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Golden Eagle
Lol, Mexico advancing in the most BS way possible. #GoldCup2015
You know what would have helped? Letting Edgar Wright make his movie.
San Francisco, your US Bank tower got nothing on LA's.
internet gonna explode when everyone finds out atticus finch isn't a real person
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This DJ is going hard on the turntables to this banda music. No, that's not a typo. Banda and turntables. #dale
Figures I'd be in Northern California when LA is hit with a thunderstorm
Yo, San Jose sucks dick.
The last chapter of Go Set a Watchman is perhaps the most important thing for people to read right now given the current societal climate.
Things better than the @amazon Sale: True Detective season 2 Wet socks Superbowl 48 @jfwong tweeting out eBay deals for a month
For something that was cheap to make at ~$74M, this is insane.
McGregor fights like a created character on EA MMA....and I love every second of it. #UFC189
Shoutout to Connor McGregor for reminding us that Sinead O'Connor is still around. #UFC189
This is why I read @Grantland33. Thank you, Maester. @netw3rk
Not sure what I want to see more, the Clippers title hopes implode or Mark Cuban having a heart attack if DJ backs out of his deal. Win/Win.
.@POTUS what's your Snapchat, B?
The one true saving grace of True Detective season 2. Colin Farrell aside, obviously.…
I swear, every time I touch my iPad there's 1-7 updates waiting for me.
Great acting lessons from Vince Vaughn on #TrueDetective. Shouting=emotions!
I know it's turf and it's horrible to play on but that pitch looks fresh as fuck. #USAvJPN
Got 1.5 episodes into #HUMANSamc before realizing that it's trying to do in 8 episodes what Ex Machina did in 110 minutes. No thanks.
Also funny how there's a mini-The Wire reunion on #Creed
I'm all in on the Michael B. Jordan hype train. #Creed
I'm, here for you @BenAffleck. I love you baby.
Some of the dialogue in #TrueDetectiveSeason2 is so on the nose it hurts.
My dog just heard (what I assume was) a firework go off down the street and bolted back inside the house. I have failed as a pet owner.
Huge win for the US today. #SCOTUS
Did RJ Hunter kill someone or something?
That's the most Morey/Houston pick ever. #NBADraft
Save me @netflix, you're my only hope. #Hannibal
Fuck. No! God damn it. NBC, why!? I mean, I get it, only me and 13 others watched it but why? :( #Hannibal
Re: #Ballers, why is discount James Harden playing for the Green Bay Packers?
Colin Farrell's mustache.
Stop looking at my Twitter @helijah93
Shout out to the homie Blade
Thanks, Obama...literally.
Adam Silver has as much grace on the podium as I do.
California's drought will be fixed with the tears of Cleveland. #NBAFinals
I totally never overreacted this series.

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