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"I could probably write a book and it would be a best seller"....Caleb Hahahaha #bb16
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I am going to miss Caleb tonight on #BB16. Heard dat.
I need a new fucking computer.
Facebook I am not interested in your shit.
I love Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Always wondered how different The Wizard of Oz would have been had Dorothy gone left at the fork in the yellow brick road.
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While I'm there -- I've always wondered why Peking Duck never became Beijing Duck.
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If your belief system is not founded in an objective reality, you should not be making decisions that affect other people.
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I am an executive gluteus Maximus female canine.
*clears throat* YAK YAK YAK YAK
Cometelo mi toto
Eyebrows on fleek. My name, my name.
"Smells fresh. Like a tropical island.” "Ok. Now take off the blindfold! Your family's been dead in this car for a week! We Febrezed it."
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If Apple ever try that garbage like what they did with U2 again I will be a PC using Samsung god. All plastic errything.
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that "ignoring each other" game can turn into "never hearing from me again" real quick
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U2 took "bruh listen to my mixtape" to a whole different level
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I got that 11 degrees, wearing a jacket sadness...
Radio sucks
Also this l'oreal cleansing conditioner is the business.
Apple has to be smoking crack. I don't have any space but you just put a whole album on my phone without my consent?
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You don't know racism until you've had another black girl feel your scalp for tracks without permission.
I've been too good, for too long.
Hair game on The Weeknd.
I could have thrown some lowness earlier, but I decided not to because i'm not a fuck boy.
Now instead of everyone face down into their phone, they will be face down into their wrists.
Im sick “@Mr1738: "where you attttt" RT @chillchanny: Attention all crazy gf's, look what God has done for us
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but it would be awesome, especially customization possibilities.
but i don't know if i want my text messages just all up on my wrist like that.
Apple watch is cool.
I was really excited about the sapphire crystal... so many disappointments.
Steve Jobs spirit is having a complete meltdown/panic attack floating somewhere in the cosmos.
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LOL GUISE! I figured it out, you just can't watch it in sideways view.
Bold move by Apple to stream a series of Vines this year.
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Apple: "Trust us with your financial data, because we can't stream our own events properly."
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Haven't seen anything since about 1:15... This is bullshit. I'm going to get a burger.
Is my iPad just unworthy of viewing this Tim Cook?
All that money and Apple can’t get a decent live stream to work?
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I've stalked rumors about this phone for like 3 months now, was hoping the design was a lie. Really hate the antenna bands. May get a 5s tbh
Guess I'll watch this tomorrow?
How my afternoon seems to be set up.
Safari is bullshit, why can't I watch this on chrome? See why I may just end up with a note 4...
Is it just me or does this live stream suck ass?
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