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July XXIst
When your grandma's been calling you Emma instead of Irma since you were born #GrowingUpWithMyName #storyofmylife
#GrowingUpWithMyName people somehow get it wrong it only 4 letters c'mon!
#GrowingUpWithMyName just letting people pronounce it wrong bc you're tired of correcting everyone
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#GrowingUpShady your facial expressions always got you in trouble
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#GrowingUpShady when somebody asks you to hang out and you tell them your mom said no even tho you didnt even ask her
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I come to the airport at least 3 times a month but never for me. #sadlife #takemeaway #pearsonairport
#GrowingUpWithSiblings your mom called you the wrong name almost all the time
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When your parents name every kid in the house just to call you...oookayyyy #GrowingUpWithSiblings
#GrowingUpWithSiblings when you're the oldest and u can't make a mistake because u have to be the example for the little ones #imonlyhuman
When ur the oldest & ur parents act like its your responsibility to be the 3rd parent but still treat you like a kid #GrowingUpWithSiblings
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If you're ever on the phone with @m_angelys keep any food or drink away. She cracks so many jokes.I swear you'll choke if you're not ready
"Ne te moque pas de mes problèmes vorbaux...vocal" -@m_angelys do you mean verbal? "Verbal, vorbaux c'est la même chose" 😂�#phonemomentsts
5 more days until I'm 18!!! #July21 #Excited
This guy on his bike called me and @_IrmaSomda sexy on our way home. Thanks guy on bike.
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"When is Halloween this year?" "OCTOBER?!" @_IrmaSomda
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What are young boys and girls supposed to learn from this? #dontjudgechallange
A #dontjudgechallange should be showing who you really are without makeup and still be respected. It should show everyones natural beauty.
This challenge is clearly made to judge people. #dontjudgechallange
When your mom been callin your sexuality since you were 8
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telling a girl to "calm down" is like trying to baptize a cat
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it's not called slurring your words, it's called talking in cursive and it's fucking elegant
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