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Happy fathers day to all the dads!!!!!!@chuck9587 you too!
PBC Summer singers brought the house down at Liberty Baptist Church outside of Thomasville Alabama tonight!! Singing praises to God!!!
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They call me macklemore in math class because im like what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what
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This weekend is finally here 🙌!!@chuck95877 ready for tomorrow?
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"@MissAmerica: Words to live by: Proverbs 27:2"amen!!
"@ratchetpicts: best prom picture of the year 😂" that's going to be my dad!!
I thought @ColleenB123 would be verified?? What's wrong with this world??
A lot of people are still in school and I've been out for almost a month now!
Feel like doing a follow spree. Retweet for a follow and I'll follow as many of you as I can. If I don't get to u now, then next time! Xo
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"i hate one direction" "they are fucking gay" "harry is a manwhore"
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Niall Horan followed you" *stops breathing, falls off chair, screams, crys, jumps around the room* ... *clicks icon, fake account* HATE IT
**In school** Teacher: Who can tell us something about Ireland? Me: *pull hand* Teacher: Niall Horan is not counted. Me: *down*
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Zayn smokes. Niall & Harry get drunk, Louis go to parties, & Liam... well, Liam orders 10 nuggets at McDonald's, gets 11 and returns 1.
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When I see this I'm really really proud to say Yes I am Directioner ! And every day I'm proud to be Directioner !
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nearly 17MM children face hunger in the US, we need to change that! help @ChildHungerEnds & enter a code #childhunger
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I wish @NiallOfficial would follow me!!! I've been trying for a long time!!!!!! Help me!!!!???
Happy birthday @danisnotonfire!!!! 🎁I hope you get a llama!!!!!!!🎁
Drug life: 💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊 Thug life: 🚬🔫💰🔪🚬🔫💰🔪🚬🔫💰🔪🚬🔫💰 My life: 📱📺🍫💻💤🍪🍦🍕🍗🍟🍩🍔🍫🎧💤📱
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@1DLatestInfo can u say to evryone to change thier name to ProudCrazyMofo and trend #CrazyMofosIsNotAnInsultForUs press say Niall Insult us
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Watching THE FOSTERS!!! @TheFostersABCF amazing!!
"Once you’re grown up, you can’t come back." – Peter Pan
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Retweet for One Direction, Favorite for Justin Bieber:
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