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I'm not saying she's a hoe, but she's screwed more people than Obama.
It's Cinco de Mayo. Yep, she's getting fucked tonight.
You're so ugly that when you were born, your parents named you Shit Happens.
I'm not saying she's a slut, but I wanted to dress up as her for a costume party and couldn't fit 4 dicks in my mouth and one in each hand.
Someone needs to invent CarFax for vaginas. "I have only been with one guy." Yeah, sure. Show me your WhoreFax.
No one ever said life was easy, but several people said you were.
I bet Michelle Obama is a whore.
I'm not saying she's a slut, but she's in bed more often than a teddy bear.
Can everyone retweet one of my previous tweets? I'm trying to double my followers each week!
I'm not saying you're a whore, but if your vagina had a password it would be password.
That slut smelled like fish. Close your legs, hoe.
I'm not saying she's a slut, but she took Nike's slogan way too seriously.
Just heard a girl say, "I like live for snapchat." STFU Hoe.
I'm not saying she's a slut, but if STD's were a Pokemon, she's already caught 'em all.
Twinkle twinkle little whore, you're at school not Jersey Shore.
I'm not saying she's a slut, but she's taken more wood than a fireplace.
I'm not saying she's a slut, but she's been dribbled on more than Lebron's practice court.
I'm not saying she's a slut, but she got fired from the sperm bank for drinking on the job. @WallStreetWoIf
@_stfuhoe im not saying your girls a slut, but dude, it takes like 5 seconds for normal people to eat a pickle, and it takes her half a hour
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I'm not saying she's a slut, but when she eats a banana in public, she puts one hand behind her head.
Don't play hard to get when your face is already hard to want.
Twinkle twinkle little whore, close your legs, they're not a door.
She ain't got a camel toe. That's a damn elephant foot!
I went to my friend's house with my girlfriend. As we walked in, I noticed her phone automatically connecting to his wifi. Fucking slut.
Hi. My camel called and said he wants his toe back.