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Iris Olivas
You a lame, and ya bitch break down my weed sometimes #acid
Eyes start to look Asian when I'm blazey
Living in a cellophane house, you're never leaving
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When you say is this town worth living in, living in Is this town worth living in? 🎶
I strive to live in the new and unknown where anything can happen, because that’s where I feel truly alive.
Even though #Virgos are verbally skillful & charming... they may not always express their feelings in a deep over they top way.
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Or maybe I just dig too deep and read too much into everything.
I probably would have lost it by now, thanks for holding me down
Worst luck ever. And my plans got ruined.
I'll just pretend that didn't happen 😳
I want die someday I want to live long I want what I ask for I get what I want 🎧
#Sunset turns the sky a rainbow of colors at Great Smoky Mountains National Park by Nicholas Jensen #nature
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Rest in pieces, peace of mind Someday we will reunite 🎶🎷
Fuck it, I'll do my own 5k after I eat
Happy #Thanksgiving! We're thankful all year long for America's amazing public lands like @JoshuaTreeNP
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do you think about me still? do ya?
Woke up toady feeling strange, I miss you and it's not ok.
Will we ever have peace?Seems more than ever there's riots on the streets. Will we ever have peace? It's the state of mind we'll never reach
uhh my head is still fuzzy, and the room is still spinning. bleh
Wow, how unoriginal. Be yourself and stop trying so hard to be me.
Now hang me up to dry You wrung me out too, too, too many times
Always have your facts straight before you question a #Virgo.
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I got told last night, that I have an "epic smile" hahaha 😏😄
Snow is beginning to fall on some of America's public lands! Here's a cool shot @SequoiaKingsNPS from this weekend.
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Without caring about the consequences i chose you. You proved to me that i shouldn't have.
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Where were you when everything was falling apart? All my days were spent by the telephone that never rang. 😒
Philip Rivers leads NFL in passer rating (117.6), completion percentage (69.3%) & average gain (8.82 yards per attempt) so far this season.
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Cause when I'm looking in your eyes.. Feels like the first time 🎶
I can't front, I'm havin' a blast But damned if I ain't afraid of how long it's gonna last.
No box required! Just a pair of sneakers and an adventurous spirit. Where are you going this weekend? #USFWS
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Stunning images unveiled by US Dept of @Interior as autumn hits America's national parks
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That smile on your face…
Found out some shit that ruined my day, great.