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wow all i needed was something new. crazy.
it's so easy for me to sleep in the middle of the day, but not at 4am.
I'm only friends with John cause he replies fast.. sometimes. lol
watch a documentary with me on Auschwitz if you real.
you're as good as it gets.
I'm craving fries.
why does jhene get so much hate lol idgi
Damon is sooo annoying. 😭
I hate summer. I'm moving to Alaska.
happy birthday to Jesus Shuttlesworth.
the good ones go... if you wait too long.
i used to be the BIGGEST drake fan everrrr. wow. weird.
bye goodnight peace out adios
John, if you're reading this... I don't fuck with you anymore. 😋
I just had a really great dream.. why did i have to wake up 😢
so i guess we aren't talking tonight.. time for me to sleep. ☁️
i miss soccer season so much 💔
If I watch Max, I gotta watch it alone... cause.. these tears...
i really want some ice cream 😩
I can't trust you if you like pistachio ice cream.
"you look tired." -_- leave me alone. i know this. i am tired. bye.
ugh i need a back massage
lets watch movies together :(
my phone keeps messing up & its so annoying -_-
Chrissy & John Legend are sooo cute 😭
I just made a playlist on spotify of my favorite songs growing up.. & idk this is the happiest I've been in a long time.
music is everything
Some people need to grow up.. seriously. grow up.
I used to think money brought people happiness..It does but we never think about what happens after it.
if you're seeing Cole on Aug 8th. don't go... i wanna be the only one in the crowd.
i love inspirational movies.
You might win some, but you really lost one😝
I've actually grown to dislike horror movies...
Good Will Hunting is... amazing.
guys who play soccer are always 10x more attractive than guys who don't 😭
i need someone to talk to 24/7
i kinda feel like I should finally listen to The Weeknd now... lol
I don't think death is real.. weird.
"I'll rock that ass to sleep and have you sleeping in my t-shirt" ...word
i was attracted to your mentality.
I have friends that i know for sure will be in my life forever. it's cool.
Zayn is super cute now😍
I temporarily fall in love with strangers every day lol.
my burn itches soooo bad 😩😢
i swear i live in a different world lol I need to face reality.

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