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Mixing up the strains of weed when rolling a joint so you can get a new flavor with every hit>>>
Never forget where you came from. Stay humble, always
I gotta close the door to the past, I can't keep looking back and wishing it was different. Sometimes it's best to go on your own path
4 rts and I'll wear my robe out tonight
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"Let's go get Chinese eyed together man"
when you say goodbye to a tangerine sky you lose your pain lose your fear lose your sorrow
She can be 45 an still look younger than 18
Suddenly I want to be Japanese, I mean they have good fish, can cook a mean steak and of course the girls.
The best steak I have ever had was at a Japanese steak house
I spend all this time trying to isolate myself from other people, then I bitch about being lonely. it's a never ending contradiction
I'm a fucking walking paradox, no I'm not. Having a threesome with a fucking triceratops
My emotions: monotone or angry
I don't understand why it's so easy for me to feel angry or sad, but so tough to find any joy in anything I do.
Steelers score THREE touchdowns in UNDER three minutes!
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Steelers are cheating
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation
Living in a blurry world where nothing's real
Maybe I should start my day by smoking. Damn
I'm gonna try to be more real. I no longer will filter what I say just cuz someone wouldn't approve. Fuck that, I'm not here to please you
Idk if that's healthy or not but hey at least I'm working out and taking care of myself instead of getting drunk.
It's became so irrelevant now, that reality has died long ago. We are now strangers, to forever hold our peace in a time that wasn't real
On the bright side... My new Xbox One is nice
Just sold my xbox 360. It's the end of a great era. I had that 360 for 3 years. And owned an Xbox for the past 7 years. It's a sad sad day
I couldn't wait, till I got home. To pass the time in my room alone. I never thought I'd die alone, another six months I'll be unknown
Wait.... There's life outside of Iowa? My minds blown O.o
Or maybe it's the first time in a long time that I actually feel like I'm single.
All these pretty girls, are making me nervous. I feel like a little kid again
Let me take you down, because I'm going to strawberry fields, nothing is real. And nothing to get hung about, strawberry fields forever.
no obligations for 3 days. someone come cuddle, smoke, and forget about life with me
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Don't run away, when you want to stay. Because I'm not here to make you, it's up to you what you really wanna do
Philly got in your head Eli, can't handle our D. #Eagles
I will smash your face into a jelly!
According to my xbox, I look like this
It keeps turning out black face and deformed. I'm sorry but xbox I don't think I'm black