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Kau menang for 'Lagu Terbaik' tapi kawan kawan aku yang selalu dengar lagu melayu tak tau pon pasal lagu kau. Tak fishy? #orangDalam
"@illakitty: Bile nak dapat makan siput sedut lagi ~"
Missing someone who no longer want me in their life anymore.
"@dgvaFCK: @_SyakSam Because they've been hurt enough to feel anything at all?" That doesnt give them the right to hurt others either.
How can some people be so heartless.
I'm not a good person for you.
Push all feelings aside.
"@SGAG_SG: Who bought for us followers own up now!! CELEBRITY-BIG SHOT-BLOGGER @EuniceAnnabel says we did..." Idk her
"@dianasuhairi: taiwan's roller coaster is freaking on my list" NOPE.
"@TheGoogleFactz: Psychology claims that If two past lovers can remain just friends, its either they are still in love, or never were."
"@TheGoogleFactz: Men and women who stay up late are more likely to be single than in a relationship." @illakitty 😂😂😂😂
"@TheGoogleFactz: Studies suggest that the key to happiness is spending money on experiences instead of possessions and material objects."👈
"@illakitty: @_SyakSam but I hate all kinds of nuts 😂" I like nuts 😜
It's hard to fall in love again after being dissapointed and heartbroken countless of times.
My mouth ulcer is painful and annoying. Ugh.
Do you like McDonald's? Cause I can be your Happy Meal. Oh tak eh :P
Do you like McDonald's? Cause I can be your Happy Meal. Oh tak eh :P
Alahai sedih cerita...
Say goodbye to singlehood! Congrats on your engagement Zana and Hafiz. #dahTunangOrang
Ego dua dua tinggi. Baguslah tu.
"@CHlLDHOODRUINER: when you wanna sleep but attendance is worth 15% of your final grade" @siva992 @zhiwei50
Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.
"@kingsleyyy: Do 👏 not 👏 waste 👏 time 👏 focusing 👏 on 👏 bitches 👏 who 👏 don't 👏 accept 👏 YOU!!!!"
"@ThisIsDeep_: RT and you'll find this stack today or be poor forever" I'll still be poor.
X is Y. The land, sea, rivers, trees, the stars, the sky 365 degrees. All of the surface and the…
"@ahynjahari_: VERY "@Fact: There’s a huge difference between having the money to buy something and being able to afford something.""
You being that way, you influence people to be like you. It is just disgusting. #ew
"@childhoodisgone: The only cartoon with real drama and they changed clothes every episode" I liked this show.
"@WeiHang_Siol: "@viaAllen: this is so much more powerful than lung cancer pics LOL"" @HafyzDanish
I find myself liasing with the wrong kind of people and it is not in my greatest interests to be associating with those kind of homo sapiens
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School is just an endless cycle of "I just need to make it through this week" every week
"@illakitty: Saket pinggang ~" Saket segalanye.
8am lessons. At least I end at 12pm tomorrow.
"@illakitty: Brrrr. Freezing cold. Don't know if it rains or not. Windows and curtain are shut close 24/7 ~" Snowing!