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Kik: Scoobydoo89

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*Gasp* its my best friend/brother's birthday @BroItsJoey
#IfIEverSeeZimmerman <<<<<<<< Oh come on! Now this is just going too far.
Ok let me log off twitter cuz im seeing wayyy too much childishness and ignorance.
I cannot believe they let him get away with this. This is like Casey Anthony all over again
He signed off twitter. yes!
And here we go ding ding round 1
He retweeted that on purpose (prays he doesnt see this) lol
I cant subtweet no one without getting caught lol
Did he just say hes ready for winter smh lol
Since when did it get so damn windy outside
So marshon decided not to kik me anymore ok cool lmao
#20FactsAboutMe i do believe in 2nd chances but if you screw up after that im done with you
#20FactsAboutMe im very big on privacy so please respect it
#20FactsAboutMe i can only be one person and thats myself so you either hate me or you love me
Ima take a nap bbl twitter
I REFUSE to let somebody walk all over me that is something i will not allow.
For once Micah actually tweeted something that made sense lmao jk micah
Why is hot af early this morning
I swear Micahs tweets having me dying lol
Just watched Spring Breakers @selenagomez did awesome in that movie
This negro aint kiked me all day i feel some type of way @TewBeast4u
I just listened to Love Will Remember by @selenagomez that is her best song ever!!! Love you Selena
#MessageToMyFutureSpouse You do anything to break my heart I will leave you
Ok its 6:20 and im up......somethings wrong with this picture.
#iRegret being nice to the wrong people
People come and go but your friends are your friends
This nigga aint kiked me in 3 days smh
We all have issues in our lives we just deal with them differently
I swear people dont understand the word "friendship"
Im probably not getting back on because i dont have time for people's stupid ass questions
Happy Birthday shoutout to @ronniebreauxx have a great birthday sir
I wanna go to NY so bad
people who you think are your friends really aint i just found that out again the hard way
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I'm pretty sure we all get that lonely feeling