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Golden Eagle
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>>>>>When you pay $9 for two water bottles.
Congrats to @Christian_Gonzo for winning our league at 7-7. #ChokeCityForMe
I might be the only Lakers fan that doesn't hate/dislike the Spurs.
The Spurs are just too much fun to watch.
Maybe Swaggy P had a point, doesn't seem like anyone on the planet can guard him right now.
This rain is insane.
"@boburnham: presale tickets now available for my new tour at PASSWORD: HAPPY #presale #precious" @EfrenTwerk
Whoever named this storm #PineappleExpress deserves some sort of award.
I've never heard of The Pirate Bay...On a different, unrelated note, does anyone know how long it takes to wipe all of my hard drives?
This #PHIvsSEA game is confusing. I'm a fan of Russell Wilson and Mark Sanchez. Chip Kelly and Pete Carrol, not so much.
Of course the Vikings would make Geno and Percy look awesome. Of course.
Sketchiest TD ever.
I really don't know how to feel about the #TerminatorGenisys trailer. Looks equal parts awesome and abysmal.
The new Aston Martin tho #Spectre
The Babadook reminds me of The Shining in all the right ways.
Somewhere some designers are chuckling to themselves.
Let's see what all the fuss is about #TheBabadook
I got matched up with a Lions fan for this year's Secret Santa. Really tempted to buy him a Vikings Jersey just for a laugh.
The Vikings are the most exciting 4-7 team in recent memory.
It is going to be insanely difficult to keep myself away from Star Wars news for 12 months. Thankfully filters exist.
I'm watching the 9ers game in my room while my family watches the soccer game in the living room on the big TV. #CheckYourMexicanPrivilege
Shot 0-12 in that pickup game. #ballislife
The sight of Pitbull makes me uncomfortable.
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Pitbull seems like the type of guy who gives sweaty handshakes.
Now, the part of Thanksgiving where some of your family members reveal that they like Pitbull and you realize who you don’t love after all
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Jimmy Clausen's mustache tho
Reserving my opinion on the #FergusonDecision. 90% on both sides seemed to know what "really happened" after reading one buzzfeed article.
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I, for one, welcome our new Oscar Isaac overlord.… via @Deadline
Eli could save a bus full of orphans and you people still wouldn't be satisfied. #DALvsNYG
Thing that is somehow true: Eli is still on pace to throw 10 fewer interceptions than he did a year ago
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And while OBJ's catch was beyond belief, still will take David Tyree's as the greatest these eyes have seen.
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RT "@officialjaden Girls Don't Like Gentlemen" same
UCLA's eye-black budget has to be insane.
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For the next three hours I consider @Christian_Gonzo as the enemy. Or at least until USC goes down 6 TDs.
I just awoke from the sleep that #Foxcatcher put me to.
♫ One of these is not like the others ♫
I want my $15 and 2 hours of my life back. #MockingjayPart1
Trap game extraordinaire #KCvsOAK
If you aren't listening to it yet, I'd highly recommend the @serial podcast. It's absolutely fascinating and I can't wait for season 2!