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Virginia Petrucci
Recent watercolor painting. Taking last minute commissions for Xmas gift paintings! Email:
That unfortunate moment when you text the guy you're seeing a bride emoji when you meant to send the grinning poop
Moment of silence for everyone's best childhood friend, Zoboomafoo, who died at the age of 20 years old.
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Friday night done right: dancing to Queen and eating crayons #dontstopmenow
Delighted to send some goodies to the SPCA of upstate New York for their Hollywood for Homeless Pets…
First consideration in immigration is welfare of receiving nation🇺🇸What a
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Spent 2day writing product descriptions 4 utensils. Used Phrases like "a boastfully bevelled shaft".#shaft #culinaryhyperbole #paidpervert
What happened to the word "jawn"? Is it in the bae-throom?
Closeup of an oil piece i've been working on for three months now. Not sure how to finish it :/
First toddler F bomb. We couldn't even make it to two years. Alibis are the newly acquired yuck, stuck, and ducky
The pumpkin-consuming community needs to be loud and clear with their condemnation of this behavior. Trust me, I'm an expert.
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Pumpkin leader: "Many communities had to endure the same struggle before us. The apple community, the key-lime community. Now it's us."
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Do I have to start marking my territory on Ralph's at 10am? Who are you people? This is my shopping time. So pee it. #cleanuponaisle9
Is there any better breakup music than No Doubt?Sometimes I think I end things just so I can whine about lipstick and injustice and lipstick
Rest in peace beautiful girl. I barely knew you and can't lay claim to the pain that others are…
another unedited shot from my shoot with Chris Kemmerling
My exes have ruined most of LA for me. I will soon turn out to pasture in West Covina where I will surely be safe from love altogether
when was the last time you heard someone yell, "that EATS!"? It's still all about the suck and blow.Some sort of feminist victory in there
When you're bleeding from your arm people are like "are you ok? let's get you some help" but when it's from your vagina it's like "shhhhh"
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They're doing very advanced screening for Ebola at airports that include taking people's temperatures and that's it.
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#tbt 10 yrs ago age 17 in Ireland.I have no excuse 4 whatever it is that I'm wearing/mega face burn/dyed brown hair
Headmaster of my Quaker high skool! #prepschoolfail Head of Isidore Newman School arrested w/ drugs,unconscious girl
Late #FBF screenshot from The Blood of Youth which was screened at @ScareLosAngeles in August #horror #convention
the only thing sexier than an attractive person on a bike stopping at a stop sign is the same person not on a fucking bike
New hair for upcoming efoxx hair salon shoot @ efoxx HAIR
Should I finish reading research papers or plow thru these Teen Vogues which have mysteriously been showing up in the mail? false! Sleep
Please please vote guys! @LA2050 @GOODmkr challenge: LA is the best place to play #LA2050
Ran into very attractive person in alleyway while holding huge bag of diapers to throw out. Milf points at -5000
If you aren't raising them with love, you aren't raising them at all.My son and I by @bouska for #NOH8 @NOH8Campaign
Overheard by Starbucks employee (loudly): "I don't WANNA mix anymore drinks!" #America #dowork
Homeless man in #Starbucks tells me I look grumpy, I say it's b/c it's cold, he offers me his jacket, now its weird
A shot from my shoot for #paragard last year with Dante! Thanks expectingmodels #momandbaby
If Hello Kitty isn't a cat then I'm not a velociraptor
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