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Singleee ❤
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I Miss My Lucc Baaaaby 😜💔
O4/12/14 👌👌
Me Andd Lucci Be Giving Eachother Weird Ass Nicknames ❤💘
Watchh Everybody Start Hating #JustWaitOnIt ✌✌
I'm Fucked Up 👌👌
I can't fuck with somebody who fuck with everybody ✋✌
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Sooo She Got Her Pregnancy Test Off Of Google.... Smh ❗
Lml Heard Destiny Got That Ass Whooped 😂😂😂
I love my daughter y'all!!!! #Hacked
Might Fuck Around And Get A LB For The Room This Weekend 👌👌
I'm About Too Beat My High Record Tonight & Smoke Bout 20 L's #RS
Currently Facing This Loudd Pack 💨💨
I Don't Know Who Semaje Drayton Is But I Hope He Is Okaee ✌
I'm Riding For People Who Wouldn't Even Walk For Me 😒😒
I Need A Smoking Buddy Frfr 😁😁😁
Getting A Room This Weekend Widd My Squad, Shit Finna Be A1 👌#FRANKLININ
Maneee , Have Yall Ever Got Soo High Too The Point Youu Just Sit There Stuck Widd Ya Mouth Wide?? Lml #LoudPack 😂😂😂
I Used To Be In Love With The Street Life
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If I Die Before Magic Johnson , God Ain't Fair ✌ #RS
Shekinah's Ass Tho 😱😱😱
Jackiee Daughter Is Just Mad Because She got Passed Too The Team. Salty ? Or Naaahh ? 😂�#BBWLALA
That stare before you kiss someone😩😍😍😍
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Baby I'm the best so you can't do better ♡
Ughhhhhh This Hangover Is Killing Me... Someone Come Save Me 😫😫😫
OMG im feeling good bout right now
Lovee Takes Time ✌
We Can Fuss Andd We Can Fight As Long As Everythings Alright Between Us Before We Go Too Sleep 👌👌
OD cocky / conceited girls annoy me..mainly the ones who swear they the shit. Most of em aint even that cute forreal, that shit a turn off 😴
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I Wonder If I Died Today Who Would Care Tomorrow ...
You look dumb af claiming somebody👫 that doesn't🏃🙅 claim YOU!
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"@iamtherealtaj: When rappers tweet you their music 😂😂😂
@IceJJFish now following . Follow back ❤💘
@Tweet_NHer_Jaw @__SimplyMeee Nigga We Drunk A Bottle Of Amsterdam... Lml
@Tweet_NHer_Jaw @__SimplyMeee Ahhhaa I was really gonna come lml but I was fucked up so I ddnt really care
@__SimplyMeee that. Was my nice way of sayin come house
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if i could date somebody like me >😁☺️👌💕
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I Still Can't Believe Lucci Took My Phone & Held It Hostage Over Night. 😂😂😂
Wake N Bake Bitches 💨💨
Yessssss I got shay shay's exposed picture...lml stop asking me ahhhh
I lovee subtweetin...lml
#OOMF Chocolate Ass Can Still Get The Business 💦👌👌
I'm Engaged 😢💍💑 SOO HAPPY, Been Crying All Day 😃😃😃
Why Tf Is Everybody Dick Riding Tae . Who Cares About A Fuckin Photo . 😒😒😒
My Nigga Tae Done Uploaded A Picture Kissing Another Bitchh . Lml Only That Nigga😂😂😂
when I'm trying to tell a story and people keep cutting me off
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