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Your truck is so cool it has to take two spot 👌
Jamaal Charles talks like he never went to school oh my..... Try speaking some English bud 😮😂
@FarahLouu: Some people never move on from high school...”RT
Like father like son 👦👱
@DevinBrewster: I want to paint a portrait of someone.”🙋🙋🙋🙋
@carrington_kali: NO ONE CARESSSSSSS”you are so hateful on twitta 😁🙊😏
Fr fr I hate flag football rn 😩
@mayhay_: Yayyyyy so happy I get to see my frans Saturdayyyy😍”you don't have friends
Flag Football: 1 Me: 0
I wanna be a bartender throughout college 😍
I am moving to Seattle
Loved seeing this boy and his wonderful family today. ❤️ Great end to a stressful week.
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Happy Birthday Crazy 💥🎉
My life goals consist of having my own movie like jackass 👌
We talking bout the money doe
@Cody_Helton: @_TaylorBurnett someone's bored 😂😂”just scared for my life because o@cody_redada that's all
Just mute people now on the reg
Really debating if I should get a restraining order on Reda now 😅
Also decided to get a mike Tyson face tattoo
This man I used to work with literally just called me to ask whether or not he should get pepperoni on his pizza.......
I am gonna get a whole back tattoo of a dragon just because 🐲🐉
I have changed so much in a year lol a few great decisions since then 😏
@janeilyasova: That feeling when you finish an entire show on netflix. My life has no more meaning.”indeed it doesn't
@mayhay_: When is the LCA homecoming game??”October 14
Just saw @Totschi_ going in to advanced autoparts what's the deal??
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Me: "Strip tutoring would motivate me so much more." Cody: "I would turn into stephen hawking real quick."
Attention whores make me feel some type of way
Eww you is nasty 🙈
@Chase_Roberts23: I have a weakness for girls that are good with kids”RT
Don't show it, just do it
Burnett Fam takes Turner Field by storm 👪💁⚾️💙❤️
Saw amigos yesterday that I haven't seen in forever 😋
National Dog Day 🐶 #doggiesinceday1
Just made the decision to drop out of college and become a co owner of a laundry mat somewhere in Vermont ✌️
College Algebra at 8 am.... Don't ever do it kids
@danielmillzz: if your girlfriend has a Tinder while she's dating you, is she really actually your girlfriend?”😂
He tried to flirt with Adidas customer service 😂
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You always want what you can't have, I want chocolate chips pancakes but 1. I'm too lazy to make and 2. We have no chocolate chips 😭😭
@hoop_tilidie: I'm a virgin tho 🐸☕️”😂
Considering to get tatted up from head to toe 💉