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I kinda want to date a black girl, they can be sexy n know what their doing and be fucking real with you too. I got no time 4 bullshit
For real, if lebron and carmelo went to the lakers then I would no longer consider myself a laker fan. We don't buy talent #lakernation
Sleepless nights & you on my mind.
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Stay up with me all night so I know it's real.
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You only get a couple shots Bryce, why don't u take them?
Sometimes I just make a decision n don't change it but the whole time I'm questioning if its the right one.
Well I'm leaving Iowa in like 10 days
Don’t let others bring you down, be yourself and enjoy life.
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Be real with me or just leave me alone.
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Might end up in Wyoming by the end of summer
If your gonna be cocky, you must always back it up
"You talk to a lot of girls." lol k
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I'm not that impressive, but I know what I'm doing. Let me take u for a ride #subtweet
Copyrighting is illegal, come up with your own shit. I don't wanna see my words spit back at me, where's the originality?
The old me is dead and gone
All it is now is history, all you are is a memory, nothing lasts forever
Look at your own actions before you try to judge me.
Maybe you should @ me next time, cuz the only time I think about you is when I see your tweeting about me
We ignore each other, and pretend the other person doesn't exist. But deep down, we know it wasn't supposed to end like this
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Imma ride to the death, do u rep that way?