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Mystery Hunters
#BB16 Hey @agrodner22 your 2 picks Derrick/Frankie are repulsive people. Pandoras Box asap-fan jumps out beats the shit outta both of them!
.@ArianaGrande - @AMANDAZUCKERMAN thinks you'll be her BFF & get her a biz job for her constant fake support of your sicko brother. #BB16
TONIGHT: Amish Haunting! Apparently another new series that wasn't promoted. For PST , it starts in an hr 9pm...
#BB16 WAS an @AMANDAZUCKERMAN fan UNTIL she started supporting mentally disturbed/LOVES RAPE/racist Frankie Grande.…
#BB16 Frankie's acc had LOST over 300,000 followers. Now that Ari took it over, she BOUGHT almost 200,000 new ones within 24hrs...haha #BB16
Loch Ness monster photographed...miles away from Scotland!...
#BB16 Derrick breaking the rules, yet NOTHING done-no penalty, no ejection! Hey @JulieChen get off your ass!
#BB16 Ari has been tweeting nonsense from Frankie's acc + Joan has been RTing FAKE accs (family?) claiming pro Frankie #'s are trending HAHA
#BB16 Mayim Bialik puts Ari in her place ''is she a singer?'' haha…
Strange light in the sky over Northern California!...
#BB16 The ONLY way Frankie is evicted is IF Grodner/Chen decide to please fans & save BB (by ending their contract w/Grandes early) #BB16
TONIGHT: New series Alaska Monsters! (Repeats 3 hrs later)...
The only way #BB16 can be saved is to give the prize money to charity & call it a day. @JulieChen
#BB16 Do you feel that? It's @agrodner22 & @JulieChen panicking & trying to figure out how to ''fix'' this latest screw up. #Rigged
#BB16 More of the @agrodner22 @JulieChen @CBS deal w/Ariana & Frankie leaks out-Derrick's being paid extra (as winner) to take Frankie w/him
Golden disk UFO near Space Station on live cam!...
Crop circle reported-Hoeven, Holland!
#BB16 HA, Caleb doing the white man's overbite-the Cabbage Patch & Carlton is the funniest part of the season! Who knew he had it in him? :D
#BB16 31 year old Frankie told Derrick that he's 28. He's confusing his age with his IQ. #FecalFrankie
#BB16 Pay attn: Frankie will be handed POV or Vic will win it=Cody eviction. Grodner will not allow her hired hand to leave until final 3.
#BB16 FINALLY Grodner & Chen come up w/a great idea. Let the jury f*ck up that house plus let THEM play for extra cash. #ViewerApproved
Creepy skull appears on Eiffel Tower!...
#BB16 That Denny Ghreasy had no clue what he was talking about. #DimWitDan #HairPlugs #StickWithYourVideoGamesBoy
#BB16 Don Ghooslangs hair plugs look horrible. #DimWitDan
#BB16 The SAME comp? Gee, i wonder if Frankie, whom they taught how to do it/rigged it for him, will win again :/ Duh
#BB16 Poor @JulieChen paying Don Ghoossling (whomever) again #FAIL They should have got THE legend @JanellePierzina to save #BB16 !!!
Monk tells followers he will spontaneously combust on Thursday! Wait a sec, i'm not a genius but doesn't that...
Paying @DanGheesling again @JulieChen ? #FAIL Stick with what you know boy, video games & hair plugs. #DimWitDan #BB16
#BB16 @agrodner22 @JulieChen Paying Don Ghoosling for commentary again like last yr won't save ratings. #FAIL #DimWitDan
#BB16 You think Frankie doesn't know abt the rewind? Of course Grodner told him,he is told everything ahead of time then ''acts'' surprised.
#BB16 So did Calebs rat trap catch Andy yet??? #BB16
#BB16 Derrick- ''i'm a cop i know how to plant evidence...i mean... i can remember a face, yeah that's it''
#BB16 BREAKING NEWS: Are Avocado's guacamole or what takes up space between Caleb's ears? TONIGHT: Is sour cream really sour? #SaveIzzy
Family forced to leave HAUNTED house where Susan Powell disappeared in 2009!...
Mystery Solved: The truth about fake cellphone towers!
Viking ring fortress discovered in Denmark!...
#BB16 @agrodner22 & @JulieChen all U did w/this ratings stunt was allow us to REMIND fans @jeffschroeder23 is scum
#BB16 Attn dimwits, the Jeff/Jordan event was staged for ratings. They are under contract w/CBS & followed the script, DUH #FireGrodner
#BB16 I bet Jeff made a pre-nup stating that if Jordan produces a gay child he will divorce her
#BB16 Hey @BBJordanLloyd did Jell ever apologize for this (& more)? Didn't think so