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I also like to explore new worlds, dimensions too. What can the mind do with a little chemical reaction? hahaha
I like to have fun and socialize but let's be honest alcohol has some dark side to it. You just gotta be able to handle your shit lol
Everybody finds there own way to get by. Mine is some green, and exercising. I guess drinking is there too, only sometimes though
Being single means you're taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.
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I just want to be free and live how I want...
And the government is noticing this and doing the best to stop the truth so we can all be controlled. Lets come together for once
Funny thing is so many people are questioning the system now days that we have became the majority. Life is changing, were doing it.
Maybe we are connected on more levels than originally taught.
We the people. Lets rise for what's right. No more spying, no more lies, no more categories. We are one
I got you if you got me
I would rather be surround with good people than have nice things. But that's just me.. And hey who says you can't have both?
There's more to life than money son
Ohhh. This is why my car was making a hissing noise
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Sometime soon we will probably have our first female president, and if you don't support her you will be labeled as sexist. #SameOldTricks
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My car is finally back to my house. Now it's time to repair #imnotamechanic
The first step is to get my pos car to my house I guess... Idk what to do after that, I'll prolly just blow up my car
@Fit_Motivator: Follow your hopes and not your fears.”