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Want a page like this?
There will be a lot more cavs fans now lol
Irrelevant people 😂
Open the computer and this is what hunter was last looking at 😅🙈 I'm gonna be a dead Taylor soon
@alltime_grind: I want a bucket of crawfish 😋😋😋😋”😍
238 years ago Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty gave birth to America. Home of the Brave and Land of the Free 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
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It's somebody's birthday today 😋@mayhay__ I love you greatly
What is sleep anymore ¿
Yesterday I got to see a man that helped shape my faith that I haven't seen in 3 years! He came to look up to just see me and it made my whole week! You da best homie 💕
Make me feel some type of way
I have been dazzled by Christ
The bunk above me made me smile and made me happy when I laid down from a long day
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man who has been my day 1 since 4/23/13. Have a wonderful and splendid day 💕
I witnessed a man stopping on the side of the road to pick berries off of a bush in somebody's yard 🙈😂
Mrs. Burnett, you are one hard person to find. Maybe a little peep soon 😅😩
@ShirleyItsKyle: @_TaylorBurnett I worked 9 hours the day after today and tomorrow at 5 am😕”4 am coffee date ¿ 😅😆
I can't peeping around while bowling tonight 🙈 it's a struggle of mine 😁😩
Today was much needed 😋🙆
I can't remember the last day I only was at my house all day 😁😅
I have called so many peeps lately with Kaylee that I now answer saying "hello this is Taylor with Jody Hice's Campaign for Congress" 🙈😂😂
I am too busy for life now a days I swear
One and done for lyfe 😎
You're gonna miss me when I am gone
I feel so old right now 😭
Just a little late night lovin with my Lou 💕😘
Nice to see you today @_TaylorBurnett you'll grow one dat 😘 tell me I can't ball 😂
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Happy Fathers Day to the biggest pain in the butt that I have to deal with everyday of the year. Thank you for being the best rascal around. Wub you 💕
This 30 year old man at the pool keeps singing "imma throw a couple thousand" repeatedly 😂😂
You know what to do with that big fat butt
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Shes got the blue jeans painted on tight That everybody wants on a Saturday night
When I drink orange juice in the morning I always think of the commercials and wonder if my day will be terrible now
Emily and I argued about who wins when it comes to stitches... She has 5 for slipping & I have 4 for slicing my knee open with a trimmer...
We Dem Boyz Ⓜ️Ⓜ️
All respect is gone lol
When life gives you lemons you make lemonade; when life gives you a mother like this, you thank god for every second she has spent with you and bringing her in your life! Happy Birthday to the mother that need stops loving and decided to have me as her son! You say some goofy things that make me lau
The girls that Luke Bryan sing about I picture being blondes that are beyond gorgeous 😍😛
My head is about to explode
Baby do what you got to do, do what you got to do
@lesss_annee: If you've graduated high school, no job, and still rely on your parents for every little thing... Don't talk to me.”🙌🙌🙌
What my mom sends me while they are at myrtle beach and I am stuck at home working! Sweetest thing around town she is, I wub her 💕
If I get Braves tickets, they will be good seats.
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I just finally woke up from a 15 hour sleep, well worth every missed phone call and text I didn't respond to 😁