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Burnett Fam takes Turner Field by storm 👪💁⚾️💙❤️
Saw amigos yesterday that I haven't seen in forever 😋
National Dog Day 🐶 #doggiesinceday1
Just made the decision to drop out of college and become a co owner of a laundry mat somewhere in Vermont ✌️
College Algebra at 8 am.... Don't ever do it kids
@danielmillzz: if your girlfriend has a Tinder while she's dating you, is she really actually your girlfriend?”😂
He tried to flirt with Adidas customer service 😂
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You always want what you can't have, I want chocolate chips pancakes but 1. I'm too lazy to make and 2. We have no chocolate chips 😭😭
@hoop_tilidie: I'm a virgin tho 🐸☕️”😂
Considering to get tatted up from head to toe 💉
All in a span of 3 seconds I hit my head, stumped my toe, then sneezed causing me again to hit my head on the frig 😭
@bradyNbyrd: Its so annoying when people make like 100 second snapchat stories every single day”🙌
O how I love Athens 😍
ALS challenge! Thank you Kate Sitz for challenging me! I challenge @csnell070707 and @tcorrente to do it in 24 hours! Good luck you two 😜
We be turning heads everywhere we go 😝
Currently just chillin in my apartment without @Cody_Helton and @cody_reda because they decided to leave me
Backyard Bible Club with these great and wonderful kids! I was too fortunate to spend a whole week with them! God did wonders! 🙏🙌
I would like to give @Molly__911 a shoutout for allowing the kids to drench me first and hit me with dodge balls multiple times #hateyou
I would like to give a shoutout to @_TaylorBurnett for making all of the kids at BYBC attack me with water #h8you
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There will be a lot more cavs fans now lol
Irrelevant people 😂
Open the computer and this is what hunter was last looking at 😅🙈 I'm gonna be a dead Taylor soon
@alltime_grind: I want a bucket of crawfish 😋😋😋😋”😍
238 years ago Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty gave birth to America. Home of the Brave and Land of the Free 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
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It's somebody's birthday today 😋@mayhay__ I love you greatly
What is sleep anymore ¿
Yesterday I got to see a man that helped shape my faith that I haven't seen in 3 years! He came to look up to just see me and it made my whole week! You da best homie 💕
Make me feel some type of way
I have been dazzled by Christ
The bunk above me made me smile and made me happy when I laid down from a long day
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man who has been my day 1 since 4/23/13. Have a wonderful and splendid day 💕
I witnessed a man stopping on the side of the road to pick berries off of a bush in somebody's yard 🙈😂
Mrs. Burnett, you are one hard person to find. Maybe a little peep soon 😅😩
@ShirleyItsKyle: @_TaylorBurnett I worked 9 hours the day after today and tomorrow at 5 am😕”4 am coffee date ¿ 😅😆
I can't peeping around while bowling tonight 🙈 it's a struggle of mine 😁😩
Today was much needed 😋🙆
I can't remember the last day I only was at my house all day 😁😅
I have called so many peeps lately with Kaylee that I now answer saying "hello this is Taylor with Jody Hice's Campaign for Congress" 🙈😂😂
I am too busy for life now a days I swear
One and done for lyfe 😎
You're gonna miss me when I am gone
I feel so old right now 😭