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Ouh that's bitchy😂
The last day of school makes me so happy
I lost hella followers on Instagram .😩
Retweeted by EllBell✨
The grinch stole Christmas and Instagram stole your followers!
Retweeted by EllBell✨
I am not happy😑
No way have I gone from 900+ followers to like 400 follower because Instagram have got rid of ghost😩😩
I really don't like you being into friendship group, your annoying
A weirdo in year below me has just thrown a rubber at me and thenn began to cry after
I had one job, be on time to my interview and I failed😑 stupid doctors
Completely forgot about that interview now I look like a bag of shit
Like a twat I've applied for law when I'm not even sure if I want to do it & i can't even do anything about it cod my interview today😒😑
Scotty T's comebacks to some of the tweets he gets are just hilarious, have me in stitches😂�@ScottGShorere
Instead of following me to just unfollow me a while later, don't do it in the first place🙌
It cost $0.00 to shut the fuck up sometimes
Retweeted by EllBell✨
Not keen on Ellie's pizza actually, disappointing😒
when your ex tries to make you jealous with someone ugly af
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I could never just live out my life in my home town, i can't wait to be old enough to go traveling
Just realised that next weeks my last week at school! Christmas is so soon now!😁🎄
I get silly mails/texts at times like these of people asking me what I'm doing, clearly I have no social life because I'm bed
Cousin& sister have just rang me while there at brinsworth it's unexplainable how drunk they sounded😂😭
Hate when everyone's at work/school and I'm in my own
I'm bored of being at home 😭
Painting my nails makes me happy😁
I'll be gutted if I miss secret Santa with the girls tonight😫😷
Aw it's cute when I get texts of my friends when I'm ill💖
My throats never been this sore before, ahh kill me😫😣
@elliejxyde i love you too sweetie x
I'm so ill today it's unreal😭 nothing's helping 😫😩
It's so cold and windy today, walked home and my hood wouldn't even stay up
Not putting up with no ones bitch attitude today
Sky box has just packed in 4 mins before Geordie shore😭
Considering Barnsley college now😑
Went shopping to swap a jumper&get my ring size. It's been 2 hours, I've bought so much shit and not done what I needed to😐#spentupp
'It's all a dream' says Foggy, the new king of the jungle! Well done, what a fantastic guy! #ImACeleb
Retweeted by EllBell✨
So happy foggy won im a celebrity made my day😂#Foggyy
You are a full on twat you😂😂
Had a right good day at the Christmas fair and pub😁�
hoodies and sweatpants are life
Retweeted by EllBell✨
No way am I making plans with other people again😂 annoying as fuck when they get canceled😑
My mad fat diary series 3 is coming soon which means 1 ting lads
Retweeted by EllBell✨
@jesusofsub_ I'll be like ten ell😏