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i miss home :(
my service is soo bad :(
you used to call me on my cellphone..
I can listen to Acid Rap all the way through, all day. over & over again.
that's love
Everybody's somebody's everything..
you could've been bae but you wanna be a hoe instead :/
I always like Alessia's covers better than the original version of the song.
today was such an exhausting day πŸ˜“
i love my girls πŸ’•
I just wanna go home :(
just a couple of pgs into Diary of an Oxygen Thief and I'm already addicted.
Alex is singing Frank Sinatra 😭😭 this movie is cool.
I've never seen Lion King all the way through tho.
i love animated movies.
what is sleep
i mute everyone on their birthdays.
oh I get it now....
this episode of Power is called "Ghost is Dead"... I don't even wanna watch it anymore.
spongebob is the greatest show of all time
my brother is so fake πŸ˜’
Acid Rap >>>
nothing worse than a cute guy.... who's boring :(
kanye... you keep it too real boy
i didnt wanna screenshot a nude on snapchat so i took a pic of it from my webcam instead... :)
my mom is always yelling like she can't just text me. 😐
She said she want some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross.. a little Anita..
wanna watch goblet of fire but its too late :(
where's babe
first time watching the Dark Knight & Christian Bale is beautiful.
logic taught me
wow it still is. #1.
strawberry poptarts are disgusting.
i want someone who's mean to everyone but me :(
not texting back is my favorite hobby.
i fucking love Kanye.
can't stop thinking about the concert last night :(
drive slow homie
Old Kanye is... amazing.
while Cole was talking, this guy behind me was like "I didn't even buy his album. When is he gonna sing Work Out?" πŸ˜‘ why.
That was an amazing show. Thank you so much @JColeNC @omen @FiendBassy @cody_macc
you aint real if you go to bed before 5am
I hate the beat on Chapter Ten -_-

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