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RVRE Industry™
i dont give a fuck about a bitch, cause they be snitching too.
they dont want war, just face it.
twerking, man they trippin.
Have you heard ‘NumBa3- How We Livin’ by NumBa3 on #SoundCloud?…
if he knows he can fuck you w/o cuffing you, he will.
they just want relations, they dont want relationships. welcome to the real world.
im always playing games w/ someone's feelings because I find it funny.
@0nlythequeen you is a lil funny bitch I like a girl with a good sense of humor 😂
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"@0nlythequeen: if youre twatching, HEY BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" sup.
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Ruddy > lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
thats why i keep you here, you aint like them other hoes. cause you the fucking best, just in case you didnt know.
you keep it real when it comes to having sex, girl you dont ever flex. long as i fuck you good, you aint worried bout whats next.
smh, bitches will tlk a whole bunch of shit but wont throw no hands. gooooooodnight 😅😅😅😅
Me no Lesbian. Me like boys too (barely).
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I'm good at killing my feelings for people...most people.
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who needs friends? not me.
I really don't care who's mad. smh, don't even upset yourself lmfaooooooooo
yo, dm me. @Erratique_ , i dont have my phone. or call my house
smh, i really dont like anyone as a friend. i dont have friends, i dont trust anyone. #RS , done trying to be nice.
on my me shit, i simply dont give a fuck. im getting tired of everyone, fr. dont hmu. everyone i dont reply to is cut :)
love me like you never wanna let me go.
so bby will you come & spend the night?
tell me what you think of it ;)
lmfao, im gonna do whatever i want,
I aint supposed to be w/ you?
You & I got something they can't know about.
you probably dont feel the same way i do, but still. i like you.
you have to try & make things work. you cant just sit back & expect shit to just come together.
one day, he'll come back again in my life.
sandy hook anniversary.
Dique "New Year, New Me." Pussy does NOT come with a "Clear all history." button lol.
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Nobody wants to be with somebody that's been with everybody. 🙅
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I Scroll Down My TL & Be Like : Aww 😊 Eww 😖 WTF 😳 Damn 😲 STFU 😡 This Bitch 😠 Fuckery 😒 OMG 😱 Yep , I Just Got Subtweeted ! 😏
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i never been in love like this before,