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Mystery Hunters
Two men go missing for 7 hours in Roswell!...
#BB16 Giving $500,000 to a misogynistic, murderous POS cop that joked abt how HE would rape Vic is just as bad as giving it to #FecalFrankie
Ghostly image taken at Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio! ...Description:''When we took this picture to show the...
Hey @agrodner22 how much did you have to pay to get out of the contract w/the Grandes & boot Frankie earlier than planned? #BB16
#BB16 Show was taped for those that didn't know. Stunt audience used (CBS employees) to clap for Frankie knowing he'd be boo'd otherwise.
#BB16 I think you guys heard wrong. Frankie said to chose HORROR not honor over greed. #FecalFrankie #NightmareOnFrankieStreet
#BB16 @JulieChen how much did it cost to pay off the Grandes for them to allow you to boot out Frankie earlier than planned to please fans?
Interesting...Leonardo da Vinci face on the Moon?
#BB16 Frankie's final words ''Let me poop first.''
#BB16 Ariana tweeted a message abt Frankie leaving-Obviously a deal was reached (Chen/Grodner/Grandes) to boot him early w/a stunt audience
Possessed microwave! (too funny-had to post it!)...
#BB16 Hey @agrodner22 your 2 picks Derrick/Frankie are repulsive people. Pandoras Box asap-fan jumps out beats the shit outta both of them!
.@ArianaGrande - @AMANDAZUCKERMAN thinks you'll be her BFF & get her a biz job for her constant fake support of your sicko brother. #BB16
TONIGHT: Amish Haunting! Apparently another new series that wasn't promoted. For PST , it starts in an hr 9pm...
#BB16 WAS an @AMANDAZUCKERMAN fan UNTIL she started supporting mentally disturbed/LOVES RAPE/racist Frankie Grande.…
#BB16 Frankie's acc had LOST over 300,000 followers. Now that Ari took it over, she BOUGHT almost 200,000 new ones within 24hrs...haha #BB16
Loch Ness monster photographed...miles away from Scotland!...
#BB16 Derrick breaking the rules, yet NOTHING done-no penalty, no ejection! Hey @JulieChen get off your ass!
#BB16 Ari has been tweeting nonsense from Frankie's acc + Joan has been RTing FAKE accs (family?) claiming pro Frankie #'s are trending HAHA
#BB16 Mayim Bialik puts Ari in her place ''is she a singer?'' haha…
Strange light in the sky over Northern California!...
#BB16 The ONLY way Frankie is evicted is IF Grodner/Chen decide to please fans & save BB (by ending their contract w/Grandes early) #BB16
TONIGHT: New series Alaska Monsters! (Repeats 3 hrs later)...
The only way #BB16 can be saved is to give the prize money to charity & call it a day. @JulieChen
#BB16 Do you feel that? It's @agrodner22 & @JulieChen panicking & trying to figure out how to ''fix'' this latest screw up. #Rigged
#BB16 More of the @agrodner22 @JulieChen @CBS deal w/Ariana & Frankie leaks out-Derrick's being paid extra (as winner) to take Frankie w/him
Golden disk UFO near Space Station on live cam!...
Crop circle reported-Hoeven, Holland!
#BB16 HA, Caleb doing the white man's overbite-the Cabbage Patch & Carlton is the funniest part of the season! Who knew he had it in him? :D
#BB16 31 year old Frankie told Derrick that he's 28. He's confusing his age with his IQ. #FecalFrankie
#BB16 Pay attn: Frankie will be handed POV or Vic will win it=Cody eviction. Grodner will not allow her hired hand to leave until final 3.
#BB16 FINALLY Grodner & Chen come up w/a great idea. Let the jury f*ck up that house plus let THEM play for extra cash. #ViewerApproved
Creepy skull appears on Eiffel Tower!...
#BB16 That Denny Ghreasy had no clue what he was talking about. #DimWitDan #HairPlugs #StickWithYourVideoGamesBoy
#BB16 Don Ghooslangs hair plugs look horrible. #DimWitDan
#BB16 The SAME comp? Gee, i wonder if Frankie, whom they taught how to do it/rigged it for him, will win again :/ Duh
#BB16 Poor @JulieChen paying Don Ghoossling (whomever) again #FAIL They should have got THE legend @JanellePierzina to save #BB16 !!!
Monk tells followers he will spontaneously combust on Thursday! Wait a sec, i'm not a genius but doesn't that...
Paying @DanGheesling again @JulieChen ? #FAIL Stick with what you know boy, video games & hair plugs. #DimWitDan #BB16
#BB16 @agrodner22 @JulieChen Paying Don Ghoosling for commentary again like last yr won't save ratings. #FAIL #DimWitDan
#BB16 You think Frankie doesn't know abt the rewind? Of course Grodner told him,he is told everything ahead of time then ''acts'' surprised.