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Luna ☪
Pursuing your desires gets your adrenaline pumping, but feelin... More for Aries
@CorruptLA: @_MURDAinc naw, it’s go big or go home 😂” lmao oh alright. 😂
Think before you tweet. 😂☝️
@_MURDAinc: #HU18 Florida Babies > 😁❤️” YASSS we taking OVER lmao
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#HU18 Florida Babies > 😁❤️
college boredom lasts for an hour or two max. home boredom lasts for daysss. lol
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I just want the world to know... That I can beat @_MURDAinc in a race! 👀😂😂
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Bam know she laaaaaavs her "Smelly" 😂❤️
@ThatsJustBam: Is you with the shits or nah??” Nah cuz, nahhh. 🙅
That made me genuinely laugh. 😂
Stay in the Quad bc it's Diddy's favorite dorm & Michelle Obama knows the hand sign 🙌
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@itsniapia: Where's the #HU18 from FL???”
@RhodesIsland_: YO I HAD THE BEST DREAM EVER.” Of me? Do tell. 😏
Morning all. 👋
Your finances are on your mind today and you may feel more dri... More for Aries
Freaking bum. 😩😂
He just wants the cheeks and Skittles. 😂😂😂
I promise I'll love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.
I just want somebody to bring me tacos. 😩
What should I do today?
"F is for friends who dont talk to you. U is for Ur alone. N is for never having any plans at all, all you do is sit at home."
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@Th3R3al3st00: @_MURDAinc follow back ?” Got ya.
You may feel as if you must explain something you did recently... More for Aries
You may convince yourself that you're on the right track, but ... More for Aries
Lit or nah? 🔥
What's up with the races?!
So... Who's at the party already? 👀
Hurdle Gang ✊❤️ > #TrackNation
Miss those hurdles and that 400. 😈
Can't wait for training to start though. ✊
I missed my little Pop Warners babies. ❤️🏈
There is little margin for error now; you must behave responsi... More for Aries
Queen of the track. 👑
Go Karts with the munchkins. 🚩
@Godxwigg__: @_MURDAinc Follow Me😍😚” Followed. 😘
You're reluctant to show your vulnerability, often covering it... More for Aries
@NoAss_GotGas: @_MURDAinc nahh, it's to late cuh... I run this” I beg to differ...
@YoCountryGutta: @_MURDAinc Hola Ex-mistress. 😍” bruhhh that "ex" cuts deep. 😩😭
Just a fool lol.
Fruit snack looking ass. 😂😩
@_MURDAinc: 😂😂😂😂😂” 🔪🔪🔪 I know you seen me text you
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@Pynk_Exo: Lmao! "@lovely_amii_: “@NoAss_GotGas: SHE CUTE AF 😍😍😚�” oh shit 😳 Lmaooo 😂😭"”@hayley_yy@hayley_yy
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@KushCasper: @_MURDAinc Nice Avi” thank you! ☺️