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& Thots . “@HopOff_daNutzHo: Hot or Not has a whole lot of Nots”
At be the worst rapper .. Yeah . “@CoryTheGawd: Nigga lil b is better than 2chainz”
You ever heard Lil B ? “@CoryTheGawd: 2chainz one of the worst rappers I've ever heard”
I heard Transformers 4 takes a whole day & a half to watch .
She schoolin bitches“@Suspended_Hoe: Stripper “@CheefPolo: What does it mean if she standing by some lockers but she not in school?????””
Well tell that bitch to make me a sammich since she already there “@TRASHCALI: got yo girl in the kitchen and she WHIPPIN' !”
What yal smoking on ?
Girls don't cheat no more, they just fall inlove with another nigga & forget to tell you she don't want you no more.
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Hit my DMs before you leave . “@NoDays_Off__: I'm about to delete my shit. People are fucking weird”
If she say "go deeper" just say "get tighter". Now y'all both humbled
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#BaldBitchesBeLike ... “@its_monaaay: can't wait for my hair to grow back. 😩”
Lemme get some fries fam “@Tom_Scarlett: One of the best things about working at McDonalds; I can get a free meal when I'm on my break. Woo”
Any of my followers stay in Myrtle Beach that i can come visit for the 4th ?
What did they eat ? “@bonersniper: I think emojis ate the dumbest thing”
I think KD's are trash Af .
I was sleepy . “@Ella_CashOut: If you woke up broke, then you had no business going to sleep 💯❤️✌️”
Ass fat got my name tatted on it ..
I don't get excited about Fridays anymore .
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I woke in a bed full of bitches that i aint even fucking .
Me too . “@FaceItYouBASIC: i should start back tweeting how i use to 😈”
Every time my bitch dont answer the phone i feel like some nigga over there .
Hot AF 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bitches just want attention & good sex .
This week went by fast Af .