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Jackie Ruiz
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been in hospital and seeing doctors all week. seeing my Specialist tomorrow. Not nervous because my baby will there by my side. At least Friday were going to the beach for the weekend (:
Do you really want to waste your time being unhappy? change it.
lets go somewhere only we know
People look at me, and how happy I am don't even notice I have cancer. They freak out and ask why I'm not worried about it. It's something I can't change. Not going to waste my time being sad. everything happens for a reason. I'm happy. happier than ive ever been.
my mom. . ugh no one knows hard it is for me to be living with my Leukemia. It's only getting worse. It kills me seeing my mom and sister feel the way they do because of me. There's no getting better for me. And I'm tired of seeing them like this.. It breaks me. my mom and sister are (all) I care
The only one I could talk to about everything
I can only do so much. If you aren't in my life. And you see I no longer care, blame yourself for pushing me away
idk why my fakes like this one alot
I can't sleep. sorry for posting
I love watching them take my blood all the time tbh
hate seeing my mom and sister post this stuff. breaks me. I'm hurting im them. .I just want to stop it already
what I find on my sisters phone about my cancer and seizures .. makes me cry
If any fakes of mine take these pictures I will fucking kill you.
I thought this was true. But if someone really cared they wouldn't leave. No matter what. But you can find someone who does. ily baby
Going to post alot tonight. .. I feel like venting. .
you are my happiness @bros2lowww
after the pool with cedrics lame ass
annoying couple post. sorry im just honestly happy with HIM. @bros2lowww is my everything. im off doctors apt tmrw with my baby 💕
You're mine forever right?..@bros2lowww
got my baby to say it. wouldnt trade him for anyone
today has been the best day with you baby
im his princess @bros2lowww haaaa
out the hospital. being with the guy I want to be with , feels amazing 💕
not doing so good right now. baby left work to come see me.