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Richard Miranda
I will fight anyone who tries to tell me Imagine Dragons are better than Arctic Monkeys.
Thank you based Sproles.
Plans falling apart always sucks, especially when it's something you've been planning for the better part of four years.
50% clutch 50% sketch 100% Colin Kaepernick
Cris Carter showing once again why he's my favorite Viking of all time. via @YouTube
I'm gonna watch Mayweather punch Maidana in the face for 12 rounds to forget this USC game.
Re: @AdrianPeterson , I don't care if you were brought up that way, there's no excuse for hitting your child with a fucking stick.
And after the Adrian Peterson report from @MarkBermanFox26, that's almost a wrap on what has to be most embarrassing week in NFL history.
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Man I love football, I fucking hate the NFL and a lot of it's players.
Guys, I don't think you understand, Smash Bros 4 and LoK Book 4 drop on the same day. Excited doesn't even begin to describe my feelings.
I guarantee that @nflcommish has a fall guy in place already, he won't resign, and he's made the owner's too much money to get fired.
Seriously, has there been a worse commissioner of a major sports league than Roger Goodell?@nflcommish
Shoutout to @nflcommish! Now I know that knocking out my wife cold is less offensive than smoking weed!
#23-0 is still alive!
I'm gonna have to resort to starting a kickstarter to raise funds for me to go to Sundance. #ExpensiveAsFuuu
That was the ugliest and probably least deserved win they'll get all season #USC
I see USC is employing the distort-beyond-recognition but don't break defense.
Avenues graffiti in Highland Park, haven't seen that in a few years.
Turns out, Denzel Washington is really into ice cream.
Four hours later, finished Once Upon a Time in America. It is an absolute masterpiece.
RIP MBP, you were as much a burden as you were a help.
Holy crap, my brother just off anesthesia is one of the funniest things I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing.
"Don't take sexy photos if you don't want them leaked. Don't own a house if you don't wanted to be robbed. Live in fear. Stay subjugated."
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Let's just get this out of the way, here's my nude.
The Texans subreddit sidebar pic is probably my favorite thing on the internet right now.
Oh, that's right, privacy only matters when it comes to you, not anyone else. Sorry for misunderstanding, internet.
FUCK THE NSA FOR READING MY EMAILS!!! *beats off to stolen naked pictures* *sleeps like a baby*
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This Alabama game is insane
Kevin Costner in #DraftDay would be fired the second he made that first trade. And don't even get my started on the rest of the movie.
I didn't think it was possible for me to love Fincher more than I do until now...…
I tweet that so that I have something positive to look back on in a few months.
I didn't realize people played Madden Ultimate team.
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"Taylor Swift stays out too late!" - some people, apparently
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Yup, still don't get the whole Weird Al craze. #Emmys
Just want to point out, the Vikings are undefeated.
JGL is the only good thing to come out of #SinCityADameToKillFor
Evidently in The Purge: Anarchy, Omar from The Wire becomes an advocate for peace.
By far my favorite ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. via @YouTube
Or, 11-2 if I could do math correctly.
Another thing. USC is finishing 10-2. Losses to Stanford early and Oregon in the PAC12 title game #FightOn #CollegeFootball #WhoNeedsDefense
And while we're at it, UW is Washington. Not Wisconsin. Not Wyoming. #WestCoast
South Carolina needs to step off. USC will always be Southern Cal. #CollegeFootball
Man I really enjoyed Edge of Tomo---er, I mean Live, Die, Repeat? Live on the Edge? Make up your mind @wbpictures…
I've had @dish @TWC and @DIRECTV at one point or another and I can say, without a doubt, they all suck. Arguing which sucks less is sad.
Get the feds. Enforce the law, arrest cops & their chief. And while you're at it, re-think whole national police/prison policy. #Ferguson
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