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Richard Miranda
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Free speech means I can say whatever I want and then if you disagree or are offended SHUT UP YOU FUCKING HATER, FUCK YOU!!!
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So, Logan Thomas time?
#GoneGirl is just as good the second time around
I've watched two soul crushing football games and it's not even Sunday.
Thank you Based Allen.
Save us Buck Allen, you're our only hope. #USCvsASU
Come Sunday afternoon: ALABAMA UPSET...DROP TO #2 IN AP POLL
Disappointed Saban is the best Saban. #SEC
Welp, that's gonna be a problem. #OleMiss
Do it for Sandra Bullock, Ole Miss.
Draft two done. Sorry for stealing your title @KingJames
Never thought I'd have the problem of being over the page limit on something yet here I am. Six pages over the limit and I'm still not done.
Didn't get to post this yesterday but #GoneGirl is superb.
Screw it, David Fincher will make me feel better with Gone Girl.
Oh god, I have to watch Ponder again? I thought that nightmare ended many moons ago...sorry in advance to anyone about to watch the game.
I should probably use it to revise my script but, you know, priorities.
I'm gonna spend most of the day tomorrow playing #SmashBros and waiting for Legend of Korra Book 4.
I'm wearing a plain red t shirt and I turn 21 in two weeks, does this mean I'm an adult now?
Interstellar in 70mm tickets purchased!
Evidently I'm not as bad a screenwriter as I believed I was.
That was such a Vikings loss, Pittsburgh.
Syracuse sporting quite possible the ugliest uniforms in existence....or at least tied with the new Bucs uniforms.
Hell. Yes.… Warning: Spoilers for books 1-3 of LoK
Friendly reminder that @espn hired Ray Lewis; a man who may or may not have been involved in the murder of someone. Just saying.
Does anyone else think it's funny that Bill's suspension is longer than Ray Rice's original penalty? #irony #freesimmons @BillSimmons
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So @espn, calling out @nflcommish is somehow more offensive than the victim blaming that Stephen A did a while back? #FreeSimmons
Twitter trends made me think that Michael J. Fox and Neve Campbell were dead.
For anyone else planning one, you're not a psychologist, just an asshole with a camera and fans.
I think the @sampepper controversy shows how unbelievably idiotic "social experiments" are, especially on YouTube.
Ted-dy! Ted-dy! Ted-dy! Ted-dy! Ted-dy! Ted-dy! Ted-dy!
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"I believe in accountability." Just not any time in the past 8 years. But I believe it.
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Holy hell, Kevin Smith really goes out there with #Tusk. I just didn't go out there with him. Worth a watch just for the WTF value, honestly
Not really but damn, it used to suck not being able to drive myself wherever I wanted to go.
I have completely forgotten what life was like before having a car of my own.
I will fight anyone who tries to tell me Imagine Dragons are better than Arctic Monkeys.
Thank you based Sproles.
Plans falling apart always sucks, especially when it's something you've been planning for the better part of four years.
50% clutch 50% sketch 100% Colin Kaepernick
Cris Carter showing once again why he's my favorite Viking of all time. via @YouTube
I'm gonna watch Mayweather punch Maidana in the face for 12 rounds to forget this USC game.
Re: @AdrianPeterson , I don't care if you were brought up that way, there's no excuse for hitting your child with a fucking stick.
And after the Adrian Peterson report from @MarkBermanFox26, that's almost a wrap on what has to be most embarrassing week in NFL history.
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