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I wish I could just hibernate till next year
I'm too strong to just quit.
Isolated like a disease
I could be asleep, I could be awake either way it doesn't matter. Cuz the only other person I see is me when I look in the mirror
I just want the simple life with a dash of extraordinary, like super powers. Is that too much to ask, Obama?
Or it's just as beautiful, you white trash hypocrite fuck
It's so easy to criticize when your living wit eyes blind, seeing something different from you must mean it is wrong.
But fuck it, everyone needs a fix. Life hands you lemons, when you should be using lube instead #ha
The lack of intelligence people have now days simply astonishes me... And I consider myself an idiot
I can suck some dick and sell a pound, and make more than you make all year.. I must be a successful person
Now all you need is money to have "power." Fastest way to get money is: Drugs, porn.. Take a sec and look at the ppl that you idolize
Remember when knowledge use to be power? What happened?
Let me talk about weed, pizza, money and bitches than I can show you just how original I really am
Get comfortable in the silence, otherwise it will eat you alive.
The inevitable will occur, and sooner or later that bitch will come for you. Question is, are you willing to accept that?
Days n nights are the same
We landed on a comet! This is now Americans comet haha jokes aside, that's pretty cool
College is right around the corner so :)
I'll be good, I just gotta stay outta my head
Another day I get to waste, sitting in this fucking house. Yay me
Today, we honor our veterans. The Earth's people are more alike than they are different. Perhaps someday we won't need war.
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Hahaha it's a great day
In the end, y'all just fade away, and I'll forever be frozen in my place
Lets travel back in time to a place where I'm still living in my mind
Ride and die forever.
I had to run to a gas station just to get a lighter #WhatHasTheWorldCometo ... It's also snowing out
How bout them eagles though?? #FlyEaglesFly
So the outside hose randomly turned on, so I had to go outside to shut off. There were no footprints in the snow either.. #ghosts
Lakers win! My life is complete again
at the end of the day, nobody got me like I got me
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An endless loop that I've been trying to break
I think I'm losing it, it was only a matter of time
Throw me away like I ain't shit, fuck you bitch. I'll show you that I can do great
Thanks for pretending, I see the truth now
Can't wait till the point that you are no longer apart of my life. Oh wait I'm already there
These aren't the droids you're looking for
My math skills have fallen quite a bit while my writing/reading skills have improved... Hmmm strange
No hard feelings, things happen. We're only human
And that's why everything you like is bad.
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Let's switch roles, and I did what you did to me. I bet you woulda stabbed me in the chest
we looked at each other way too long to be "just friends"
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