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Princess Iris ✨
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I can't wait till this episode is over.
I'm still on season 4 of the walking dead on Netflix lol
I hate that he wakes up even if I move a inch
My bf been asleep since seven, im smacking him awake after this eposide of The Walking Dead.
Brady. LaFell. TD x2 We got a ballgame, folks. #NEvsGB
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touchdown!!! lets go boys!!!
Yes! Ravens and Giants lost today! Wooo!
RT @WeNotSocks: Pepperoni really a trash pizza topping
I really want pizza again or Chipotle.
I rode by this TRASH stadium a lot of times this week. #Ravens
I want some pizza! Chicken pizza so yummy!
I get to see my boyfriend today!! It's been like 4 days!!! I miss him.
RT @NYDailyNews: A gunman stormed into a Chicago Nordstrom on Black Friday, shot his girlfriend & then himself.
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The only women who would truly appreciate a nice guy raised to be a gentleman is a good girl raised to be a lady.
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Lmao RT @Thirst22: Kissing her while still having morning breath determines real love cause hell the fuck naw
really is high. RT @fox5newsdc: Study: Virginia has the most expensive groceries in the nation…
bitch goin' tell me the world don't revolve around me when it clearly does, dafuq .
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Baltimore is a crazy city. Fun times though.
When you come over someone house and your not with your boo and you see somebody cuddled up <<<
RT @SpikeReed: When u told her "U the 1st to ever meet the fam" & ur aunt say "I like her better than the last 1"
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Not in the mood to dress up this year…me & these Nike tights gon flourish today
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Lmao exactly why I'll probably never go to my boyfriend house for thanksgiving.
I never thought it was a big deal to make your dude plate.
Lmaoooo RT @brownlashon When they announced they wouldn’t indict Darren Wilson &you in an interracial relationship
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I was gonna call and wake him up but I'll let him sleep. He always gets up early.
I can't wait to yell at him in the future to go eat his momma nasty food lol
And, he tried to justify that crap. It made me question our relationship. Lol.
His momma made meatloaf and sweet potatoes.... that do not go together. Yuck.
I basically call my boyfriend family (mom, aunt, cousins) food trash and he just laugh.
I wanna skip class tomorrow.
The struggle of not skipping class tomorrow is real
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I'm 99.9% sure I told my boyfriend to pick me up at 2. Now, I gotta wait 15 mins. I know, I'm inmaptiet lmao.
Im constipated too. Smh.
RT @BurksIsBetter: The masters would leave his body there for hours to put fear in the heart of other slaves
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it is FUCKED that the children in our schools are pledging allegiance 2 this kind of racism
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If Trayvon Martin didn't wake you up, then let this wake you all-the-way up. Because degrees and salaries won't protect us from white fear.
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I'd be rich if food was free!