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Richard Miranda
sport youtube film movies nfl 122 followers
Pretty sure headphones were invented so I don't have to listen to your crappy music.
Support your local coffee shop and keep small businesses alive!
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Phenomenal first episode of @FargoFX
"You happy with that one?" -GRRM/D&D
Every day this week is going be the same backwards: 4/12/14 4/13/14 4/14/14 4/15/14 4/16/14 4/17/14 4/18/14 4/19/14
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If you stop saying "that _______ tho" then God may forgive you
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Just bc some ppl live public lives doesn't mean you know everything about their situation. Show some respect, just like u would for anyone
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My dog just kicked me in the throat. I feel so betrayed...
Loved Captain America: The Winter Soldier though that's probably because I love Captain America more than anyone else.
Shoutout to How I Met Your Mother for pulling a unbelievably disappointed.
Is there a way for me to unsee that Ninja Turtles trailer? Jeez that was awful.
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I can't wait to play a VR version of Farmville! #OculusRift #2009Jokes
Gg Fox. Buying my Days of Future Past tickets now!
I'd go with Rooney Mara and Ryan Gosling for True Detective season 2. You're welcome @HBO
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull>Temple of Doom
Maybe my view is skewed because I watched Tangled & Frozen last week but I was really disappointed in Despicable Me 2, such a huge letdown.
I could listen to Matthew McConaughey talk all day
Shoutout to American Hustle for pulling a True Grit