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I could just get in bed and stay in for the whole weekend
Dad goes away on sunday for a full week, lushhh
Sat on twitter all morning now I look like shit
I remember everything you think I forgot.
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On New Year's Eve, imagine if snapchat put all of your snaps into a big story and you can replay the year 👌
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Stress level is currently at a 9 outta 10 & I don't even have exams yet f m l
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This weekend is going to involve a lot of sleeping&lazying around
I've got that Friday feeling That feeling of getting home from work and sleeping all weekend ✌️
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you ever in the mood to get hit by a car and spend like 1 month in the hospital
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american horror story: ur eyebrows
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Idec girls always look at twitter favorites or snapchat best friends and use it as a reason to be pissed off 😂😁
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Excited for the fireworks tonight 😁@jodiehillmann
Remember remember the 5th of Fuck Off..
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My boyfriend isn't allowed to work at KFC. Tryna touch other legs, breasts , and thighs all day?? Nah boo
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love making plans me, to just get shit on.
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Never been so angry in my whole life
Can't believe how cold its getting
if I see this I'm going to close the chat quick af
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Took so long making my new bed, too comfy though😻
@jodiehillman no! Take it offfff😐😐😐
@jodiehillman yeah but now I have to go every monday😑
Honey, you don't love him with all your heart after two months, now gior wi status'
Schools told mum there's a clear pattern in my attendance showing I don't like mondays, but I need tomorrow off
I should now be asleep
What a good friend you are🐍🐍
I actually got goose bumps from the furious 7 trailer, April next year can't come soon enough #Furious7
I don't wana go back to school 😭
Sundays are by far the shitest day of the week 😴✌️🏃
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i love when people play with my hair
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Asif I'm awake, this is a record for me
Well that wasn't what I expected
You really are a dick sometimes
I had the nicest coffee this morning at the deep, could do with another one of those👌
If I delete your number then you know you fucked up.
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Can see this being another night in on my own 😒
Had such a good day with dad and raz at the deep🐠🙈
Hate when people use the word 'man' when they're speaking😖
my "i didn't get ur text" game strong af
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