers. 👫💍✊💯
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The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses, and still thinks you're amazing.
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My Feelings Are Still Hurt Behind It All 🙌 Because I Was Keepin It 💯 While Being Lied To For No Reason 👌
I Don't Have Any Love , Trust , Happiness Etc Left In Me 😏
I'm Just So Tired Of Heartbreak 😔💯
fav ⭐️ for NICKI 💓 rt for BEYONCE 😊 Enter code "PREE" for 10% off thesuperiorapparel.commpIM0ou
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Not everyone you lose is a loss.
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Tonight Is Perfect , Cause I Ordered Pizza For The Both Of Us , Now All That's Left Is Netflix 😋☺️
I Hope He Serious About Stayin The Night With Me 😏🙌
The best relationship is when you two can act like lovers and best friends.
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We all ugly to somebody. Dont trip 💅
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😂😂😂😂 I'm Just Sittin Back , Watching Everything . Enjoying Life ☺️
But Seriously Who Lies On Their Dead Gma 🐸☕️
Soooo I Just Lost My Tongue Ring , Like Wtf 😂😢
I Never Delete My Messages 😌😈
Bitches Be lyin When they get bitter but w.e
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One Down 👏👌
This Nigga Just Fucked Over The Wroooong Person 😌👌
I'm Bout To Ruin This Nigga OMM 😂👌
This Nigga Be Lying On His Dead Grandma And Shit . Like this Moochin Ass Nigga , Who TF Does This 😂😌🐸☕️
Wasted Feelings Again 😇 Oh Well Lose One Bounce Back Wit 2 😈💁🏼
He Used Me To Get Over His Ex Shordy & Now He Over Her & I'm Just In A Weird Position Like 😳😳😳
Lil Boy Came Running Back To Mommy Cause He Got Thrown To The Left Like A Balled Up Piece Of Paper 😭😭😭😭😭
Why Would You Wanna Be Labeled As A Liar ? I Just Don't Get It
😂😭 But You Don't Like Darkskins 😳 You Only Fw Lightskins ☺️
We're Adults , Keep It Real 💯 Otherwise You A Weak Ass Nigga Who Can't Be A Man About Shit You Do 💁🏼
I Know You Twatching 😘 Hope You Love My Tweets That Are About You 😂😂😭😌
Fuck Boy Prolly Deserved It 👏 2 Sides To Every Story 😈
Exactly Why Yo Ass Sittin Up Daydreaming About Yo Ex & Why She With Her New Nigga That She Dissed You For 😂😂😂🐸☕️
You Did Me Dirty 😌
Why Lie ? Like We Had No Title At All , It's Not Hard To Keep It 💯
I Swear Us Pretty Girls Ain't In Style Nomore Cause We Always Getting Fucked Over With Someone Uglier Than Us 😂😭😭
I'm Still Stuck On That Million Man March Excuse 😂😂😳

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