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Princess Iris ✨
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my mom so worrisome man, she be straight up asking me private questions about me and my boyfriend.
I guess it wants me to listen to classical music.
omg my phone is so stupid.
Pandora not doing the trick this morning. I'm going to use all my skips by 7am. Lemme go to Drake Pandora. He always hit the spot.
my boyfriend is everything. #lucky
when someone that cheated on you tweet about being lonely >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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My phone automatically goes to the Google search bar without me actually clicking it.
The House That Build Me will always be a classic.
It just blows me that once upon a time Amare Stoudemire was the best PF in the league
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If my son came home at 13 telling me he got a bitch pregnant ima ask so many other questions like how the fuck is he catching bodies at 13
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ewwww, Kendrick Lamar.
I'm a feen for Drake. I love his music.
Man lil Wayne in his prime could go head up bar for bar with ANYBODY
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RT @DragonflyJonez: I am saved and washed in the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so don't worry about what the fuck I be doing.
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I gotta get serious about applying for jobs. For real.
she’s the kind of girl god gives you while you’re young so you know loss for the rest of your life.
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I need someone to magically deposit 5K in my account so I can get tf outta here.
My mom annoys me. I can't deal.
All Ghent apartments are so vintage with the old fashioned heaters and real real hardwood floors.
If I had 3K right now. I'm going to move out and buy my furniture. Pay a extra month of rent and save the rest.
I should eat something before I head to school.
Club going up on a TUESDAY.
I really love the song Tuesday.
EW. RT @WeNotSocks: Holding your girl hand when she has really painful diarrhea <<<<<<<<
You know how happy I would be if $3000 showed up in my account? I could eat today.
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waking up at 5:30 is not cool. A hour and a half before I normally do and 3 1/2 hours before school start.
I'm going to sleep so early man. So early.
This thing we got going on is pretty awesome.
If they try to brush their teeth first break up, that's not real love...
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I miss my boyfriend already and he just left. :(
Your lady hit you with an "I find it funny" you got to fake your death right then and there to beat that charge
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postponed this test to Tuesday. #Sigh
Telling yourself you don't care, doesn't work.
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my baby snoring so annoying but cute
sleep time... my back hurts once again #tragic
Friday is Halloween.... this year has gone by tremendously fast.
that's terrible. RT @InjusticeFacts: 1 in 30 American men aged 20-34 are in prison, the highest percentage in human history.
seriously, got me watching a horror movie.
RT @Janxy: I have no issues with hello or a little flirty comments from random men. Just don't touch me, follow me, or yell after me.
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My boyfriend really dissed my kisses and kept sleeping. Smh.
Lately I go to the restroom at the movies, but forget where I'm seated then return & just begin a new life in a new seat with a new family.
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Can I hit it in the morning?
niggas love marrying females that "used to be" hoes until they find out there's no such thing as "used to be"
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