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Gay marriage is now legal 👭👬👰👰👦👦
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I'm so happy when the weathers like this💜☀️
I have unlimited texts but pretty much everyone has an iphone now so I only use like 30 a month
My brothers such a lick arse
@Oreo_Whore: Never have any plans” just take life as it goes😉
I wish senior school was actually like Grease 😅
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If you don't know about football please don't act like you do just because big games are on
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@Oreo_Whore: Arguing with the pe teachers till they sed our team won” @BeccaZoe
The only thing getting me through today is knowing we're not at school tomorrow 🙌
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Embarrasing how some people literally have no friends and the people they think like them bitch about them half the time to me hahahaha aw
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no matter how old i am, when im at the doctors and they ask what's wrong i always look to my mum to tell them for me
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Ah well just a maths mock
Way to tired to do anything today😳
Fancy some pancakes😋
So proud of my baby x
Third place, well done boys😘
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Why can't I wake up at normal time😩
Catch up with my girlie @lyshyloo 👭💜
I actually feel so lucky to have my boyfriend
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Mr gardeners such a dick😤