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Got @__SimplyMeee filling out her own paperwork in these skreets! 😆�
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Who Would Compare You @MeekMill To #Drake ANYWAY ? You Not Even The Best Rapper In Your Relationship #FACTS 😂👏💯
Yaaas Im Finally 21 😩😩😩😍😍👏🏼👏
#AskStevie How He Felt When Mimi Told Him The Truth About The Sex Scandal ? #LHHAfterparty
@CjayyTaughtHer right like he don't want none of you bitches 😂
Sina is thirsty for joc broke ass 😩😭#LHHATLTL
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Arianne Is So Fake Wit Her Big Ass Forehead 😂😂😂#LHHATLHATL
#AskJoc Does He Like When His BM's Fight Over Him ? #LHHAfterparty
#AskJoc How Does He Deal With The Drama ? #LHHAfterparty
#AskShekinah Where Have She Been ? & How is Everything Going ? #LHHAFTERPARTY
#AskJoc Is He Actually Scared Of K ? Are They Still Together? #LHHAFTERPARTY
Yessss 👏👏👏 Kirk Is Finally Having Rasheeda Back #LHHATLHHATL
AskMargeaux Why She So Mad At Mimi ? When Freak Was The One Who Didn't Tell Her He Had A Wife ! @LHHAfterparty
@AskRasheeda Why She Didn't Continue On With The Auction #LHHAfterparty
@LHHATL Margeaux looks Dumb 😂
Rasheeda Is So Pretty 😍@LHHAfterpartyy
#AskJoseline Why Is She So Pretty ? I Absolutely Love Her .
Damn Bae Why You Do Em Like , Cause I'm Stingy With My Cooty Cat 😘😘@MsJoselineine
@MsJoseline Looks So Pretty On The After Party Show 👏🏽 #PeurtoRicanPrincessess#LLHATLHATL
Mimi talks too much ishhhh. Someone needs to teach her a lesson. 😭�#LHHATLTL
Retweeted by - tijaah❤
Lmao That Bitch Is Cray 😂�#LHHATLTL
KayD Calling Joc BM A Booty Call Yet, Wasn't You Fucking Wid This Nigga When He Had A Bitch "Moment Of Silence" "I'll Wait" 😂#LHHATLL
These Hoes Don't Realize That Joc Don't GAF About Them 😂�#LHHATLTL
Mimi Is Just Trynaa Look Relevant. Joseline Is Really Trying To Grow Up #LHHATL
Rasheeda Be Slayinnnnn , Stayin On Fleek 😍#LHHATLL
Retweeted by - tijaah❤
Rasheeda is a real friend, she was protecting Erica the same way Pink Hair Was protecting Karlie 💯�#LHHATLTL
Lmao 😂😂 Rasheeda Really Just Said AARP Come Get Karlie �#LHHATLHATL
I Just Love @MsJoseline She Is Just Flawless. Keep Supporting Ya Baee & Don't Worry About These Haters Beautiful #THEREALMVP 😘😍👏
That one ex you wish you never dated 👊 <<<<<<<<<<😩😔💯🙅😡
Retweeted by - tijaah❤
I admire your beauty... Inside and out
Retweeted by - tijaah❤
@Tay_C_SLATER 😂😒 I go for my career
Irrelevant hoes talk the most shit 😒😴 shut up and go suck a dick or some damn ✌️
Retweeted by - tijaah❤
@JESSICADIMEQOM Should've HELPED Your Friend Walk Away INSTEAD Of Being A Child And Adding Fuel To Fire That Had Nothing To Do With You👏👌
@JESSICADIMEQOM Hold On Now Yes I Would've If I Had Known Both Parts 👏 YOU Only Knew What Karlie Told You . So As I Grown Woman You
It look like the strip club retired Jessica she looks tired!😂😂😂#LAHHATLH#AskJessicassica
Retweeted by - tijaah❤
how did you (Jessica dime) fell the need to place yourself into the argument that clearly had nothing to do with you. #AskJessica #LHHATL
Retweeted by - tijaah❤
#AskJessica Why She Felt The Need To Say Something To Erica & Rasheeda? #LHHATLAfterShow
Jessica Cute And All But Know Your Place Baby 👌#LHHATLAfterShoww

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