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be free
I appreciate you.
last year i watched a Cole interview then a @Logic301 interview w/ hardknocktv cuz it was recommended.. hes mad cool. i hated his shirt tho😂
omg bae replied to me again 😍
jesus shuttlesworth is in hartford again :(
dudes aint real. idc tho.
Sideline Story 3 year anniversary... damn time flies! @JColeNC
eternal sunshine
i wrote a paper on j cole :-)
"if you drive a jeep, you are automatically 10x sexier" ... yes. yes you are.
you put 2 and 2 together, cole here 4ever
you gotta keep going.
you werent special till i made you so..
currently obsessing over @luckybsmith
I love watching Cole speak at Harvard. He's so funny ☺️
don't judge a book by its cover. read what is inside.
Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors.
had another dream i was with j cole :(
friday night football games, something ill forever miss :(
the maze runner was such a good movie. Oh & Dylan O'Brien is BAE.
really need some more dreamville gear asap
@JacoPowers: @_evelyncole are you jcole?” yes basically
me: "God loves u...." him: "im atheist." how awkward is my life.
r.i.p jimi hendrix.
promise I'll be alright.
what a sick world we live in.. smh.
Jhené is so... amazing
I thank God for blessin' me with life every day
if only I was filthy rich and didn't need an education :(
why is that shit so expensive 😩 I'm still getting something tho lol
Prince Royce tmrw 😋
happy birthday MJ.
4 minute mile is a great movie.. I cried once again.
it's dreamvillain, not dreamvillian :(
Jermaines intelligence is soooo attractive
The city never sleeps, full of villains and creeps.
ny state of mind
she's sooo self conscious. she has no idea what she's doing in college.
my biggest fear is losing it all
I have classes 6 days a week 💀🔫
Nicki is the baddest to ever do it.
2 bad she picked the wrong nigga to get involved with.
I really just wanna go to LA
an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.
I miss senior year 😔😩