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Thirty minutes until I can go to prison and not juvie!!!!
I love how my nickname is "Michelle". Like YAS b call me by my feminine, Goddess-Devine self.
Hour and a half until I can buy dildos. 🙌
When people use their religion to defend taking away your rights 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
I'm going to respect your opposition on gay marriage, but don't expect an invitation to my wedding. You don't believe in it, remember?
My birthday is tomorrow. *screech*
When you have a 6 hour shift tomorrow but then you remember you work at the aquarium so you ain't mad 😊
I'm really missing these guys today. I am so proud of all that they are doing. ❤️
My birthday is in two days... *missing my friends intensifies*
asked siri what 0÷0 was and she READ ME FOR BLOOD
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Like 6 years later and I'm still La Roux af
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hunty, unless i personally come to you and ask for approval, don't waste your breath expressing how you feel about what I'm saying or doing
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I have been there. I sometimes revisit that place. You are not alone. Please seek help if you're thinking of suicide.
when ur sitting across from a cute boy on the subway
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Single and ready to not do anything about it
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My #mcm is ME. Because no other man can compare to the beauty and elegance that est moi. 💅
Don't condemn the sins of others when you are not perfect.
Just don't belittle me or constantly remind me about how your God doesnt like what I'm doing. Your God doesnt like some things you do, too.
We can be friends if you disagree with "my lifestyle" or if you think that I'm sinning by being who I am.
Lol at my microwave just CATCHING FIRE
The tea is scalding, sis. 🔥☕️
I can't wait to start tomorrow evening. This is going to be great. ❤️🐠
We just received a DM that just said "Wanna fuck?" and then a link. We cannot fuck anybody. We are a coffee shop.
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Idk man it's been awhile since I've done the church thing but didn't Adam & Eve kinda fuck up pretty badly…
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I just realized that my birthday is in five days and that that also means I get my first tattoo in five days
I believe in God, but not the bible. yeah bitch I said it kill me
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same girl on my timeline who said she'd "turn gay for Ruby Rose 😍" is now saying the supreme court made a mistake lmaooo
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"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."
I am speechless. So proud to be an American today.…
People only care about the "sanctity" of marriage when gays can get married. Nobody brings up "sanctity" when wives get beaten by husbands.
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Me to state leaders telling county clerks to not hand out marriage licenses
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honestly if your belief system is threatened by two dudes getting hitched... you should probably look for a different belief system.
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#flashbackfriday to DCI 2014. I can't believe where we are now. ❤️
*shows up to JSU with a pride flag strapped to my car*
No more "gay marriage". More "marriage". #LoveIsLove
Alright now that it's legal we don't need to make a big deal out of gay marriage anymore, correct? I believe it's called marriage now.
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“I’m for gay marriage, but I’m against their lifestyle,” aka “I’m a homophobic bigot, the future is scary, Thomas Edison was a witch.”
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