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cole ☼
we are definitely getting chinese tmrw @najiyaoxo 😁
pulling a muscle is the worst feeling in the world wow
I was gonna say something.. but nah
y'all better not say negative shit about J. Cole now.
currently in Illinois :-)
cole world, cole life, cole blooded.
J. Cole is soooo real. like how can you not like him?
brainwashed from rock and rap
omg I used to love Charlie & Lola 😭
calum is definitely my favorite 😭
@that_kid_gibbo: “@shakeyaa__: 5. Middle name ?” Gary” 🐌
See, me, I came a long way.. way too far for me to stop now. Not that I would stop anyways but im so close, I can feel it.. Can you feel it?
But do you stand tall and be bold? Or do you fold?.. Do you believe?
When life seems to take you through more downs than ups... seems like it gives you more losses than wins.
That’s human nature, I suppose, second guessing…
I mean, you know it’s coming. You have faith in all that.. But sometimes..... Sometimes you second guess yourself.
You ever prayed for something your whole life? I mean, all you dreamed about was this one thing..
Listen to the words that people say in their lyrics.. and tell me if thats some real shit, if that's real to you.
These niggas bitches on the low, they Mrs. Doubtfire..
2nd night in a row seeing one direction 😭 they sooo cute I swear.
Niall is definitely the cutest one.
not even gonna lie that one direction concert was good 😩
I still haven't packed and I gotta leave by 10am 😩
Now you can choose the easy or hard way.. Cole took the long way.