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Kade R. Leishman
I want tattoos because I want everyone to look at me and think "What a drug doing, sex having, alcohol drinking son of a bitch"
I want to get tattoos. I love being a misfit.
Just because a girl has tattoos means she doesn't have the same values as I do? This whole talking down on people w/ tats is bullshit!
I look around at these people who give a crap and see how happy I really am. Letting stupid stuff make you upset is so unnecessary.
I don't think I have been this satisfied with life since high school.
What can I say I'm a dang fool for pretty girls.
Oh my gosh ohhh myyyy goshhh I'm going to meet a girl I met online wtf am I doing. I am so nervous.
@_Kade20_ it's okay Kade. It seems like girls just can't handle the sexy you and I put off. It's a curse really.
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Girl leads me on then tells me she's not looking for a boyfriend. Next day on insta: "I need a boyfriend" #FML #Why
If your profile picture is still the twitter egg I just unfollowed your sorry ass.
"Opinions are truly worthless. Nobody decides how you feel about yourself except you." #Fronzilla #Attila
"Utah is so boring" Oh yeah Utah gave birth to @ChelseaGrinUT so shut it.
S/O to me for having a Facebook missionary message my non member friend :):):) #HesPissed #ImADouche
I wonder why sugarhouse is the Subaru capital of the nation. Maybe because every hippie and their dog has one. #hippiecar
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If you're up late with nothing to do look up 'I Alone' by #EscapeTheFate it's so good! No matter your music style. It will touch you.
Don't act like you know shit about depression or suicide if you've never dealt with it. Personally or not.
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What girls look for in guys: • brown eyes • messy hair • cute camel • slushee machine • free wifi
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Suicide/depression can affect anyone, famous or not. Your mind can be a dangerous place, but people are always here for you if you need help
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I honestly cant think about anything other than the bow hunt right now
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If your boyfriend hits you and you stay with him I am SMH so hard at you.
Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do.
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If I had to give one tip to people it would be to always look forwards. Dwelling on the past never helped anybody.
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Snapchat story hit 81 seconds today lol sorry jk don't care.
Anthony sent me this because I didn't ask for a girls number. Nice friend!!
Catch me and @mtnwestfresh open for @shwayze on August 11th at in the venue in Salt Lake City!!! 801-574-5448
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S/O to @_Kade20_ To this day I still have no clue how you passed my class. J/K It was awesome having you as a student. Come and visit.
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My friends been home from his mission one week. So we took him to #WarpedTour
I'm now only 30 pounds away from my high school weight rather than 50 #Progress #Motivated #GetFitOrDie
Will it be easy? Nope! Will it be worth it? Yes! #Life #FitFam
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First step to success: Let go of all your pride. You're gonna work sucky/embarrassing jobs. You're gonna start poor.
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"You guys I had a bad day I don't need to be smelling your farts" my poor mom cursed with three sons and no daughters.
Mark Wahlberg is my hero though.
Just watched #PainAndGain I can't believe how messed up people are!
Fruit loop dingus? What? #BB16
When u havin a bad day and then u start jammin some Hillsong
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Don't claim that you're 'Bisexual' and then be all sad that no one wants to date you. If you can't dedicate yourself why should anyone else.
#MyWorstBirthday was when I pooped in the play place and they had to shut the whole place down. I guess I could say it was best too...
Nothing makes you miss your grandma more than your grandpa getting remarried </3 Love you grammy! You will never be forgotten.
God never looks at ur life and is like "MY BAD" He's got u. Calm down squad. Jus sit back, pray it out, praise His name, and watch Him work!
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