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Luna ☪
After Squidward heard Fetty Wap for the first time.
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The difference between black people and white people in 30 sec 💀💀Bfl
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to the college students: the party ends at 9, so you will have time to recuperate for class on Monday #SundayFunday
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🎶: DJ Swerve x DJ Blustar 🍗: FREE food 👙: outdoor pool 🏀: indoor basketball court 💸: pay at the do#SundayFundayub0CNn
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shuttles leaving the McDonald's on Georgia Ave every 30 minutes. bring swimsuits & hooping shorts!…
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WARNING: this is NOT a Howard party, but we want our fellow Bison in attendance. come turn up with us! #JustSayHi
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Your dreams about love are likely to be more interesting now t... More for Aries
that's why everyone needs to come out to the #JustSayHi : Bison Meet & Greet.. details will be released soon 😊…L
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You are preoccupied with relationship issues that, ironically,... More for Aries
It's more important than ever to establish a productive daily ... More for Aries
Cuffin season already looking grim for me
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Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Howard University...
You're known for being quick to react when something goes awry... More for Aries
"Did you get those thighs from Popeyes?" #PickUpLineofTheDay
Professor: "all of your assignments will be online" Student: "So what will we be doing in this room?" Professor:
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You probably don't realize just how close you are to achieving... More for Aries
Oh. Just me? Bet.
Who else's sleep schedule is fucked up? 🙋🏽
I literally watched this like 20 times 😂😂vn0
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All the big ideas in the world aren't a viable substitute for ... More for Aries
I hate being 20. It's like the age of limbo. You're too old to do this, but still too young to do that...
"@kingaintshit_: Yeah .. That's that white people shit bruh ... It couldn't be me .. 😑😑�Wqft" the hell is this
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I wish it was August 2013 again. Cause this new shit here.…
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Where is the free flex at? 👀😂
I thought there was an unwritten law that darties were suppose to be free... #NewHoward 🚮
Tickets for a darty is New Howard fr.
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If that nigga don't work, he a fuckin' leech.
Although your day begins with high expectations, a series of u... More for Aries
when they actually just wanna hang out but u shaved
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Love and miss you my Chocolate Jesus. 😂♥️
Sending blessings and love to the Kennedy family. 💕#RestEasyBishaaraa 🙏🏽✨
There are more choices than you see at first glance as you enc... More for Aries
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Call yo friends lets get drunk
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My tuition for the next couple years sitting on her stove 😭…X
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Anybody who's down I'm taking those apps for real lol.
Lol why did my sister "meme" me? 😂t
When a Mufucka Dont Understand "NO" So You Gotta Sing It Like Fetty Wap 😂😂�JxJy
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That's so true 😂😂😂
When ya homegirl starts to act up because there’s boys around
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Meanwhile @ahfinebreeze @_MURDAinc are fighting these mixes I'm playing are fire
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