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Iris Olivas
Don't question my integrity
BIG NEWS: $42M in funding to protect public lands for future generations #parksforall
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Just wait until I find you.. you'll pay up in one form or another
when you realize you're the dopest chick he's come up on
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outgrowing people who aren’t growing
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I didn't hate it.. i just didnt like JD 😂…K
I'm only fuckin' if it's convenient
#Virgos take so much to heart, but you may not know it, because they don't show it.
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Best surprise ever✨
It's completely ignorant to think we are alone in this universe
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I hate being rushed.
'High By The Beach' Coming August 10th
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The world has been going to shit for a while now, and we're all watching it burn
A$AP be my shit🎶
I found my bumper 😁
I was so high I didn't even realize I lost my bumper 😂😂😅
change is the only constant
Ryan Gosling in Drive is everything honestly 😍
Is your @ button broken? Since you love to talk so much shit
Not having my car is pure torture, it's like I've lost a part of me 😒😓
I ruin everything
I'm paranoid hate to sleep alone
Imagine our children, how fucked they would be. Mommy'$ a p$ycho, daddy live$ in a dream
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Don't play me for a fool, I'm far from it
Lmao which race was it that was responsible for the holocaust, genocide of native Americans, and the slavery of blacks? I forget sometimes
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I have risked EVERYTHING but yet you still don't seem to get it
I don't really give a fuck and my excuse is that I'm young
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But jealousy is just love and hate at the same time
Back from the dead
How are you gonna recast the joker like 7 years after Ledger literally perfected the role :/
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Always wanting what I can't have
If you have good taste in music, we can definitely be friends
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im naturally funny because my life is a joke
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When im fuckd up that the real me 🌀
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So stoked- About to walk on to stage: I'm hosting DC Super Hero Saturday in Hall f'n H at #ComicCon Thanks #WBSDCC
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We can be friends who occasionally make out
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#Virgos take so much to heart, but we try not to show it.
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HA! Yea right I don't share with assholes
"I love you not with my flesh and bone, But with a bleeding emotion that lives in my infinite soul"

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