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yung papi
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fuck your starter pack
My nigga in a kush comma
My squad Miami showing up! Let's get this upset
Let's match cuuuh
got whip who trying smoke
Check out the helmets Miami will wear against No. 3 Florida State tonight.
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South Carolina special teams!!!
Count your blessings
400 a zip nigga thats what I'm on
I'm here but my mind gone
IHOP at 2am always cooo
we was still whippin thoo
full tank but had no moves😭
anyone wanna make moves? Got the whip
you can get it alllll
R.I.P. McNair still not forgotten
Tom Brady is subletting his incredible New York condo for $40K a month
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I feel like i closed my eyes 2 minutes ago and its already morning.
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Hell nah I'm up to early
Worst feeling is not knowing if you wasting your time or not
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She 15 but her birthday is like in 2 weeks so she's 16.. Which is close to 17, that's near 18, which is basically 19, so you good my nigga
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you can tell a Puerto Rican by their eyes👀
rob a bank I'll drive for my mf nigga💯
tryin to eaze ya mind, but you don't understand
I need some sleep
Kobe on the bench writing Bars, working on his rap career.
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crazy how we relate!
We tried posting up on kjs porch but them birds 😂�@_juicyjsjs
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Remember Chris with that trippy ass text at McDonald's 😂�@_juicyjsjs
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At Ricardo's that one night 😂 then moves the next day 😂😭�@_juicyjsuicyjs
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Remember when we were on the run 😂😭 @_juicyjsyjs
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I don't sell Molly no more😂😂