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Golden Eagle
I'm gonna retire from Madden after that win.
To those complaining about the Mr. Robot delay: Fuck off. The delay is for respect for the victims, not fear of the coward who did it.
Do NOT embellish the killer's name or what he did prior and after the shooting. Remember the victims. Focus on what needs to change.
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Yes, cheaters are scum, but they're not doing anything inherently illegal. The data dump sets a dangerous precedent.
The fact that so many pry into other people's private life is almost as disgusting as the people on Ashley Madison. Privacy works both ways.
Everyone needs to read @donwinslow's #TheCartel. Cultural significance aside, it's simply a fantastic work of art.
It's amazing how @samthemovie can make something that everyone called early on still be interesting. #MrRobot
You're telling me a billion dollar corporation ultimately got its way? Absolutely shocking.…
Comment sections involving Straight Outta Compton are the best place to play spot the "I'm not a racist but..." racist.
It might just be a puff piece but damn if it isn't a good one. #StraightOuttaCompton
Well, that was certainly unexpected. #MrRobot
Man, I can't wait for the episode of Sesame Street where Big Bird gets clipped outside of the Bada Bing.
Trank probably being an asshole aside, there's something salvageable about Fantastic Four. It's dreadful but there's something to work with.
Seriously, the creative jealousy I feel is real. Great story, well rounded characters, wonderful pacing. Fantastic @joeledgerton1 #TheGift
Don't cry because it happened, smile because it's over. #TrueDetective
Completely unbiased, Teddy Bridgewater might be the greatest QB of all time.
Jai Courtney sucks, as usual, though.
Now having seen it, I really think Terminator Genisys could've been big if everything wasn't spoiled in the trailers. Solid movie.
Can we get an Eminem feature where he doesn't mention being a white rapper? We get it already.
I'm going the other way. TEAM TELLER.
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A movie with a cast as good as Fantastic Four's shouldn't be that bad.
This might be the most anyone has talked about Lenny Kravitz since 1995.
Did not expect that trade to be accepted...
725 of Facebook's top 1000 videos last quarter were stolen from creators.…
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So, there's a super country song on Madden this year. I wonder how long it'll take @Christian_Gonzo to rage.
No better way to describe #RogueNation other than awesome.
Twitter has made rap feuds so much more entertaining.
In other words, HBO likes money and water is wet.…
If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend you check out The Guest on Netflix. One of my favorite movies from last year.
Also, how is it that a freaking USA show is blowing everything else out of the water? I'm looking at you, @TrueDetective.
#MrRobot has gotten to the point where I can't tell if something is an actual commercial or a fsociety spot. Especially that Windows 10 one.
It's easy to see how rushed writing and production lead to shitty results. Anticipation is one thing but give it time to come together first

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