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People think I'm mad, won't you tell them I'm mad. Solar, all the things that bother me no other way I could be.
I'm not happy with any of my actions this past year
everyone you meet in life will end up leaving you but shit i dont even trip
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You say that I'll never change, but what the fuck do you know? I'll burn it all to the ground, before I let you in
I'm always the bad guy, regardless the side I'm on, you will never side with me.
You made me feel special, then you disappeared.
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You're gonna judge and then tell others how I am in bed, and yet call me the pig? Hahahaha get fucked
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year
"Evolution isn't real." "Global warming is a socialist scam." "Climate change is a hoax.'
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I'm sorry but I'm no longer satisfied with the 12.50$ an hour/max
You need to earn a lil over 30$ an hour, full time. To earn the same amount of the average American household
-insert judgement of others in a rant form cuz everything I believe is right here-
I don't give a fuck what you think you know. When you never lived it
Get off my dick bitch
You feel like you don't act properly so you convince yourself everyone hates you, and those thoughts keep coming to you get a migraine
Nothing like never knowing what people are thinking or how to communicate with others, so you always think negative thoughts because
My brain feels like it's going to explode
Maybe I surrounded myself with a bunch of assholes here, which makes me want to hate everyone
Brain is insanity, only thing to calm me down is pussy and some Cali tree
I keep fucking myself, it's my fault for expecting anyone else to have the same type of heart as I do.
Id much rather put my headphones on and forget the world..
The only reason you are alive is too pass on the living trait, what you do in between is purely up to you
The only thing consist about life is.. It keeps moving forward. It's inevitable
One day you'll wake up, and realize all your problems and desires today. Don't mean shit tmrw
I don't get it, what type of basis did u use to get an assumption of who I am from the little type of information that I decided to share
Till that day comes.... Fuck you, sincerely me.
Maybe one day, you will open you're eyes and see that every single person has the ability to learn the same fucking thing you did.
When in fact, you are just a human being. I'm pissed
Who the fuck are you to say who is better and who is worse, what type of power do you have to determine the fate of a human being?
Knowledge ain't shit without wisdom
Because you recited what they told you over and over again makes you more intelligent than me? Fuck you
Because I have problems properly pronouncing words means I have a lack of intelligence? Fuck you
"You're views aren't the same as mine? That means you're wrong!" - them. "Fuck you" - me
Do you know how much limitation a person can put on themselves just because someone who didn't understand them said that it was wrong.
Because my mind makes me think of different thoughts then you makes me autistic or stupid? Fuck u
I need to do the same thing to others, and I feel like I am.
All I want is one day to be able to freely express my thoughts without judgement. Someone to listen, just to understand me.
It's easy to judge something that you don't understand.