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Princess Iris ✨
See y'all 😐✌️#Lentt
here I am gripping my pen too tightly while I try to write about letting go
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You about to leave Twitter? RT @iDntWearCondoms: Why I just can't retire in peace people?!
My friends made a fake Facebook account to see if they boyfriends would talk to the girl, WOW.
I'm not gonna even make it to church on Easter!!! WOW. I'll still be in the hospital.
I know everyone says it, but i seriously wanna travel. Meet people, feel different vibes, see different cultures, live that life .
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Yes. My first year! You? RT @breeashhh: You do lent too? RT @OhWaIris: 30 more mins #Lent
I won't go thru ya phone and I would hope u wouldn't attempt to go thru mine
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Hahahahahahaha literally nothing more pathetic than a nigga that takes his girl phone and reply to texts.
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When a guy feels like he got you on lock is when he stops putting as much effort.
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F this zit on my forehead.
I haven't watched a whole NBA game all season.......
I wonder why he haven't texted me back? 😒
I need to get my colon cleansed
Hoe RT @UberFacts: Oprah Winfrey had a baby at the age of 14, which was born premature and died shortly after birth.
Drake doesn't say shit on worst behavior but I still get hype
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Nah RT @iDntWearCondoms: If 20,000 of y'all unfollow me right now I'll drop my ex @ name on the timeline.
Lmao...... You dudes really don't want ya girl hanging out with other guys.
If my girl tell me she's hanging with her guy friends I hope it's 6 of them so they can change her tires when I slash them
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I'm gonna miss Twitter the most 😩😩😩