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Earlier this girl almost crashed into me because she was texting when driving, didn't even realise what she did.. Pathetic!
"@kkieran_: Katie Hopkins is trending, what's she done now? @KTHopkins" She's on Celebrity Juice :)
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Katie Hopkins is trending, what's she done now? @KTHopkins
Any Scottish followers?
Only emoji I've used apparently
Remember when spotify was invites only πŸ˜‚
Ok so this iOS 8 has a new emoji button but no new emojis? Hmm
"iOS 8 has loads of new features" - biggest lie ever
OMG they have removed iPhoto from the App Store
Omg iOS 8 has deleted all my apps :(
Can someone tell me whats happening, tried updating to iOS 8 and it failed and now im clicking restore errors come
Download iOS 8 from iTunes to avoid deleting everything #TopTips
"UK users of Instagram will see adverts on their feeds soon" EW
β€œ@_BenjiBrown: I Wonder If She Had Enough Space For iOS 8”
β€œ@RelatableQuote: thoughts in the school hallways”
Making room for iOS 8 πŸ˜‚
Why does it need all that storage!?!
Cant wait for cold nights
It feels much later than what it is
β€œ@RelatableQuote: when the teacher thinks u aren't listening and asks u a question but u get it right”
I don't think Jay is that good see #xfactor
Can't wait till @Tesco have toffee apples for Halloween lol
OMG the furniture "delivered by Christmas" adverts are back already πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’
Tenby βš“οΈπŸš£
I hope iOS 8 gets new emoji
Could never do the same lotto numbers all the time,what if you miss a draw and they come up 😧😦😟
. How's the double chin(s) gone so fast? @KTHopkins @TheSunNewspaper
x-Factor Cutting out the adverts and the crying grannies , parents and sob stories in general you can cut it down to 15 mins with SKY+
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Sick to death of seeing the tweet "Β£900 for the new iPhone, airplane mode better take me on holiday" It's not even Β£900
Autumn and Winter are the best seasons πŸŽƒπŸŽ„
Two weeks left of being 17.
iPad chargers need to be reinvented, so flimsy
OMG #xfactor dragggggs things out
What is the reason for Scottish independence?
OMG why would people choose to have a windows phone! Driving me mad
When U2s album came on your iPhone/iPad without saying yes