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I told my bestie I would cut my hair @_ashleenycole ! I just got a little trim
So I was just informed it "National Girlfriend Day" .... Any gifts?
Spitta was TURNT yesterday! I'm truly a fan now 🙌
I'm cool with letting these up & coming hair styles do my sew ins & quick weaves! But when it comes to my real hair 😕 no ma'am
Be sure to check out my video #TheZone ft @CocaVango thanks for all the love and support 🍁😗
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I'm only clingy when I really really absolutely like you. And I'm not even that clingy I just like to lay all over you from time to time 😂
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Shoutout to him, for being the only guy I ever dated that didn't need me to get they hair cut ! 🙌☺️
When keeps the roof over your head & makes sure food is on the table.. 🙌 I'll never leave his side y'all!
I've never been so in love.
Happy Pay Your Fuckin Rent Day !
Going to get my hair done today 🙌 it's bout time
All 4 cheetah girls are STILL winning at life 😻🐯👑 idc
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Boogalou. This Wednesday from 4-8. No promo needed... dopest place ever liveth... Come out n…
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Who still remember them days on BEBO? Don't lie you was on there 😂
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Buy a white person RT @TheGreatKingSIR: U wake up with a $100 million in ur bank account whats the first thing you gonna do?
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I won't be coming here again.
Folks that work at the nail shop really, bout lazy af. I paid 60 to get my nails done Sunday. Bitch you gone fix these nails
Don't give a fuck, fix my nails!
Bitches stay w/ they panties in a bunch! Spend money or stand up!
If you still in High School lol unfollow me ✌️
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@_QueenJeweeel: Just because I'm on twitter doesn't mean to text me lol.” Or DM 😑🙅
Niggas out her smoke mid & think it's gas .... 😕 weed should NOT make your head hurt
Kim K really fuckin some shit up w/ this game🙌 it's hype af
@Lin_Rochelle14: Kayla about to make me go download this Kim k game” it's fun 🙌
I don't understand why folks try to get in to it w/ the police 😑 he can lock ya ass up. Then what you gone do 😕
I blunt rolled for me to smoke when I get home... Now that's love 🍃😍❤️
He see the qualities in this bad girl 😈
3am is so many hours away 😞😩
Bottles on bottles ! VIP 😎💯✔️
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I'm really not in a good mood. 😞 I wanna be at home with my baby
Where should I go for breakfast 🙌
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I think I'm turning into my mom 😳 I wake up early af every morning & have to watch the news
I can't stand a nigga that wanna be up under his homies all day, opposed to being with his bitch. That shit dead.
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😩😩😩😩😂😂😂😂😂@SumMannShitT @SumMannShit: Dis hoe got a
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